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Top 6 Best 2 Room Tents for 2020 Outdoor Family Camping – Reviews

The best 2 room tent should have all the features you need to enjoy your camping adventure. Check on the features available on the tent before you can make the right buying decision.

The tents are made of different materials. You need to go for one which is highly durable so that it can assure you the best performance.

With a two-room tent, you will have enough space to accommodate kids. You can set them to sleep in one room while adults sleep in the other room. Here we go to the 6 top-rated two room tents reviews and choosing guide!

Top 6 Two Room Tents for Outdoor Camping Adventure


The 6 Best 2 Room Tents Reviews in 2020

#1. Core 12 Person Instant Cabin Tent

core 12 man two room instant tent
Easy Setup 12 Man Two Man Tent


Capacity: 12

Peak Height: 80″

Floor Size: 18′ x 10′

Material: Polyester & steel

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You will take few minutes to set up the tent. With the instant set up, it allows you to set it up in less than two minutes. It can fit three queen size air mattresses. You will find it very reliable for a big family camping adventure. The use of Core H20 Block Technology makes it a highly reliable tent you can get in the market.

The two-room dividers are easy to set up. You will take few minutes to get it into position. Electrical cord accessories and the port allows for easy assembly. With the rainfly and the gear of storage feature, it is a tent you can count on to realize the best results as you enjoy your camping adventure.

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#2. Coleman 8 Person 2 Room Tent with Built-in Closet

Coleman 8 Person 2 Room Tent
Coleman 8 Man Tent with 2 Bedroom


Capacity: 8

Peak Height: 6’8″

Floor Size: 13′ x 9′

Material: Polyester & fiberglass

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The cabin tent is big enough to accommodate all your friends. You will have enough space to keep items when in different camping grounds.

With the fastpitch design, you will not have to waste a lot of time trying to set it up. Room dividers are easy to set up. After you divide the room, yow still remain with enough space to do different indoor activities.

Weather Tec system makes it very reliable under all-weather conditions. You can comfortably accommodate up to eight people. Each time you set up the tent you will enjoy relaxing with your family members. The materials used are very durable. It is a simple tent you can set up and start your camping adventure right away.

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#3. Wenzel 2 Room Family Dome Tent for Lightweight Camping

Wenzel lightweight 2 room tent
Light Weight Two Room Tent


Capacity: 7

Peak Height: 72″

Floor Size: 14′ x 9′

Material: Polyester & fiberglass

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The tent is designed to work well for large camping groups. With its roomy interior, you will have enough space for all your family members. You will have to carry camping gear so that you can enjoy the adventure. You will have enough room for all your friends to store their belongings.

The room divider is removable. If you would like to stay in a large hall, you can as well remove the room divider so that you can have a lot of space to relax with loved ones. It is smartly designed to allow you enjoy the camping adventure. You will always feel comfortable each time you relax in the camping tent.

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#4. Best for Rain & Wind – Coleman Two Room Tent with Screen Porch

Coleman 10 person 2 room tent
Weatherproof Two Room Tent for Outdoors


Capacity: 10

Peak Height: 6’8″

Floor Size: 17′ x 9′

Material: Polyester & PU & steel

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The tent can accommodate up to ten people. You will never feel squeezed in a small space after you buy the tent. With its large capacity, you can even organize a group camping adventure. The use of welded floors and the invented seams will make you enjoy great comfortable each time you enter the tent.

Hinged front door and the easy to install divider makes the tent stand out. Even after applying your high standards in selecting the tents, you will realize the tent is built to serve you well. You have everything you need to enjoy the camping adventure.

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#5. Best for Extra Tall – Browning Camping 2 Room Tent

8 People 2 room tent with high ceiling
Two Room Tall Cabin Tent


Capacity: 8

Peak Height: 87″

Floor Size: 15′ x 10′

Material: Polyester & steel

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The free-standing tent comes with fiberglass poles to make it highly durable. It will take you fewer minutes to set it up. With the great strength of fiberglass, it is a tent you can count on to serve you for several months before you can think of replacing it. Two room wall dividers are provided which makes the tent very reliable.

With six large windows, it will help you realize the best performance at all times. You will find features such as the doorways and the mesh roof very helpful in allowing you to enjoy free circulation of air. The tent has been carefully designed to allow you to enjoy the best experience as you camp.

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#6. Best Waterproof – Canvas Tent for Family of 8

high quality 2 room tent made of canvas
Best 2 Room Tent for Long-lasting Use


Capacity: 8

Peak Height: 6’6″

Floor Size: 14′ x 10′

Material: Cotton canvas & steel

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The tent is made out of canvas to meet the highest standards. You will find it very helpful in your daily applications. With features such as the spacious ceiling, you can count on it to enjoy a comfortable environment even when camping in hot weather.

Two large D shaped doors allow easy entry and exit. Funnel flow vents make it a tent which is very comfortable for you to relax. You have the best tent where you will relax with family members due to enough ventilation provided. Great durability is guaranteed.

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The Benefits of Two Room Tents

For those who love spending a lot of time outdoors and spend a lot of time in camps, they are very clear about the importance of choosing the right outdoor equipment. Two room tents can be a vital team. To find out if that size tent is right for you, the best thing you can do is consider all the advantages and disadvantages associated with it, and make an informed decision based on that.

  • Easy to Set up

The comfortable environment is also a great attraction for people living in camps. Most of the time, use this tent yourself, and at most, with another room.

Therefore, it is perfect to have a tent that is easy to install, which does not confuse collapse, and that is very easy to store. All these things make it easy for you to camp in remote places, and if you walk with a group of people, it gives you the ability to travel long distances with accessible storage equipment, and no one should carry a heavy tent with them.

For that consideration, the instant tent is the preferred choice.

  • Portable

why you need a 2 room tentTwo-room tents are the obvious choice for a family who wants to spend time in this camp away from the crazy crowd. Nothing is worse than walking miles or climbing hills with a backpack that looks like you have an adult elephant on your back.

Choosing to bring a small tent not only reduces the weight of the tent itself but carrying it also tends to reduce the total weight of your backpack. A 2 room tent is more light for 2 family tents.

  • Good for Beginners

Two room tents are also a shop for beginners. For young people who are just learning the camp, this is a great tent to teach them the basics.

The two-room tent is also excellent in the backyard and has a comfortable location for children in their camp. If all these exciting features resemble something you want in a tent, then this could be the perfect option for you. If not, there are many options available, including six tents in the room.


How to Choose the Best 2 Room Tents?

Two-room tents are the most popular option for backpackers. Like other tents, two-bedroom tents come in all shapes, styles, and sizes. Therefore, distinguishing between all styles can be confusing. But don’t worry, this article gives you a general proof of failure that you can apply to your purchase decision.

#1. Catharsis/Venting

Condensation can condense quickly inside a tent and fall on residents. To prevent this from happening, your store must have at least one vent. This vent should also be protected with a tip so that it can be left open in humid climates.

#2. Flysheet Materials

The sheet materials come in two primary elements: silicone nylon, PU coated nylon or polyester. Silicone nylon is very light and durable, but it is costly.

Also, welds cannot be etched on these flies because silicon is extremely slippery. Some tent manufacturers overcome this by processing silicon nylon on the outside and placing the PU inside so that the seams can be engraved. Nylon or PU coated polyester is cheaper, but also weighs more.

#3. Weight

The most crucial distinguishing feature of backpackers is the weight. Obviously, the wider the store, the heavier it is. However, as a general rule, the two-room tent should not weigh more than 30 kg (for 8 people). A light store can still have enough space if it is well designed and made of very light materials.

Buy the Lightweight 2 Room Tent for Camping

Wenzel lightweight 2 room tent

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#4. Internal Materials

The internal materials are likely nylon, polyester, or an inner mesh. The interior of the mesh is more relaxed in the summer. Still, the breezes can blow and facilitate condensation and dripping, while the polyester will resist the condensation of the drops and also prevent the breeze in the winter. It can also get very loaded in hot climates. A good commitment is to have mesh doors.

#5. Ease of Promotion

After a day of heavy rain, you will not want to spend much time throwing your tent. You want a quick and easy to install a tent. Color-coded poles and pop up tents that merge like a sky unit can be tired and wet!

#6. Height

The ability to sit upright, without any curvature, makes the tent more comfortable, especially in bad weather, and spends long periods inside the tall headroom tent. Also, the tents should not be too low at your feet for any sleeping bag to touch the ceiling. If that is the case, you will end up sleeping in a wet sleeping bag, which is not a pleasant experience.

Buy the 8 Man Instant Cabin Tent with 2 Bedrooms

8 People 2 room tent with high ceiling

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#7. Balconies and Hallways

Balconies should have enough space to cook and store packages, shoes, and wet clothes safely. Some two-room tents have two balconies so that each person has their own space. That is perfect, as long as each gallery meets the first set of criteria.


Camping is one of the best ways to foster a sense of family harmony.

Even younger preschoolers can benefit from the camping experience. Each part of the trip provides the opportunity to teach teamwork and instill an appreciation for nature. Even the installation of a two-room tent monument provides the right educational tools for children.

For your family camp to succeed, start with a good tent. There is a range of options when it comes to tents in both rooms. That is why choosing the best requires an assessment of your family’s unique needs.