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The 7 Best 5 Man Tents for Outdoor Events in 2021

Best 5 Man Tent in 2020
  • Polyester
  • 4 season tent
  • Center height is 6 feet 8 inches
  • Separate floorless screen room
  • It is roomy enough for 2 queen-size air mattress
  • It entails the rainfly and expandable storage bag

A 5 man tent is a tent designed to fit around 4 to five people. Some of these types of canvas come with extensions whereby they can fit even six people when arranged well.

When choosing such a tent, make sure to check the material to ensure it can withstand all weather changes and still provide you with a safe shelter regardless of the area you use it. What else? Keep on reading and check out all the considerations on choosing the best 5 person tent.

The 7 Best 5-person Tents List

Reviews of the Top 7 Best Tent for 5 Person

This article features the top 7 best 5 man tents on the market. These tents come in different designs and styles to fit the users’ camping needs.

#1. Eureka 5 Person Waterproof Tent

best tent for family of five
Best 5 Person Camping Tent


Peak Height: 6 feet

Material: Fiberglass

Floor Size: 9 x 9 feet

Weight: 12 pounds 6 ounces

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Freestanding & Rainproof: This free-standing five-person tent features strong and durable materials that can withstand all weathers like the rain and the UV rays.The floor is made of water-resistant material to prevent moisture penetrating inside the tent.

Windproof & Ventilation: It features a dome design, and the frames are made of fiberglass material to ensure it stands firm when setting up. You can use this tent in windy areas since it has clips and rings to pin down the frames to the ground. The Eureka tent has ventilation equipped on the sides and the roof to ensure you and your camping team sleeps soundly at night.

  • Freestanding
  • Quick setup
  • Uses solid fiberglass and breathable mesh roof
  • Rainfly and the bathtub floor accrue water resistance
  • Storage pockets and gear loft for easy accessories arrangement
  • Not for heavy snowy days

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#2. NTK 5 Person Camping Tent

NTK 5 person camping tent
Best NTK 5 Man Camping Tent


Weight: 12 lbs

Peak Height: 4.7 feet

Floor Size: 12.8 x 8 feet

Material: 190T  waterproof polyester

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This is a great camping tent for about 4 to 5 family members or friends. It is easy to fix since all parts for assembling are provided, plus it is light in weight.

Protection: The materials used to make this tent are purely waterproof. So, you can camp in a tent even during the winter season. The tent has heat seamed thermostatic coating, which safeguards you against the harsh sunlight rays. So, this is a good all-round season camping tent for your family.

Well-ventilated: For proper ventilation during the sunny days, the shelter has ultra-thin no-see-um mesh-like polyester fabric that allows the right amount of air inside the tent.

  • Full-covered rainfly
  • Heavy-duty protective tent floor
  • Wind resistance and UV protection
  • Zipper D-shaped door for easy access
  • Micro mosquito mesh for bug prevention
  • Waterproof polyester is to keep you dry from 2500 mm rain
  • It is a 3 season tent, achievable fun in spring, summer and fall

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#3. Winnideo Five Man Pop up Tent

5 man instant tent
Best Five Man Pop up Tent


Weight: 9.25 lbs

Floor Size: 10 x 8 feet

Material: Elasticized fabric

Tent Dimensions: 120″ x 94.5″ x 57″

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Pop up: This five-person tent comes in a variety of colors for one to choose their preferred shade. The unique design and lightweight make it easy to set the tent up. It has 8 feet height that can fit the majority of heights, and the broad canvas is ideal for about 5 to 6 people. The frames come with anchoring parts to provide stability when you set the tent in windy areas.

Extras: Other features include waterproof and UV protective canvas allowing people to camp even in extreme weather seasons.

  • 4 windows and 2 doors
  • Faster set up within one minute
  • Protection from UV rays, rain and wind
  • The waterproof rating can be at least 3000 mm
  • The inside of the tent peak equips a lantern hanging hook
  • All-round mesh design makes this tent a perfect companion for summer camping
  • Doesn’t come with an overhead light lantern

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#4. Wenzel 5 Man 2 Room Tent

best 5 man 2 room tent
Wenzel 5 Person 2 Room Tent

Material: Polyester

Weight: 11 lbs. 9 oz.

Floor Size: 10 x 8 feet

Peak Height: 58 inches

Floor Area: 80 square feet

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If you are searching for a camping tent that you can use with your kids, then this is a good tent to consider.

2 Room Sturdy Design: It comes with two-room partitions that ensure privacy for the family. The shelter is large to accommodate about 4 to 5 people, plus it features polyesters canvas that is resistant to extreme weather changes such as the rain and sunlight. The poles of this tent are super sturdy and durable to safeguard you even when camping in windy areas.

Water Resistance & Easy Access: They are made of fiberglass, which is coated with a waterproof coating to prevent them from water damage. The height of this tent is ideal for an average person to ensure excellent and free movement inside the tent. It has a door for easy access and side windows, which allow ventilation.

  • 2 doors and 3 windows
  • Awesome 2 room design
  • Inside zippered windows
  • A removable room divider
  • It can fit 2 queen-size air mattress
  • Fiberglass poles and polyester construction with waterproof coating
  • You need to buy the sepatate overhead light

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#5. ALPS Mountaineering 5 Person Backpacking Tent

ALPS Mountaineering camping tent for 5 person
ALPS Mountaineering Lightweight 5 Person Tent


Material: Polyester

Freestanding: YES

Base Size: 8 x 10 feet

Peak Height: 72 inches

Total Weight: 14 lbs. 10 oz.

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Materior & Interior Design: The poles are made of fiberglass material that ensures the stability and durability of the tent. The canvas is made of polyester, which is resistant to water and sunlight damage while keeping you secured throughout the year. The interior of the tent has two large pockets where you can store your small accessories like telephones, lighter and torch.

Zipper Door: The tent comes with a door with a zipper running down to the floor, plus two windows for proper ventilation, especially during hot seasons.

  • 2 doors provide convenience
  • Mesh design is for bug prevention and fabulous ventilation
  • It includes rainfly, storage pockets, gear loft and other weather protection design.
  • It bears 1500 mm rain

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#6. Coleman 5/6 Person Tent with Porch

coleman 5 man tent for 4 season
Best Coleman 5 Person Tent with Screen Room


Material: Polyester

Tent Floor Size: 11 x 9 feet

Peak Height: 6 feet 8 inches

Screen Room Size: 9 x 6 feet

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This Colman tent can fit around 5 to 6 people when arranged well.

Water Resistance: It has two large rooms which can fit two queen-sized air bed mattresses, making it a great camping tent for friends. You can set the tent even in wet areas or use it during the winter seasons since it is designed to ensure you remain warm throughout. The weather tec system and panted welded floor with invented seam keeps the interior of the tent dry and fresh everywhere.

Additions: The height of this tent measures around 6.8 ft, which is a reasonable height for the majority of heights. It comes with a carrying bag for easy storage and carrying in the camping vehicle.

  • 4 season tent
  • Separate floorless screen room
  • It is roomy enough for 2 queen-size air mattress
  • It entails the rainfly and expandable storage bag
  • You may need to take about 20 minutes to set it up

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#7. Outwell 5 Man Tunnel Tent with 3 Rooms

Outwell 5 Man Tent with 3 Rooms
Outwell 5 Man Waterproof Tent with 3 Rooms


Rooms: 3

Tent Weight: 21.1 kg

Material: Polyester & fiberglass

Tent Dimensions: 126″ x 252″ x 82.7″

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The tent is made in an outstanding design with three rooms designed in the form of a tunnel.

3 Rooms: It comes with three canopies to allow partitioning inside the tent.The canvas is ideal for sleeping around four to five people. The tent provides extra space on the front part essential for storing your camping items.

Additions: It has several windows set on each tunnel to allow good viewing and ventilation to the interior. Setting up the tent is quite accessible since it is light in weight, plus comes with a manual for instructions.

  • Bug-free
  • Double zips
  • It resists 4000 mm rain
  • Water-resistant floor and tent coating
  • Several pitching mesh pockets for storage
  • Tunnel tent with 2 bedrooms and 1 living room
  • It is a high end tent

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If you are planning for a camping trip with five of your family members or friends, consider acquiring the above reviewed 5 man tents. These tents are made with high quality and weather-resistant materials, which allows one to use them at any time of the year. Therefore, you can camp during the winter or summer seasons. They are easy to set up since they are super light, and all the assembling tools are provided.

Still have no assurance that whichever tent you plan to purchase? Keep reading the following buying guides and get your preference!

Buying Guides on Choosing the Best 5 Person Tents

When buying a five-person tent, you should consider the following factors:

1. The Weather Expectation

When going camping, you will have some hope of the weather condition. Are you going during summer or winter? Is the place you are visiting prone to strong winds, or it is a calm place? These factors should help you in the choice of a tent.

For instance, if you are going camping during a rainy season, you will have to be sure that the tent you are going for is waterproof. If the place is stormier, you must go for a more stable tent lest it is carried away by the wind.

If you go for a weak tent that is even leaking, you will have a hard time struggling to make your team comfortable, something that may not be achieved.

Access to the Best 5 Person Tent for 4000 mm Rain and Wind

Outwell 5 Man Tent with 3 Rooms

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2. The Fabric of the Tent

The fabric comes in regarding the weather. It should not be a weak fabric that is leaking in such a way that you are going to have your luggage soaked. Tents made of poly cotton are a good option if you are not going for heavy stormy rain. They are generally worm, and they can stand light rains. They are as well as cheaper.

All you need to do is to spray some waterproof chemicals so that it can keep the inside dry all through the camping. They are worth the money.

3. Portability of the Tent

Imagine you are going for camping along some mountain slope where you cannot get to use your car. This would mean that you will be carrying the tent manually. If the tent is too bulky, you will feel imprisoned to have a tent on sight.

If you are going the five of you, it would be easy for you to divide the tent into parts so that it can be carried to the sight. Let it fit on your backpacks, if possible. If it too heavy, it will deny you some fun necessary for fun.

Here is the Best Lightweight Tent for Family of 5

NTK 5 person camping tent

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4. Cost for the 5 Man Tent

The cost of a tent you use for your camping should not be beyond your ability to purchase it. If anything, the cost of camping goes beyond the cost of the tent. It means that even after getting the tent, there are other costs to be incurred.

Therefore, you should buy a tent within your budget. Several tent vendors and brands, such as Coleman, can give you different tents at different prices. As long as it can meet your needs, you can go for it.

Check the Cheapest 5 Person Tent without Sacrificing Its Quality

best 5 man 2 room tent

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5. Ease of Use

Did you know that you can go out for your camping then meet some hell there when you are not able to set up your tent? Much fun, but hell would be when now you are not able to take the tent down after having your amazing camping. Remember, you are somewhere in the push without population, and at times, there is nobody who can help you out.

The good news is that you can make a wise choice in such a way that you are not going to get stranded. Ensure that before you purchase your tent, you can set it up and take it down. If you have gone with a wife and children, you can be sure that everyone will be looking at you to do the set up even if you don’t know what you should be doing.

Buy the Quick Setup Instant Pop up Tent

5 man instant tent

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6. The Size of the Tent

The fact that you have already decided to take along some other four campers with you should tell you that you need a wider tent. Let it accommodate all five people, especially when it is raining.

Maybe you are planning to have nights of barbeque. Good idea, but you don’t know what can happen. You have to be sure that the tent size is enough for the whole team. Don’t go for something too small that some of your property will be kept outside the tent.

Access to the Best Outwell 5 Man Waterproof Tent with 3 Rooms

Outwell 5 Man Tent with 3 Rooms

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Final Words

Are you planning to go for a camping event with a friend or family? When camping entails more than one person, you must think of a bigger tent to have the whole even interesting.

If you are taking your family member out for camping, you will have to make a wise decision when buying your tent. The bottom line, in this case, is that if you choose the wrong tent, you will not enjoy the camping. We do hope you can get your right one after reading this article.