Choose the Best Tent for Hot Weather to Have A Cool Camping

Camping is one of the most favorite activities of people around summer and spring. Everyone loves to spend time in nature under the shiny sun. However, there comes a time when you have to deal with the humid hot weather and that can be truly difficult if you do not have the appropriate type of gear.

And, your summer camping tent can make a huge difference in your experience. Having the wrong type of tent can ruin your long-awaited trip. So in this guide, you will get to know what you should look for in the right type of tent for hot weather if you are planning to buy one.


What to look for in a tent for hot weather?

Due to extremely hot and warm weather, a few tents remain hot all day and night which can make sleeping unbreakable. So it is important to find a tent which provides the following amenities.


It is the most important feature you should look for. Good ventilation is the key to have an enjoyable camping experience despite the hot and tropical climate. The mesh walls are the first thing a good tent for summer has.

Mesh let the tent breathe and it also keeps bugs out. Having controlled vents such as windows and doors with an adept zip open also are equally important to look for while picking out a tent.


As you are looking for a tent to camp in humid hot weather, so you need to find a tent with breathability fabric. Canvas and cotton fabric insulate well. Your tent won’t get hot on a warm day because these are good at releasing heat into the air.

Canvas and cotton both also reduce the amount of condensation at night when the temperature drops. The tents with this material are heavy to carry but these make your adventure enjoyable.


Mesh is very important for air circulation to keep the tent cool under warm weather. Fine and tight mesh walls not only allow the breeze to pass through but also offer protection from biting insects.

Height and size

When buying a tent for humid weather, height and size are also crucial considerations. The bigger the size of the tent, the more it will be cooler because of the better ventilation.

Tents with straight walls offer more room for camping gears and space for people to sleep without getting close to each other. Family tents work great for good ventilation.

Season Rating

Another thoughtful thing you need to look for in the best tent for hot weather is the season rating. For enjoying camping in humid hot weather, you need to go for 3 season tent.

These are the most popular and versatile tents. These can easily handle the scorching sun, moderate rainfall, and fairly strong wind. These tents work more efficiently than other season tents. 1 or 2 season tents are good for summer when the temperature is moderate to low because these do not provide much insulation. 4 season tents are ideal for winter camping due to their heavy fabric.


Everything matters under the sun, even color. Because dark colors absorb heat from sunlight while light colors reflect it. In that case, white, orange, pink, and green are the best colors to buy for a hot weather tent.

Review of the best tent for hot weather

Camping in hot weather can be the best experience to cherish if you have chosen the right tent and gear for it. Coleman Cabin Tent is the best hot tent to buy for hot weather. It keeps the tent inside cool despite sweltering heat outside. It firmly withstands heavy rainfall and strong winds.

A budget-friendly tent that has provides ventilation under the hot sun. It is room to keep all the luxury gear for summer camping without stuffing or affecting the airflow. In short, this tent offers ease of use, quick and easy setup, and rugged reliability.


How to keep my tent cool in hot weather

Now, you don’t need to cancel a plan of camping in hot weather. With little effort and following a few takeaways, you can keep your tent cool in hot and humid weather.

Find a shaded campsite

After choosing the right tent for hot weather you also need to keep the tent cool. For that, find a location for your campsite in the shaded area: an area where the tent will get afternoon shade as you know what is shady in the morning will not be shady in the afternoon.

Dig a pit 

Dig a two feet deep pit in the ground and place your tent in that trench. This is a smart trick to keep your tent cool by partially placing it inside. The soil of the ground will help in keeping the tent cooler.

The direction of the wind

Try to figure which direction the wind is blowing and then pitch your tent by facing your tent door into the wind. And keep the windows open through the day so the heat can be reflected.

Buy a camping fan

Camping fans are now considered a lifesaver in humid hot weather. But not every camping site has access to electricity so portable battery fans are a good alternative. 12-volt battery-operated fans are getting very popular as they help in air circulation and lightweight. And, you can attach them to the tent walls, ceiling, or floor.

Use reflective Tarp

You can use a tarp over your tent. It will work as another layer of protection from the sun. You need to place the tarp on the roof of your tent or you can also tie them to surrounding trees. You have to leave a few feet of space between each layer of the tarp if you are using more than one tarp. Tarp will reflect the sun’s heat away. In this way, the tent will absorb less heat and your tent will remain cooler.

Remove your rainfly

Now you have layers of protection between the sun and your tent, you can remove the rainfly. Rainfly tend to trap the heat inside. If there the weather is fine and sunny, you can remove it. It will improve the ventilation. And if an unexpected rainfall happens, you can quickie string it up again.


Best Tent for Hot Weather Review

For beach

Pacific Breeze Easy Setup Beach Tent

Part 1. Who is this product best for?

Pacific Breeze Easy Setup Beach Tent provides the perfect ventilated shelter to spend a day on the beach in summer. It is a perfect compact beach tent that not only protects from the sun but also rain and wind due to the water-resistant fabric and strong stakes.

Part 2. What makes this product outstanding?

Quickest and easiest setup: Super-fast setup and takedown are the most outstanding benefits of this shelter. You can easily assemble your tent in less than a minute. And it comes with a carrying case, stakes, and sand pockets.

Lightweight and great for ventilation: the tent is extremely lightweight, it only weighs 4.5 pounds packed in a carrying case. It has windows that let the air pass through to keep the tent inside less humid.

Part 3. What do people review on this product?

I have been looking for a beech tent and finally, I found the Pacific Breeze beach tent. This product is seriously amazing and the quality is spectacular. It only takes 30 seconds to set up and equal time to take down. The windows are nice and large and help in providing good ventilation and a breeze on hot days, there are easily assessable pockets to store things like suntan lotion or other frequently used small items.

Part 4. What this tent may not fit for?

Cannot withstand strong wind: it is very lightweight. Though the tent has two sandbanks on each side, it gets hard to manage when the strong wind starts to blow.

The fabric is not reliable: Breathable polyester gets ripped, torn, and develops holes. It sometimes, get holes while assembling or taking down in windy weather.

Not for long-term use: the tent cannot use for a long period.  It gets eroded even in the storage room.


For backyard

Alvantor Screen House Room Outdoor Camping Tent Canopy

Part 1. Who is this product best for?

Alvantor Screen house tent is a great option to opt for a backyard afternoon tea time or BBQ grills party. The hexagonal shape of the tent provides 360-degree ventilation. It has mesh walls that keep the bugs and mosquitoes out.

Part 2. What makes this product outstanding?

Lightweight and Auto pop-up: this product only weighs 9 lbs and comes with a carrying case. It has an auto pop-up setup. You just need to bring it out from the bag and it is set itself up and it saves a lot of energy and time.

Part 3. What do people review on this product?

I absolutely love this. It popped right up straight out of the bag. I didn’t even use the ropes to secure the sides I only tied down the bottom and used sandbags to secure it. It was windy the other day and it didn’t even move. It’s not waterproof.

Part 4. What this tent may not fit for?

Not waterproof: the tent works great in fine weather but it does not have water-resistant fabric. The top of the tent is not domed and quickly collects water.

Loose stability:  in wind, the tent loses its stability and the stakes do not provide enough support which makes the tent flop down.


For outside camping

Coleman Cabin Tent

Part 1. Who is this product best for?

Coleman Cabin Tent is best for summer camping. Cabin shaped design of the tent makes it very spacious and good for air circulation. It also protects from rainfall with integrated rainfly. It is very easy to set up. One can easily set it up in less than 60 seconds.

Part 2. What makes this product outstanding?

Its huge size: you can throw a queen size mattress in it and enjoy the time inside. It has 4 person capacity but works best for two persons due to hot and humid weather. You can comfortably stand inside as well.

Easy to set up: it is very handy to set it up despite its huge size. You can easily assemble and take it down without asking for someone’s help.

Part 3. What do people review on this product?

It is lightweight with a carrying bag and I solely set it up. The black coating on the downside provides a darkroom effect but it gets warm during the day. With that, I loved its size; you can easily room around inside the tent. It has two doors and quite a lot of windows which keep the tent airy and cool.

Part 4. What this tent may not fit for?

Poor protection from rainfall: the tent has integrated rainfly but water drips from the center roof of the tent. It does not have good water-resistant fabric.


Clostnature Lightweight Backpacking Tent

Part 1. Who is this product best for?

Clostnature Lightweight Backpacking Tent is 3 season tent and the best one to buy for camping in hot weather. It only weighs 5 pounds with rainfly with PU 5000 coating. If you love mountaineering or hiking, this tent is good for solo trips. You can easily carry it within your backpack.

Part 2. What makes this product outstanding?

Lightweight and great ventilation: the 3 season tent is extremely lightweight and the mesh walls and windows work great for ventilation and protection for bugs and insects. You can easily set it up even if you haven’t done it before.
Price: this tent is waterproof, lightweight with great ventilation, easy to set up, and firmly withstands the fairly strong winds. With all these qualities, this tent is available at such a budget-friendly price. If you are concerned about budget, this tent is worth every penny for all the features it comes with.

Part 3. What do people review on this product?

I loved the tent. I used it in the woods, mountain top, and on flat rock and pavement, having sharp objects underneath, but had no issues with this tent at all. And I have been using it for three years and the tent is still in great condition.

Part 4. What this tent may not fit for?

Poor durability:  the floor is not very durable. It can get holes or get torn due to the rocky floor underneath. Seam tapes can also be worn out over regular use.

Small size: if you hike solo, this tent is right for you. Although the tent claims to be for two persons but it becomes a nuisance to share the tent with the second person.


Tips to keep your tent dry in humid hot weather

Under the sun, the tent gets hot and warm, you try different things to cool it down. But in the night, when the temperature falls, drips start inside the tent. This happens when warmer air contacts a colder surface and this process is called condensation. You can also prevent condensation by keeping a few tips in mind.

First thing first, you need to pitch your tent on the dry ground under trees for the sake of getting shaded protection and moderate airflow in humid weather.

The second thing you need to do is to control the moisture resources inside your tent.

There is already humidity in the air and moisture will also be added inside your tent by each breath you will take inside. Having wet items inside the tent will also add moisture inside your tent.

If you want to prevent condensation in your tent, you need to dry things out during the day because neither you can control the humidity in the air nor your breaths.

Third thing is to ventilate. The air inside the tent is more than the air outside. And, you need to make sure the air is efficiently circulating inside out. keep the windows and door open. Remove the rainfly and you are good to go at keeping your tent dry in humid hot weather.



What Color tent is the coolest in hot weather?

In hot weather, you need to choose a lighter color. Since lighter colors tend to reflect the heat from the sun better than dark colors. For example, the white color of the tent is the coolest in hot weather. You can also choose the tint and lighter shades of green, orange, and red.

What temperature is too hot for camping?

You cannot enjoy your summer camping trip if the weather is too humid or hot.

The maximum temperature of summer camping is around 95-degrees Fahrenheit during the day and around 80-degrees during the night. Even with this temperature, you need proper shading, water to cool off.  Above the mentioned temperature, your trip can get ruined. According to the heat index, the 105-degree temperature is extremely dangerous due to severe exposure to the heat.


Final Thought

Camping in summer is so much fun and exciting but if we do not pay attention to our camping gear, we can end up ruining our trip. That’s why you need to buy a good ventilated tent. With that, make sure you follow all the given tips and tricks in this guide to enjoy your summer trip to the fullest.