How to Set up and Put Down a Pop up Tent?

guides to set up and put down a pop up tent

If you are getting started with camping, no tent suits you better than the pop-up tent because it’s easy to set up and put down.

As the name suggests, a pop-up tent pops into shape when required making them relatively easy to set up and put down, as you will see in the below article.

guides to set up and put down a pop up tent

How to Set up A Pop-up Tent?

In this section, we will give you a step by step guides on pop-up tent setup.

Step 1: Gather your requirements

To set up a pop-up tent, you need the following items:

  • Pop up tent
  • Tent pegs
  • Mallet
  • Camping equipment

Step 2: Selection of a camping site

While selecting a suitable camping site for a pop-up tent:

  • Select a flat area to avoid sleeping in sloppy regions.
  • Select an area that is relatively higher than the surrounding regions to prevent your tent from flooding during rainy weather.
  • Avoid camping under trees to avoid falling branches.
  • Pace your tent six or more meters from other campers to allow room for privacy as these tents are not sound absorbent. Moreover, the
  • six-meter providence will provide sufficient space for cooking and other activities.

campsite selection for a pop up tent

Step 3: Preparation of the camping site

After selecting a suitable region, remove any debris such as broken glass or large pieces of sticks on the ground that may damage your pop-up tent’s floor or make the site uncomfortable for sleep.

Step 4: Unpacking the tent and tent pegs

Remove the tent pegs and the tent from your tent bag.

Step 5: Popping up the tent

Pull off your tent’s restraining band and release the tent, letting it pop open.

Turn the tent to its correct position and rotate it so that the tent’s door is facing your desired location.

If the region is inclined, ensure you position the tent’s entrance to face downhill to prevent any flooding.

make your tent pop up

Step 6: Hammering the pop up tent into position

Use your mallet to hammer the tent pegs through the loops at forty-five-degree angles to prevent their uprooting by the wind, to fasten the tent in position.

Step 7: Fastening the tent’s guy ropes

All pop-up tents come with guy ropes. Stretch the guy ropes and fasten them as far away from the tent as possible.

Moreover, guy ropes are typically adjustable; hence; no need to worry about space while in a crowded camping site.

Step 8: Reconfirmation of the pop-up tent set up

Walk around the tent and ensure you have fastened everything accordingly. If you find anything that is not correctly placed, re-do it.

Preparation to Put Down a Pop-up Tent

After setting up the pop-up tent, you will need to remove it once the camping expedition is over. As such, prepare as below to efficiently put down your pop-up tent.

prepare before folding up your pop up tent

Step 1: Drying the tent

If it rained on your tent, let it air dry before you pack it. However, if you are in a hurry, use a dry piece of cloth to dry the tent.

Moreover, ensure the tent’s underside is dry before you pack it up.

If you do not have enough time to dry the tent, pack it up but once you arrive at your destination, pop it and let it dry.

Step 2: Cleaning the tent

If your tent is dirty, use a dry cloth or small brush to remove the dirt and other debris. You can also use mild detergent, water, and a sponge to clean it.

Step 3: Pulling the stakes out

Dislodge the tent pegs you used to anchor the tent in place, use a moist clean piece of cloth to clean them then put them away in the tent bag.

How to Fold up a Pop-up Tent?

ways to fold up a pop up tent

Folding up your pop up tent is typically done in eight steps:

1.Stand perpendicular to your pop-up tent’s entrance and locate the two arches forming your pop-up tent’s top. Grab these two points together in one hand.

2.Take the tent’s back end and fold it to meet the middle.

3.Grab the back of your tent using your free hand and bring it to meet the two points you held earlier.

4.Ensure the tent’s entrance is unzipped to let the air escape, and then bring the front arch to meet the earlier held points. Fold the tent’s front part inwards towards the rest of the tent so that it forms a taco shape.

5. Stand the tent upright, still gripping the arches in one hand, then fold it inwards by pushing the highest point downwards using your free hand. At this point, the tent should be enclosing itself with its arches still in your hands.

6. Slightly twist the arch to produce dual circular shapes. Overlap the circles by pulling one over the other.

7. If the tent has attachments to hold it down, use the extensions to keep it from popping back open.

8. Carefully reinsert the tent into its tent bag, then zip up the bag.


Pop-up tents are the easiest type of tent to set up and put down. However, while setting up or putting down these tents, follow the above laid out guidelines to avoid complexity. Moreover, you can always ask for further assistance in case you face any challenges.