How to Build a Camping Shower?

ways to build a shower for camping

After a long day of hiking, hunting, and all sorts of fun, all we look forward to is a warm relaxing shower. Do you know how to build a camping shower by yourself?

A camping shower is just a simple portable solar-heated shower. Mostly it’s not concerned with putting up a shade for privacy but only the water flow.

ways to build a shower for camping

Materials for Building a Camping Shower

Before building your camping shower, you need to prepare these materials.

  • 2-10 liter rectangular water jug
  • A watering can with a detachable spout
  • 1-Leg iron
  • An unscrewable chain link
  • A roll of sticky tape
  • 1-braided poly rope
  • Three glue sticks
  • An adhesive gun
  • 1-tiny tube of Krazy glue
  • Pieces of wood
  • A pair of pliers
  • A matchbox
  • 1-scissors

preparations for making a camping shower


Steps for Building a Camping Shower

Follow these steps, you can make your own camping shower by yourself! If you want to select a tent with a shower, this guide can be useful.

Step 1: Joining together the rigging

Start with tying the length of the rope all around the jug.

Put the jar in an inverted position, pass the cord via the handle, and level the heights. Mark the pitcher’s base and use the two sides of the rope, tie a knot and then keep trying it all through the jug’s length.

Once you are on the opposite side, cleave sections around our jug’s white spout, and once you have passed it through the handle, tie a knot on this point.

Step 2: Perfecting the head of the spout

Get rid of the spout from the jug and the can.

Fit the can’s spout end into the jar and ensure they fit relatively well. A small gap will be left, but we will deal with it later.

Take the holes-filled part off the funnel. Position the front face down on a leveled surface.

Ensure the adhesive gun is properly heated and slowly and cautiously squeeze small drops into every hole located in the inner rings but ensure you don’t touch the center hole.

Give it time for the glue to dry and stick. Incase the middle hole mistakenly gets blocked, use a stick to unclog it.

perfect the spout to build camping shower

Step 3: Use glue to join the two spouts

Many drops of glue will be used in this step because we want to maintain the water passageway tight to prevent leaks.

Insert all the pieces together; the unit should be placed on a flat surface to ensure you can see through into the funnel.

Get a thin layer all around the inner edge of the connecting spot using the Krazy adhesive, which acts as a barrier from the hot glue for a short while.

Gently apply the hot glue overusing the adhesive gun, and this will unstick the Krazy glue.

Apply deep streams through the funnel, stream down into our jug’s spout, and dry; this ensures much surface is covered.

The horn’s meeting point and the endpoint have to be layered with hot glue to ensure zero leakage.

The funnel’s front side is not glued because it is supposed to be removable for regular cleaning.

Place the front side on and provide they snug now turn to allow it to be fixed tightly, making your shower head.

Step 4: Making a proper hanging line

make a proper hanging line for your shower

With the ring, inverted fix the leg iron inside the vice and make a knot. Using hot glue drops, shut the knot on all sides.

Repeat the same on the rope’s other end using the unscrewable chain.

With a pair of pliers at hand, grasp all the useless lots of the braided rope knots and got rid of the excess.

Use a lighter to melt the end of the ropes; this ensures they stick together.

Step 5: Putting up your jug and taping

In this step, some gorilla tape will be put all around the jug; this will assist capture heat from the sun; that’s why it’s advisable always to fill up the jug and leave it in the sun before you go camping.

Start putting adhesive tape all around the pitcher; this is achieved by taping the rope below the spout. Ensure you don’t stick the string around the jug’s back end.

If you remember well, our first knot was tied on our jar’s backside, now join the two sections and don’t use excess tape to fit.

Directly you can tape your jug as you want; the thicker, the better, but leave a little space so you can have a view of the water level.

Step 6: Let’s test out our shower

test your camping shower before use

Fill the jug to the brim, move to the best testing tree, unbolt the shackle, put the taped rope via it, screw it back and ensure it’s tight.

Holding the iron link in your free hand, lift the nine liters of water into the air and swing the rope to the testing tree.

The cord can be fixed on either the jug or the tree. To turn on the shower, remove the air stopper.


Many people fail to enjoy a good camping experience because they fail to plan on a hot shower; they believe in bumping into a river or pool, which in most cases does not happen.

From the article above, it’s clear that we can now improve our camping experience by building a simple, effective shower that requires a few locally available materials and just a few minutes of your time.