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Top 7 Best Tent with Screened Porch – Review & Ultra Guide in 2021

Tents are a great way to enjoy being outdoors without being exposed to the sometimes harsh weather conditions of mother nature. In the past, the issues with tents have been size, and for larger groups of campers, it may have been necessary to bring more than one tent with you while on your camping adventures. The following best tent with screened porch will accommodate large groups of campers, and allow you to bring some of the comforts of home with you when you are camping

All of the tents listed below are quality products and should help you in determining which will best suit your needs.

The 7 Best Tent with Screened Porch for Enjoyable Camping

Reviews of the 7 Best Tent with Screen Porch

#1. Coleman 8 Person Dome Tent with Screened Porch

Coleman 8 man dome tent with screened porch
Coleman 8 Man Tent with Screen Room


Capacity: 8

Peak Height: 6′

Screen Room Size: 10′ x 5′

Interior Room Size: 15′ x 12′

This large dome tent from Coleman is large enough to comfortably sleep up to 8 people, with space left to spare for some recreational activities inside. Made of weatherproof high-quality polyester, and included in the purchase is a rainfly to ensure that no rain or moisture will enter the tent.

It is easy to set up and takedown, and comes with a carrying case to make it easy to take with you wherever your adventures lead you. The extra screened-in porch allows you to take in all of the sights and sounds of nature without feeling the annoyance of bugs and insects that can come with it.

This tent has everything that a large family or group would need to have a great time camping, and the storage pockets make it easy to store all of your phones, cards, and keys within the tent.

  • You can pitch this tent and disassemble it very quickly and easily
  • With a brand like Coleman, you can expect to receive a quality product at a budget-friendly price
  • Large enough to accommodate a large group of people, and weatherproof to keep everyone safe from the elements
  • While it does hold up very well in rainy conditions when it comes to wind it may fall a little short; you will want to make sure that it is properly staked to the ground.

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#2. Gazelle 4-8 Person Instant Pop-Up Cabin Tent

pop up tent for 4 to 8 man
8 Man Pop up Tent


Capacity: 4-8

Weight: 47 lbs

Peak Height: 78″

Floor Space: 110 sq. feet

This polyester tent from Gazelle is convenient and spacious; fitting up to 8 people comfortably and sets up both quickly and easily. It stands tall enough to fit your larger friends or family members at 6.5 feet and allows 110 square feet to move around and sleep in.

Also, there is an extension that was designed as an additional recreation area that can easily be converted into another sleeping area as needed. The sturdy and durable design means that the tend can stand up to wind and rain while keeping those inside safe and dry, the metal hubs and fiberglass poles featuring sound structure.

This tent comes with a removable polyester floor and can be quickly removed when required. The zipper enclosures have high-quality material meaning the zipper won’t catch and will allow you to easily open or close the tent entrance.

  • Spacious enough to fit a large group of people, with enough room to move around and play games
  • Easy to set up and takedown, only taking a few minutes; it is easy to store and comes with a carrying bag
  • This tent has two doors; one in the front and one in the back making it easy to move around and come or go as needed
  • The tent is in one piece, and weighs nearly 50 pounds, making it difficult to carry around at times

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#3. Northwest Large 10 Person Family Tent with Front Porch

Northwest 10 man family camping tent with screen room
10 Man Large Tent with Screen Room


Capacity: 10

Peak Height: 7.2′

Floor: Detachable

Floor Size: 20′ x 10′

This cabin tent from Northwest is extremely roomy and attractive, with plenty of room to move around in even with large groups. It features an enclosable deck that allows you to appreciate the outdoors while keeping out bugs and insects that have a detachable floor as well.

It is easy to set up this extra-large tent, with color-coded steel poles and frame hubs that are easy and fast to connect. Includes a large rainfly protector and the material of the tent itself is coated in an Everdry coating to keep out the rain and water.

A large front and back door allow easy access while a room divider is included for privacy, enabling you to have a private room or separate the cabin for two families.

  • The frame is sturdy and durable
  • Spacious enough for up to 10 adults, all the while offering options for setting up separate areas in the tent
  • Despite its size, it is incredibly easy to set up and in most cases will only require one person to do so; it is easy to store and fits into the storage bag without a struggle
  • Has little to no insulation to protect from extreme heat or cold temperatures

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#4. Wenzel 8 Person 2 Room Tent

family camping tents with screened porch
Tent with Screened Porch & Detachable Floor


Capacity: 8

Peak Height: 6′

Screen Room Size: 10′ x 5′

Interior Room Size: 15′ x 12′

Available in three colors (blue, green, or gray), the 8 person tent from Wenzel is made of high-quality materials that are perfect for your next family outing or get together with friends. This roomy tent allows you to enjoy nature without feeling like you are out in the dark, and the ventilation system allows proper airflow while inside.

Additionally, there is the capability to have this tent act as two independent units thanks to the built-in room partition that is easily erected or removed depending on your needs. Measuring 16 x 11 feet, there is a lot of room in this tent for sleeping, moving around, and recreational activities such as cards and games.

  • A durable product that will last for years through the harsh elements of nature
  • A good design that partitions separate areas of the tent for sleeping, lounging, and recreational use
  • Setup takes very little time and can be done with one person, and this is true for disassembly as well
  • In harsh weather conditions, repeated use may start to wear down the material of the tent

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#5. Coleman WeatherMaster 6 Person Tent

coleman tent with screen porch
6 Person Tent with Screened Porch


Capacity: 6/10

Peak Height: 6′

Screen Room Size: 10′ x 5′

Interior Room Size: 15′ x 12′

From a brand name like Coleman, you know that you are getting a quality product at an affordable price. That is especially true in this case, and the 6-person WeatherMaster tent is a spacious tent that has adequate room enough to fit 2 queen-size airbeds comfortably in the sleeping area while giving you some room to move around instill.

With a screened-in porch that allows you to see everything that is happening outside while staying away from the bugs and insects, this is a quality product that will accommodate a large family or group for your next camping trip. Included with the purchase of this large tent is a rainfly cover and carrying bag.

  • It comes with a non-traditional hinged door which makes entrance and exiting easy and hassle-free
  • Storage pockets and the extension cord port allow easy access to electronics without running to the car
  • Spacious enough to sleep 6 people comfortably, with enough headspace to stand up straight in the tent
  • The tent itself is water-resistant, but not waterproof so during especially harsh wind storms you may find that water has penetrated the inside of the tent

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#6. Best for Rain and Wind – Coleman 4 Person Dome Tent for Camping

Coleman camping tent with large screen porch
Best Tent with Screened Porch for Rain and Wind


Capacity: 4/6

Material: Polyester

Peak Height: 4’11″/6′

Note: Dark Room Technology

Another quality product from Coleman, this tent with a screened porch allows you to enjoy all the best parts of nature without letting in the bugs and insects. Great for any camping trip, a screened-in porch with its separate flooring offers additional ventilation and protected storage.

Designed with the WeatherTec system, you can rest easy knowing the rain and water will stay out of the tent even during the harshest of storms. The extended awnings allow more airflow with a cross-breeze without letting any water in while the windows are allowed to be open.

  • Is easy to set up and takedown, and it doesn’t take very long to do either
  • Durable and lightweight enough to carry around with you and holds up to rain and wind very well
  • The size is plenty large enough for a small family, and the screened-in porch section of the tent allows another recreational space
  • The tent does not stay dark during the dawn, and you can still expect to wake up when the sun starts to rise

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#7. CORE 11 Person Cabin Tent with Floor

large tent with screened porch
Core 11 Man Large Tent with Screen Porch


Rooms: 2

Capacity: 11

Peak Height: 86″

Floor Size: 17′ x 12′

Available in either orange or wine, this 11 person tent from Core can comfortably fit up to three queen size air mattresses with a height of 86″, allowing plenty of room to move around and stand up straight when inside. The screened-in section of this tent is also large enough to accommodate a gaming area or an additional sleeping area for warmer nights.

With a lantern hook, storage pockets, and electrical cord access, you can keep your electronics safe and charged without needing to run to your car. The advanced ventilation system allows for adequate airflow while keeping out bugs and rainfall, and is low to the ground to the most airflow possible.

  • The screened-in portion of this tent is a really good size without being too large and would accommodate a card table and chairs easily
  • The sleeping portion of the tent is large enough to sleep a large group comfortably, and the height is tall enough so that you can stand up straight while inside
  • For a tent this size, there is only one entry and exit point

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Considerations on Buying the Best Tent with Screened Porch

If you are thinking about purchasing a tent with a screened-in porch, there are a few things that you will want to consider as you shop around. Having a porch that is attached to your tent can elevate your camping experience, and add another family aspect of your trip that you can’t find when using a traditional tent that is mostly used for sleeping.

The Overall Size of the Tent

When looking to purchase a tent with a screened-in porch, the most important aspect that you will need to consider is the overall size of the tent, as well as the size of the porch area.

These areas are mainly used as recreational spaces where you will be hanging out with your family or friends; conversing and playing games while enjoying nature. When researching and shopping around, you will first want to realize how many people will generally be camping with your on your camping trips, and find a tent with a porch that will be the adequate size to accommodate everyone that would like to play games and converse with each other. To do this, it would be a good idea to find one that can fit a small table and a few chairs so that everyone can have a place to sit.

Buy the Best Spacious Large Tent for Family of 11

large tent with screened porch

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The Material the Tent Use

The material used for the screened porch is also important, as you will want to ensure that bugs, insects, and small rodents are unable to enter the tent through the screen; or tear a hole in the netting. While mosquito netting is great for some settings, you will want to choose a tent that has a more durable material used in its construction for the screened-in porch.

The Setup and Takedown

Another thing to consider is how easy the tent with the porch is to assemble. If you have a tent that is great and spacious but is a pain to assemble, chances are that you won’t be using it too often. Choosing a tent that is spacious and easy to assemble is an important part of having a fun and enjoyable camping experience.

Here are 2 kinds of tent that are very easy setup and take you little time.

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Most tents that come with a screened porch are easy to assemble and only take a few minutes, but it still adds to the convenience factor when you have one that is not complicated with clear and easy to understand instructions.

Also, portability and being able to carry around with you is an important consideration to take note of. While tents are heavy by nature due to all of the wires and rods that are included to set up, having a tent that is too heavy to carry around with you can make it harder to want to use it to its’ full potential.

Buy the Pop up Tent with Easy Setup and Takedown

pop up tent for 4 to 8 man

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The Height of the Tent

Another thing to look out for when finding a tent with a porch is how high the bottom of the ceiling is; as to be comfortable, you will want to be able to stand up tall in this section of the tent especially. Being able to stand up tall will enable you to fully enjoy all of the benefits that a tent with a porch has to offer, as well as keep you from having your view blocked by having a tent that is better suited for someone who is far less short than you.

Benefits of a Tent with Screened Porch

There are many benefits and advantages of having a tent with a screened-in porch, without any real disadvantages or drawbacks. Having one of these tents generally means more room on the inside for sleeping, as the porch is considered to be the area of the tent that is used for playing games and relaxing with family. This portion of the tent great for enjoying being outdoors without being around the bugs and insects, especially when you are camping by a body of water that attracts a large number of flies, gnats, and mosquitos.

where to buy the best tent with screened porch

On warmer summer nights, the screened porch is also a great place to sleep as the screen allows for more breeze to enter the tent while keeping bugs and insects out. In this way, the screened porch allows you to experience all of the great aspects of nature while still keeping some of the comforts that the tent itself has to offer. They are a great addition to your camping trips and will add an extra quality of relaxation every time that you use them.

They are also great during mild rainstorms when it is too wet and rainy to be outside, but you are still wanting to enjoy mother nature’s beauty. While they won’t completely keep the rainwater from entering the porch area, you will feel far less water than if you are standing in it or sitting at a picnic table outside.

One of my favorite aspects of camping is being able to enjoy all that nature has to offer, and a screened porch is a fantastic way to do just that. Most of the screened porches that are connected to a tent are large enough to accommodate a small table and few chairs, making it ideal for relaxing and spending time with family during meals or when playing games.


#1. What is the Screen Porch Used For?

The screened portion of the tent will allow you to sit and relax within nature while keeping out the bugs and most of the rain that can come with it. These porches are great for times when you want to sit and enjoy nature without being fully inside the tent, all the while staying safe; they are great for mild storms, or for areas near a body of water where the bugs and insects are more present.

#2. How Large Should the Screened Porch Be?

Although they are extremely nice to have, a screened porch is not the main feature of a tent, and as such, they do not need to be very big. A good size for a screened porch will be big enough to set a couple of chairs, and maybe a small folding table to set drinks on while relaxing on the porch aways from bugs and storms.

Generally, you will want to look for something that is around 10 x 5 feet to accommodate these few items. Anything smaller will feel too cramped, and anything too much larger may begin to feel excessive and almost like wasted space.


We hope the above information on large tents with screened porches will both help you to make an informed decision on which tent is best suited for your needs, as well as your family size. There are a lot of options on the market today, and being informed before making a decision can make all the difference in enjoying your next camping adventure.