How to Stay Clean While Camping?

how to keep clean when camping

Keeping clean at a campsite is very important. Poor hygiene has a way of breeding cholera, dysentery, typhoid, and other hygiene-related illnesses.

To keep clean while at the campsite, you need to arm yourself with the necessary gear and also observe strict hygiene protocols.

We want to help you out with this. That is why we draft this article to address the following pertinent issues:

  • Hygiene gear you need to take
  • A list of some gears to keep clean and illustrate their functions
  • How to take a shower when camping?
  • How to use a shower tent
  • Tips to keep clean when camping

how to keep clean when camping


Hygiene Gear You Need to Take

Hygiene items for camping


Soap is used for cleaning the body, utensils, and other items that you carry along with you to the camp. The kind of soap you pick for the job is hence very important.

To be on the safe side, you have to choose a multipurpose soap that is also cheaper.


Toothpaste eliminates the germs that are clogged in between the crevices of the teeth. It also freshens the breadth while giving us the confidence we need to take on our peers.

We recommend wholesome toothpaste that is able to achieve any two or more of the benefits above.


The toothbrush is used alongside the toothpaste. Its role is to scour the mouth, the teeth, and the tongue to rid the same of the stubborn stains.

A good toothbrush has to bear sharp and agile bristles as this is the only way it can do a better job overall.


Razors are used for a variety of purposes. They may be used to shave off the excess beard, cut materials into tiny pieces manually, and even facilitate the tackling of a variety of common everyday tasks.

You can never skip incorporating it into your camping gear list hence.

Dental floss

The toothbrushes can only go far insofar as keeping your mouth and teeth clean. They come in the form of strings and mainly serve to eliminate the residual dirt and other impurities within the crevices of the teeth.

In the end, they give you the confidence you need to walk around freely.


Deodorants are good for dealing with sweat. They are applied under the armpits to neutralize the smell that potentially arises in such places. Also, they combat the slime that arises when we sweat profusely.

At the end of it all, the deodorants spare your attire from dirt and soiling.


The shampoo is used for hair care. This substance penetrates the hair follicles to get rid of all the dirt that may be present in there.

In doing that, it gives the hair strands the breathing spaces and sufficient room they need to grow and thrive luxuriously.


Hair conditioners improve the feel, appearance, and manageability of the hair strands.

If you are a female camper, you will most definitely want to pack and carry it with you wherever you go camping. How else will you guarantee the smooth care of your hair save for using it?

Sun shower

Also called a solar shower, this one pumps and channels water for bathing principally by use of solar energy. It is useful in areas that are detached from the mains electricity but nonetheless experience higher levels of sunlight.

This kind of shower is of course cheaper to make use of as it is cost-free.

Baking Soda

Baking soda may be used for baking, as a substitute for toothpaste, and for healing wounds. Also, it may be used to eliminate some mild stains.

Given its vast array of uses, you can never shy away from carrying it along with you on your way to a campsite.


How to Take a Shower While Camping

There are three main ways of showering while at a campsite. These are:

ways to taking shower when camping

1. In the river

  • Follow the steps outlined here below to cleanse yourself in the river:

  • Immerse yourself in the water
  • Rinse yourself
  • Apply soap and shampoo to your body
  • Scrub your whole body using a sponge until it is entirely clean
  • If possible, you should also apply the body wash to your body
  • Scrub your body yet again to eliminate all the dirt
  • Plunge yourself in the water a second time
  • Rinse your body to rid it of all dirt and soap

2. Set a portable shower

use a portable shower when camping

A portable shower is so-called because you can carry it with you wherever you go.

  • Follow the steps below to make use of it to shower while at the campsite:

  • Fill the plastic bag with water
  • Place the water under the direct sun to heat it up
  • Take readings from the thermometer to ascertain the temperature of the water
  • Skip the step above if you prefer bathing cold or if the ambient temperature is hot
  • Hang the bag from an elevated position such as a tree
  • Open the shower and let gravity ooze out the water
  • Enjoy your showering

3. Use a shower tent

use a portable shower tent

The use of the shower tent rounds up the options that you may explore to shower at a campsite.

  • To make use of it, you have to follow the steps outlined hereunder:

  • Erect the tent at a place that is convenient for you
  • Place the solar shower inside the tent
  • Cover the tent to prevent outsiders from peeking into it
  • Start by rinsing yourself to rid your body of excess oils and dirt
  • Then, use a sponge to get rid of the hardened dirt
  • Rinse your body to make it wholly cleaned


How to Use A Shower Tent?

guides to use a shower tent

Follow the steps below to use your shower tent:

Step 1: Set up the shower tent

Start by setting up the shower tent. This requires a fairly great deal of carefulness as the way you set up the tent can make or break the situation.

Choose an elevated position that will also allow for the smooth drainage of the wastewater after the spate of showering.

Step 2: Fix the portable tank in place

Now, fix the portable tank in place. Remember, it is this tank that contains the water that you will subsequently use to shower.

Needless to say, the tank will have to be in the raised position to give gravity the leeway to ‘push’ the water down to the body.

Step 3: Open the shower to release the water

Go ahead now to open the shower so that it can release the water. You should regulate the outflow of the water to prevent it from overwhelming the tent and the interior items.

We prefer that you set the flow very small and slow throughout the entire bathing exercise.

Step 4: Clean the interior of the shower place

After you are through with your bathing, you now have to cleanse the interior of the shower place. Obviously, this is to eliminate the scum and other residues that get left behind. Use special sponges and cleaning cloths to do this trick.


Tips to Keep Clean When Camping

To keep clean when camping, you have to adhere to these tips:

Tip 1: Bring several outfits

Even though you can wash your clothes every now and then, you would rather just carry enough and change them every day.

That will spare you the agony of having to wash your clothes every day. Then again, it guarantees that you stay clean and stay away from all sweating.

Tip 2: Bathe out in the open

bathe in the river when camping

The beauty of camping is the outdoor environment. One way of enjoying this outdoor environment to the maximum is when you bathe out in the open.

If you are near a river or a lake, take advantage of the tranquility. You are also more likely to maintain your camp in the most hygienic manner by this approach.

Tip 3: Carry along the sanitizers and the baby wipes

Sanitizers and baby wipes are also great for use in such areas. The former kill off all the germs from surfaces whereas the latter may be used to cleanse the hands.

You will need the two when you want to maintain yourself in an absolute state of hygiene.

Tip 4: Attempt the dry shampoos

To cleanse your hair and body well, dry shampoos will come in handy. Due to this, you really have to acquire and incorporate them into your usage. The shampoo you use has to be suited for the part of the body you have in mind.

take dry shampoo for camping

Tip 5: Put on moisture-wicking clothes

Of course, the menace of sweating is very rife while out in the open. You should thus prepare appropriately for it. Perhaps the best way to ensure this is by putting on attire that wicks away all moisture.

These attires are ordinarily loose and highly breathable.

Tip 6: Line your sleeping bag

Line the exterior of your sleeping to prevent it from coming into direct contact with the exterior dust and other debris.

This is to minimize the amount of dirt you are more likely to confront and tackle when washing your sleeping bags later on. The same goes for when camping in dusty areas.

Tip 7: Prioritize the natural hygiene products

There are many hygiene products that exist at the moment. For all practical purposes, we emphasize the natural ones as they are safer to make use of.

Also, they are less likely to imperil the state of the environment owing to the fact that they are easily broken down.

Tip 8: Be mindful of the cleanliness of your groin regions

The groin region of your body has a lot to do with your overall cleanliness and hygiene. That is why you have to take great care of it. Put on clean underwear and socks as a way of managing this.

By putting on only clean undergarments, you deter the possible accumulation of dirt and germs.

hacks to stay clean while camping

Tip 9: Carry and utilize a dedicated pair of sleeping garments

To minimize the damages that excess sweat does bring about while sleeping, you have to carry and make use of a dedicated pair of sleeping garments.

These are garments you put on when you get to the bed and out when you wake up in the morning.

Tip 10: Do not forget about the foot scrub

As you shower, do not forget about the foot scrubs. Your feet too need to be kept in the best hygienic forms and shapes. Find a scrub that can eliminate all the dead matter gently but without the likelihood of peeling off your skin completely.

Tip 11: Shower at least once a day

Rounding it all up by showering at least once per day. Up the frequency of your showering if the area you camp in is hot and humid.

That is given the need to get rid of all the sweat and the foul stench that are rife in such places or at such times.



We bring to a closure the tips and gears you need to keep clean while camping. You are highly advised to go beyond merely reading about them.

Instead, make a deliberate effort to incorporate these ideas in your next camping and outdoor undertakings. We now free you to implement the information in the best way possible!