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Top 8 Best Dome Tents in 2020 – Buyer’s Guide

When it comes to outdoor camping, all tents are not the same. Dome tents are usually the best family tents. This is because of their wonderful simple designs.

Furthermore, they can provide spaces for all family members. The spaces are necessary for comfortable accommodation. The tent offers the best rain fly. It features a separate rainfly cover and this is great for family members especially kids.

There are lots of such tents in the market. The guide below will assist you to make a choice. Keep reading to find out the best.

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The 8 Best Dome Tents Reviews at a Reasonable Price

#1. Best ALPS Mountaineering 2 Man Dome Tent

If you are camping alone, you need a simple dome tent that can comfortably accommodate one person. The best one-man dome tent is this one. Though it is good for one man, it accommodates two persons in fact.

alps mountaineering two man dome tent
Best ALPS Mountaineering 2 Person Dome Tent


Capacity: 2

Base Size: 5′ x 7’6

Peak Height: 46 inches

Minimum Weight: 5 lbs. 1 oz.

Material: Polyester & aluminum

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Ease of Use

It is very simple and easy to use. The tent is not difficult to assemble. After studying the guide, you can do the installation all by yourself. It is freestanding and depends on two-pole aluminum which can withstand any kind of storm.


The fabric consists of superior quality polyester material. It is durable enough that it resists water. Besides, it makes it impossible for UV rays. Most importantly, it features two vestibules which make for storage. If you come with any hiking, camping or hunting gear, you can comfortably store them.


It has such other features like 8 zippers, gear soft as well as storage pockets and aluminum stakes. In addition, there are two ways that facilitate entrance and exist as well as guy ropes. If you plan a wonderful adventure, you can always consider this product. It makes the list because it is the best.

Final Verdict

You will like this product because it is large, easy to set up, freestanding, fly windows and so on. In addition, it comes with a gear loft, as well as two doors and vestibules.

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#2. Best Wenzel 3 Person Dome Tent

wenzel 3 man dome tent
Best Cheap Wenzel 3 Person Dome Tent


Capacity: 3

Weight: 8 pounds

Material: Polyester

Tent Dimension: 8.5′ x 4′ x 8′

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The other superior quality dome tent worth reviewing here is the Wenzel Alpine.


Another factor that makes it different is the lightweight. Because of the weight, it is easy to set it up and to dismantle.


It is a one-room tent that measures 8 by 8.5 feet. Because of its moderate size, the tent can sleep three campers.

Vestibule & Storage

Furthermore, it comes with another pole which is the third pole that forms the vestibule. This serves as the storage facility for your weather protection wears and camping gears and other important personal items. The dome tent also comes with a gear loft as well as a hanging gear pocket and a mud mat.


One outstanding feature is the closeable mesh window and D style door. This makes for enough ventilation.

Material & Weather Protection

It is weather friendly. This tent features a strong fiberglass frame as well as a pocket pole. All these facilitate the installation process. To ensure that unfriendly weather does not affect the users, this comes with a weather a polyester armor, as well as polyurethane coating. Thus, the tent is one hundred safe to use during any weather.

Final Verdict

If you are looking for a perfect dome tent you can use in and out of season, you can always consider this model.

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#3. Best Coleman 4 Person Dome Tent

best coleman dome tent
Best Lightweight Dome Tent for Family of 2/3/4/6


Capacity: 2/3/4/6

Setup Duration: 10 min

Material: Polyester & polyethylene

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There is no other better way of experiencing memorable camping than using the Coleman Sundome tent. It is simple and very easy to set that tent up.

For All Weather

This is an all-weather friendly dome as it can withstand dangerous thunderstorms and wind. It comes with a welded floor while ensuring that you remain insulated and dry during stormy rains. In addition, the pole attachment with its clip ensures that the tent does not yield to the wind.


The interior is well ventilated, and the system is breathable. Furthermore, it comes with a ground vent, which dangerous elements are away from you.

Final Verdict

The dome is compact shaped and this helps a lot during the summer and severe wind. You also have spaces where you can store some of your personal items.

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#4. Best NTK 6 Person Dome Tent

NTK 6 Man Dome Tent
Best NTK 6 Person Dome Tent for 3 Seasons


Weight: 17 lbs

Capacity: 5-6

Peak Height: 6.2 feet

Floor Size: 14 x 8 feet

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NKT has a good reputation when it comes to this kind of product. Over the years the company continues to serve its customers by providing first-class products. One of the best dome tents in the market today is the NTK Indy GT XL tent.

Spacious & Waterproof

This model is unique and spacious. It takes at least six persons at a time. The size is 14.2 by 8.0 feet. This means that it is good for taller persons. From the design and features, one can see that it is good for family camping. It meets the European standard as the design satisfies their specifications. Plus, it is one hundred percent waterproof. At least you are saved from the rain when you use this.


When it comes to performance, this model has an edge over many others out there. It does not take more than a few minutes to set it up. In the same, you can dismantle it within a short time.


The material is durable enough and it can serve for three to four seasons. Besides, it offers full rainfly coverage when you use it. Most importantly, this features a micro mosquito mesh.

Final Verdict

You are safe from all kinds of environmental attacks when you choose this model. It is obvious from the design that this tent features everything you want. You have real value for your money when you buy this product.

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#5. Best NTK Big Dome Tent for 9/10 People

best large dome tent
Best Dome Tent for Tall People

Season: 3

Capacity: 9-10

Peak Height: 6.9 feet

Floor Size: 10 x 18 feet

Waterproof: 2500 mm

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By mere looking at the size, you notice that it is a heavy-duty dome tent. By design, it can accommodate ten persons at a time. This is a wonderful product from NTK.


It is an extra-large dome tent and can take a large family at a time. This tent measures 10 feet by 18 feet. The center height is 6.9 feet. Because of the durable construction, it can serve for three seasons or more than that. Ensure that you handle with care to enjoy the enormous benefits it offers.

Comfort for Large Family Camping

Moreover, it is one hundred percent waterproof, at least this is good for the safety of its users. NTK takes the interest of the campers first in mind when they make this tent. The design is such that you get a superior camping experience. The ultimate comfort is the goal and users will achieve that. It is roomy enough with 4 poles. This is ahead of what you get elsewhere.

Ease of Assembly

Even though the tent is bulky, but it is not that difficult to set up. After studying customers’ feedback, they put forward the most enterprising family dome tent in the market today.

Final Verdict

It protects occupants from rain fly. The frame is durable and features a mosquito mesh. Its floor protects from fungus other environmental attacks.

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#6. Best Chillbo Dome Tents for Camping

cheap dome tent
Best Cheap 2 Man Dome Tent


Season: 3

Capacity: 2

Weight: 8 lbs

Floor Size: 7’1 x 11’6

Waterproof: 2000 mm

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Looking for the best dome tents for camping? Chillbo cabbibs 2 persons camping tent remains the best option for you. It contains everything you need for camping, hiking, and other outdoor activities.


When it comes to functionality, there is hardly any other product out there that can compare with this product. It is much durable that it can withstand any kind of challenges it encounters. Furthermore, you do not worry about your safety because it protects from all harmful elements. It is compact, lightweight and easy to use. You can use for different activities.


If you want a festival tent, this Chillbo is good for that. Its pattern and design set it apart from several other brands out there. It is spacious! The dimensions are put at 7’1 by 6’9. This is enough to cover you and your friend as well as your camping gear. It has other fantastic features that make it great.


It features two large entry doors and these are D in shape. Furthermore, it comes with extra ventilation and this means that you will be comfortable all through. The entryways have shelters that keep harmful elements away.

Final Verdict

It is lightweight and very portable; you do not have difficulties moving with it. Furthermore, it is durable and can last for a long time. The system is also breathable and easy to access. Most it protects itself against storm and very comfortable to use.

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#7. Best Coleman Family Dome Tent with Large Capacity

coleman easy setup 8 person tent
Best Coleman Dome Tents You Can Stand up in


Capacity: 8

Material: Polyester

Floor Size: 16 x 7 feet

Peak Height: 6 feet 2 inches

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These days large families set out for expedition in distant places. They require the large dome to a tent with the capacity to accommodate them. In such an occasion, many people would prefer Coleman 8-person tent. It is great for camping. Even though it is a large capacity tent, this one is easy and simple to setup with a couple of minutes.


From the design, you notice that it has the capacity to take care of the family’s needs. It comes with spaces such as the door awning and this can create space to store gears and other necessities.

Safe & Ventilation

It also protects people from rain and storm. This model comes with a rainfly as well as a weather tec system. In addition, it features a welded floor and this ensures that you are safe from cold during winter and spring. Even if it rains, the window is open and this ensures that there is enough ventilation all through.

Final Verdict

It can take up to three queen-sized beds and this is good for the family members. Furthermore, there are storage pockets where you can keep your important items.

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#8. Best Tomount Lightweight Dome Tent with High Waterproof Material

waterproof dome tent
Best Lightweight Waterproof Dome Tent


Capacity: 8

Floor Size: 14 x 9 feet

Peak Height: 72 inches

Waterproof: 4000 mm

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Campers will always like to use a lightweight dome tent for obvious reasons. Irrespective of the number of people that use the tent, ease of use is important. One of the lightweight dome tents for family members include the TOMOUNT 8-person tent. This has great features that make it better it better than several others out there.

Protection from Sun, Rain and Wind

The first thing you notice about it is that it protects against weather, as it is waterproof and windproof. Furthermore, it protects against UV and other dangerous rays from the sun. This is a double layer tent and this makes it durable.


For ventilation, it features five large mesh and this ensures there is enough ventilation.

Lightweight & Compact

Furthermore, it is roomy and it is good for 8 users. This takes three queen mattresses at a time. Moreover, it easy to set it up and to dismantle it after use. Most importantly, the tent is lightweight and portable as well. To take it to your destination, it features a carry bag.

Final Verdict

Easy and quick setup in 10 min. It is waterproof and windproof just as it makes for sufficient ventilation. Besides, it is lightweight. It remains the most comfortable family dome tent you can buy in the market.

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Are Dome Tents Good?

If you are looking for the perfect camping tent, then you have no other choice than dome tents. They are good because of their wonderful features.

  • These tents are spacious enough and can accommodate a small and large group comfortably depending on the size you choose to use.
  • Furthermore, such tents portable, easy to install and to dismantle. Perhaps the portability is the greatest benefit of such tents.
  • The tents are stable and can withstand any kind of weather challenges. It comes with rainfly which protects from harmful elements and water. Most importantly, it protects from UV and other dangerous rays of the sun.

Dome tents are available in different sizes and you must choose the correct size. You must consider the number of people that use it while making your choice of tent.

What Is the Best Dome Tent Brand?

There are different dome tents in the market and the best brand is the Coleman. The company is that business for a long time and carry out extensive research before they introduce any new product to the market. They are designed to serve your camping needs.

Here are some of the reasons that make Coleman the best in the market.

  • The first is the issue of ventilation. Most of them come with a window that makes for proper ventilation.
  • Another thing is that they have more storage spaces than several others out there. This is good because you can store your items with ease.
  • Most importantly, Coleman sells the most affordable tents for any size and shape.4

Access to the Best Cheap Coleman 8 Man Dome Tent for Camping

coleman easy setup 8 person tent

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What Should I Look for when Picking up Buying a Best Dome Tent?

Choosing the best dome tent is not easy. To help the first-time buyers, here are some important features to consider and these can guide you in the final choice you make.

#1. Price

The most important thing to consider is the cost of the tent. Dome tents are available in different sizes and shapes, you must consider the price. While considering the issue of price, you have to relate it with quality. If you want the best quality dome tent, you should expect to pay more for that. The best quality comes with the best materials and they are more durable. When you are making your choice, you have to make your budget to make the correct choice.

Here is the Best Budget & High Quality Dome Tent from Coleman

best coleman family dome tent

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#2. Purpose

What is your purpose? The purpose guides the type and size of the dome tent you buy. If you want to engage in camping, hiking, and other related outdoor activities, you have to look for durable tents that can serve that purpose. The purpose determines the price as well as the size. You must have a clear purpose of what you want to do with the tent and look for the model that can serve that purpose very well.

  • Backpacking

If you want to use the tent for backpacking, then look for those lightweight dome tents.

  • Camping

One of the major purposes of getting a dome tent is for camping. If you want to use a tent for camping, you must check the features available to ensure that it can satisfy your camping purpose. For instance, one of the key features to consider is ease of use.

Furthermore, quick installation and quick removals are important. Besides, it should protect you from vagaries of weather and the rainfly feature is equally important. Furthermore, the issue of comfort and protection from the weather is also important.

  • 3-season/4-season

How many seasons do you intend to use a tent? If you are looking for a tent you can use for three seasons to four seasons, then consider the type of construction and the type of materials. Look for those designed with the finest quality fabric in the industry like polyurethane, polyester and canvas, such is likely to last for longer years compared to those designed with inferior quality materials.

However, you should know that the longevity of use depends on how you use it. If you use it roughly, do not expect that it can serve for a long time.

Check the Best 3 Season Dome Tent with Perfect Vents

NTK 6 Man Dome Tent

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#3. Storage

Moreover, consider the storage spaces available and know whether it can accommodate your items and camping or hiking gears. If you have several gears to travel with or several personal items to store, you must go for those that provide that for you comfortably.

#4. Protection

Most importantly, the dome you want should have protective features. This means that it should protect you from vagaries of weather such as flies, bugs, mosquitos. In addition to that, the design is such that it protects from harmful weather such as the UV and other harmful rays from the sun when you are looking for this kind of product.

Check to ensure that it offers you that protection. Moreover, it should feature a rainfly and this means that rain should not disturb you and your colleagues when you stay inside that tent. If you are traveling with other family members especially your kids, you must ensure that the dome tent has all these protective features.

Here is the Best Dome Tent for Sun, Wind and Rain

waterproof dome tent

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#5. Capacity

When you talk of capacity, it has to do with the number of people that will use the tent. If you are camping with your whole family members, you must look for a tent that can easily accommodate all the family.

Before you make your purchase, determine the number of people you want to use the dome tent. It should be spacious enough so that it can comfortably accommodate the number of people that will use that tent. Remember that a 5 man tent doesn’t mean that you can cram all the 5 people and gears into the tent. A 5 person tent is more ideal for 4 campers and their gears.

#6. Freestanding vs. Non-freestanding

Furthermore, consider whether the product is freestanding or not. When it is free-standing, it means that it does not need anything to support. Even in a severe thunderstorm, the poles and the stand should withstand that weather condition without support. You should know the benefits and disadvantages that come with the product.

  • If it is freestanding, you will find it more comfortable to use a tent.
  • If it is not freestanding, it needs that you must look for support.

Buy the Best Freestanding 2 Person Dome Tent for Camping & Backpacking

alps mountaineering two man dome tent

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#7. Design

Furthermore, consider the design when you are making your choice. When it comes to design several things are involved.

a. First, the type of fabric is important. If you get an inferior fabric, the tendency is that it can destroy easily and it can disappoint you when you need it most.

b. Also, you consider the number of doors as well as the door locations. If you want the most comfortable tents, then look for those with more than one door as it makes entry and exit easy. Moreover, the door should be spacious enough to facilitate passage.

c. Vestibules are also critical when you are making that choice. The height should be good and it must be tall to accommodate tall persons. The tent must be breathable. It makes it comfortable.

d. Consider where the windows are located. It has to be located in a place where it can offer sufficient ventilation. Both the window and the vestibules make for efficient ventilation.

e. Most importantly, what is the type of materials that are used to make a tent? It must be made with superior quality and durable materials. The poles should be designed with the finest quality aluminum materials. This means that it is lightweight and you would not find it hard to move it about from one place to another place.

Final Words

Dome tents are the most suitable for family camping. They contain features which make such camping great. Because there are different kinds of dome tents in the market, it is not always easy to make a choice.

The buying guide above is to assist you to make an informed choice. If you do not have the time or the resources to carry out an extensive search, you can consider any of the products recommended above.

These are available in different designs, sizes, colors, you can make your choice based on your preference and budget. They are simply the best. If you buy any of them, you would have real value for your money.