How to Fix a Tent Pole?

methods to fix a tent pole

From outdoor recreational events such as hiking and camping to events such as circuses and outdoor weddings, and even military and refugee shelters, tents have proven to be reliable shelters.

Regardless of how reliable they may be as shelters while dealing with tents, you will sometimes find yourself faced with a couple of issues in the tent that will require fixing. Therefore, this article will teach you how to fix a tent pole.

methods to fix a tent pole

How to Fix a Broken Tent Pole?

Before fixing it, you need to prepare these required tools:

  • Wire cutters
  • Pair of pliers
  • Gaffer’s tape or duct tape

Step 1: Breaking off or trimming jagged regions surrounding the break

To prevent the jagged regions from causing further destruction; and to give the section a uniform thickness, use your wire cutter or a pair of pliers to remove the parts sticking beyond the segment’s shaft.

If you have an aluminum pole, you might need to bend it back into place by hand or using an arbor press, depending on how difficult you find bending the aluminum is.

Thus, enabling it to fit into the tent pole repair sleeves.

methods to fix a broken tent pole

Step 2: Put a tent pole repair sleeve on the broken section

Extend your tent pole as straight as possible then, put the tubular sleeve over one of its ends and guide it along the pole till the break is covered, ensuring you center it as evenly as possible.

If you lack a repair sleeve, you can use a sturdy stick or a tent stake.

Step 3: Use a gaffer’s tape or duct tape to secure the sleeve’s ends

Wrap the pole’s points that emerge from the sleeves’ outer edges using five or six-inch tape strips. The tape application will enable you to pack up or put up the tent as usual, as the splint will brace the break.

While applying the tape, feel free to wrap it as much as you deem fit. Moreover, always consider changing the tent pole from time to time to avoid any inconveniences.

How to Repair a Shock Cord?

If the elastic cord in your tent is brittle or deteriorated, replacing it tends to be cheaper than buying an entirely new pole. Therefore, while replacing the shock cord, follow the below steps:

Step 1: Gather the repair requirements

Collect the below tools and materials before you start the process:

  • Knife or scissors
  • Shock cord the length of all your tent poles combined.
  • Measuring tape
  • Marker
  • Lighter or matches

ways to fix your tent pole shock cord

Step 2: Grommet pegs removal

Cut the cord after pulling the two pole sections apart to allow the pole to separate into smaller pieces.

In this process, take care not to let the separated pole segments roll-off.

If you see any segment seriously worn out, you should consider replacing them.

Step 3: Tie and anchor

Select a point about five or six inches from the end of the cord then, loop to form a double overhand knot. Ensure you make a firm enough knot.

You can incorporate a steel washer to the section you will tie the knot at; to increase the finished knot’s durability by giving the washer something to bite on.

Step 4: Threading the new cord through your pole segments

Run your cord through each pole segment individually, then clinch them together. Replacement shock cords generally come with wire pull-through devices to accelerate the above process.

Step 5: Knot the cord’s other end

With the cord running through all the segments, lay the assembly on the ground and stretch it to create tension.

Take a section about five or six inches from the cord’s unknotted end and loop to a double overhand knot. Ensure you make a firm enough knot.

Incorporate a steel washer into the section you are going to tie the knot to increase the finished knot’s durability by giving the washer something to bite on.

ways to fix shock cord of your tent pole

How to Fix Tent Pole Elastic?

The elastic bungee cord wears off around the tent pole’s end. The wearing off is what cumulates to the failure of the tent pole. To deal with this issue, follow the below steps:

Step 1: The identification and purchase of a new cord

Measure the diameter and length of your cord before you purchase a new cord

Step 2: Utilize a threader

Find a threader you can use to feed your cord through.

An old windscreen wiper can also do the trick. Vans and saloon windscreen wipers will give you the most desirable length.

However, cheaper windscreens will not be suitable for this task as they are likely to lack metal inserts.

Step 3: Join threader to new cord

Make a butt joint of the cord and threader then, use sticky tape to secure. Ensure you use the least possible amount of sticky tape to minimize drag and prevent it from sticking to the tent pole’s inside walls.

methods to fix a tent pole elastic

Step 4: Remove the old elastic cord and rethread the new cord

After removing the old cord from the poles, push your cord through the pole’s aperture. Once it emerges from the other side, gently pull it.

If you find the process difficult, you probably used excess tape and, you should probably consider removing some.

Pull the cord till it is through all the segments.

Step 5: Tensioning the cord and tying off its ends

The tensioning portion is all about trial and error. Play with the cord till you arrive at a tension that allows the pole’s segments to separate apart but still hold together while threading.

Once you attain the correct tension, cut the cord and store the used equipment.


Fixing a tent pole tends to save you more money than buying a new one each time a tent pole is damaged. However, if your tent is warranted, contact the manufacturer before trying any repair works on the tent.

However, if the tent does not have a warrant, follow the above guidelines appropriately and if you encounter any challenges, you can always contact a professional.