How to Cool a Tent Without Electricity?

How to cool a tent without electricity

Camping in summer is great fun but hot sunny weather can spoil your adventurous trip. When the temperature soars, the tent becomes unbearable hot and turns into an oven.

If you are out in the wilderness or campsite do not provide electricity. You surely wouldn’t like to bake all day in the tent. So check these smart hacks to keep your tent cool even without electricity.

How to cool a tent without electricity

10+ Tips to Cool A Tent Without Electricity

1. Choose the right location

Area selection is an important factor in simmering hot days. Open spaces without shade will keep your tent hot. Choose an area with plenty of wind, riverside, lake-side or hills. It will provide great ventilation and a fresh breeze to stay cool.

camp your tent properly to stay cool

2. Pick the perfect time to set up your tent

Don’t set up your tent just after reaching the campsite. Many people do this mistake in excitement and end up in extra heat to the tent.

The best time to setting-up the tent is before the sunset or at the time of sunset. Take care of your tent placing time to protect
tent from unwanted heat.

choose a right time to set up your tent

3. Choose a perfect tent material

Pick your tent with light breathable material. So, you may get better airflow and more heat to escape from the tent. Polyester and Nylon tents are good options for summer tents. They have UV-resistant fabric, perfect for blocking harmful UV rays.

choose a perfect tent fabric

4. Beat the heat with a reflective space blanket

Camping on a beach without natural Shades can roast your tent in heat badly. Cover up your tent with a blanket and it will work like a magic in reflecting heat. Make sure that you place the blanket over the whole tent appropriately to make this trick works best.

cool your tent with reflective blanket

5. Hang the rainfly over the tent

You can use rainfly in two ways. The first option is to remove the whole rainfly. It will little compromise your privacy but results in improved ventilation.

Hanging the rainfly over your tent is another way to keep your tent cool. Tie your rainfly with the help of nearby trees or other objects. The tent will get both shade and ventilation. So, I find it a more suitable option than removing the rainfly.

cool your tent with a rainfly

6. Select the tent with better headspace

A tent with a sufficiently large headspace is more comfortable and allows more room for air circulation. The better airflow inside the tent will make the tent cooler without the need for a power supply.

tent with large headspace can stay cool

7. Set up your tent under a shaded area

Take advantage of trees that will provide shade to your tent. Set-up the tent under trees shade will protect it from sunlight. Don does not place your tent in direct exposing sunlight direction. It is one of the best ways to cool your tent.

shade can cool your tent

8. Unzipped your tent

One amazing way is unzipping the tent. Keeping the tent open or unzipping will provide maximum airflow into the tent. Inside heat will be reduced and the tent will become cool without any electricity.

unzipped your tent to cool down

9. Don’t use sleeping bags

Never use sleeping bags in summer. The main purpose of a sleeping bag is to keep you warm. So, it will heat your body and reduce airflow. It is not recommended to use a sleeping bag as it does not allow heat to go out.

don't use sleeping bag to keep cool

10. Use some ice from the cooler

Most campers bring coolers with ice for their drinks and beverages. Make smart use of ice from your cooler. Take out ice from the cooler and put it openly. Ice starts melting. You will notice that the temperature of the tent is reduced by the heat of the ice.

take some ice to cool your tent

11. Put a blanket under the tent

The ground of the tent becomes quite heating as sunlight hits it directly. Place a blanket under the tent, so it will absorb the heat of the ground. Thus, the heat fails to grasp your tent.

put blanket under your tent to keep cool

12. Dress-up to stay cool

Your dressing can also contribute to stop heating the tent. Wear light colors and loose-fitting clothes for camping on hot days. Use an umbrella and hat to protect yourself from sunlight. Maintain yourself wisely to maintain the tent temperature.

13. Avoid spicy food and have lots of water

Take camping food without cooking instead of spicy food. It will make you feel light and cool. Also, take plenty of water and stay hydrated and fresh.


Final Thoughts

These tips and tricks will help you to relax and camp comfortably in the summer heat. Prevention is always better, so apply these easy and cheap tips to cool your tent without electricity.