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A Review on Best Waterproof Tents for Rain in 2021

Are any tents waterproof
  • Which is the best waterproof tent?
  • How many people will it host?
  • Which material makes the tent waterproof?

These must be the questions lingering in your mind when you decide to buy a tent. Always remember that you need to buy a waterproof tent as you may not predict the weather conditions of the place you wish to visit.

However, worry no more as this article is well defined in ensuring it answers your questions. It will also help you in making the best choice when buying the right tent. Therefore, go through!

The 10 Best Waterproof Tents List

Top Rated 11 Best Waterproof Tents Reviews in 2021

#1. Best NTK Waterproof Dome Family Tent

NTK ez up waterproof tent
Best NTK Waterproof Tent for 8/9 Man

Capacity: 8/9

Weight: 18.7 lbs

Peak Height: 6.1 feet

Floor Size: 10 x 12 feet

Waterproof: 2500 mm

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Dome tent is a tent which is having a high rate of waterproof. You will, therefore, live comfortably while on vacation as you need not worry about during rainy seasons. The tent contains other various features which are making it the best tent in the market. It is usually designed for easy and quick assembly so it will be useful when you will end up spending less energy is raising the tent.

Additionally, you will be capable of going out with your family as the tent can host around nine individuals. It is very spacious, thus giving every person enough space to operate in. This tent also includes a detachable room divider to ensure that people are given enough privacy while in the tent.

  • It is designed for 3 season
  • 2 large D doors for maximum convenience
  • Thick and firm polyester and polyurethane
  • People who go for hinged doors can’t achieve his goal from this one

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#2. Best TOMOUNT Waterproof Tents for Foul Weather

Best portable waterproof 8 person tent
Best Waterproof Family Tent


Capacity: 8

Waterproof: 4000mm

Tent Dimension: 168″ x 108″ x 72″

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When going for a vacation in the rainy season, you needn’t to worry as this tent is capable of withstanding foul weather.

It is very strong and thus capable of withstanding extreme rain without leaks. You will always have an assurance of dryness in the tent. Eight people’s accommodation makes it economical. The roomy interior holds three queen air mattresses.

It is the most reliable tent for outdoor traveling and car camping, right?

  • Sturdy zippers
  • Water and wind resistance
  • Easy setup within 10 minutes
  • 5 mesh windows together with the mesh roof for stable airflow
  • This item has a single door

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#3. Best Eureka Waterproof 4 Person Tent

best eureka 3 season 4 man tent
Best Eureka 4 Person Tent for 3 Seasons


Season: 3

Capacity: 4

Tent Dimension: 8 x 8 x 7 feet

Minimum Weight: 18 pounds 10 ounces

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It is a tent which has a strong waterproof capability and therefore you will remain dry while in the tent even during the rainy season.

It is able to withstand windstorms and rain thanks to the durable fiberglass and steel. The necessity of accessories includes ring, hubs, and pole sleeves which ensure the tent is set up well. Additionally, the tent hosts 4 individuals, which is at a reasonable price. Enough space ensures each individual has a comfortable walking and sleeping.

  • Gives you enough room to relax
  • Has sufficient space for airbeds and cots
  • Applicable for three out of four seasons in a year
  • Stands tall to the harmful effects of rain and harsh weather
  • Zippered for utmost protection against all harmful weather
  • Cannot grow with the occupants

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#4. Best Kodiak Highly Waterproof Canvas Tent

kodiak canvas 4 person tent
Best Kodiak CANVAS 4 Man Waterproof Tent


Season: 4

Capacity: 4

Peak Height: 6’1″

Number of Windows: 4

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The tent is waterproof since it contains canvas which prevents water from getting inside the tent. The shelter is also made using a hydra-shield which contains cotton, thus making them breathable, watertight, and also durable.

You, therefore, have an assurance that the tent is to last for long. The shelter will consequently save you from the stress of having to purchase a new tent after a short period.

Besides, you will feel comfortable as it is very spacious. Therefore, you will have room for walking around in the tent to relax your muscles, especially when it is raining. The tent contains two entries on the front and backside. Therefore, you will not strain in getting way out or into the tent.

  • Long-lasting use
  • It uses watertight, breathable and durable canvas
  • 2 large doors and 4 windows, together with the no-see-um mesh provides an awesome protection
  • High end tent due to the canvas material

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#5. Best Coleman Waterproof Tent for Camping

best budget 2 person tent
Best Easy Setup Two Man Tent


Capacity: 4

Material: Polyester

Tent Size: 9 x 7 feet

Peak Height: 4 feet 11 inches

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A tent is containing a rainfly awning which is useful in ensuring the canvas is waterproof. You will thus be dry whenever you are inside the tent. Another thing is that the tent is very spacious as its interiors are vast, thus allowing people to move in and out comfortably. Apart from that, setting up the tent is a straightforward process which only takes a maximum of ten minutes. It thus saves people a lot of time and energy.

Furthermore, it is capable of carrying capacity of ten people. It implies it will save you a lot of costs which you would get while buying tents sending less number of people. It is also containing weather Tec system which is including inverted seams and patented welded floors which are useful in ensuring you are always dry.

  • Cheap
  • Pockets for storage
  • It is made of durable polyester
  • Center height is 4 feet 11 inches
  • Durable seams and zippered doors
  • Large D-style door for good ventilation
  • It is easy setup achievable within 10 minutes
  • It is a light-colored tent

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#6. Best MSR Lightweight 2 Person Backpacking Tent

Best 2 Man Dome Tent
Best 2 Man Hiking Tent


Season: 3

Capacity: 2

Ultralight Setup: 3 lbs

Center Height: 39 inches

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Finding the best tent multiperson backpacking vacation is never that easy. That is why many campers at times prefer coming up with two temporary shelters instead. However, for families preferring sleeping under the same floor for security purposes, they should select to sleep in a tent. The tent is containing a very lightweight and thus you will not strain in carrying it while out for vacation.

Additionally, it is a waterproof tent as it is containing a solid waterproof coating that will end up lasting longer than the conventional waterproof coatings. Apart from that, it is holding Easton cyclone poles which are known for resisting breakage when the winds are powerful and fierce. Adding to that is its pole geometry which is known for making the tents space larger.

  • Resists frays and other damages
  • Conspicuous enough to behold easily
  • Exudes some elegance and aesthetics
  • Strong enough to ward off wind damage
  • Demands no assembly before or after use
  • Requires some assembly before use

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#7. Best ALPS Mountainnering One Person Waterproof Tent

best 1 man waterproof tent
Best 1 Man Backpacking Tent


Capacity: 1

Total Weight: 4lbs

Base Size: 2’8 x 7’6

Peak Height: 36 inches

Minimum Weight: 3 lbs. 5 oz.

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Yes! You want to go for a vacation and wish to buy a tent which will only host one person. Worry no more as the shelter is in the market. Not only will it host you but will also ensure you are safe from rain and wind as it is a waterproof tent. You will, therefore, remain dry even amid storms.

Additionally, the tent is containing two-pole designs that are useful in ensuring that the tent is standing on its own. Of course, the tent is included easy assembly which is there to ensure you will not need to ask help from people while out for a vacation to help you in raising the tent. Again, it contains floor seams and factory sealed fly for the most appropriate weather protection. More also, it is comprising vestibule for extra weather protection and gear storage. You will always be comfortable whether it is in the dry season or rainy season.

  • Durable
  • Contain many storage spaces
  • Half mesh walls enhance ventilation
  • Its footprints guarantee unparalleled longevity
  • Possesses a factory sealed fly for appropriate protection
  • For one camper

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#8. Best Coleman Instant Cabin Waterproof Tent

best waterproof cabin tent
Best Coleman Waterproof Instant Cabin Tent


Season: 4

Capacity: 4/6/10

Material: Polyester

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A lovely tent which is waterproof even during heavy rains. Additionally, it is capable of withstanding powerful winds without being carried away. Another thing is that the integrated vented rainfly is known for improving airflow without the necessity of extra assembly. Something else is the fact that setting up the tent is an instant process that occurs in only one minute.

Besides, the interior is very spacious as it contains enough space for one queen airbed and leaves enough space for one to operate. What’s more, is that it bears a bodyguard who is rugged with a thick double fabric for long-lasting, reliable use. Despite this, the pre-attached poles are handy for a more straightforward and quicker setup.

  • Instant setup and easy take down
  • Provides added protection from the rain
  • Improves the inflow and circulation of air
  • Manufactured using rugged and thick fabric
  • Stands tall to the rigors of the rugged outdoors
  • Retains its reliability in all the seasons of the year
  • Takes time to set it up

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#9. Best Teton Ultra-light 3-Season Watertight Tent

best waterproof backpacking tent
Best Teton Waterproof Backpacking Tent


Season: 3

Capacity: 1/2/3/4

Waterproof: 3000 mm

Windproof: 50-60 mph

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It is the best tent as it can be used in three kinds of seasons. It is thus a very convenient kind of shelter. Additionally, it is a watertight kind of tent that will ensure that you or your times in the tent will always be dry while you are on the vacation. Despite this, you will keep fresh. Waterproof rainfly is containing built-in vents for airflow that is optimal, thus allowing a comfortable and relaxed night sleep.

More also, the room is providing a view which will help you see whatever is happening outside. You will thus get a very memorable and fantastic experience while out for vacation. Again, it is straightforward to set up the tent. Due to that, a lightweight tent is known for packing down tight for camping and backpacking.

  • Lightweight
  • Easy assemble
  • Best Tent for rain and wind
  • 2 vestibules for gears storage
  • For small groups

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#10. Best Cheap Coleman 8 Man Tent for Car Camping

best rated coleman family tents
Best Rated Family Camping Tents


Rooms: 3

Capacity: 8

Peak Height: 6 feet

Floor Size: 17 x 10 feet

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It is a tent which is very cheap and is thus affordable for people of all classes. Additionally, the canvas is usually used by a maximum of eight individuals when they are out for vacation. Again, the tent is made using a design which is making room for space, thus offering enough place for the eight individuals to relax and sleep comfortably.

More also, when buying the tent, they include dividers which will be useful if you need to divide the canvas into three rooms for purposes of privacy. Adding to that, the WeatherTec system with inverted seams and welded floors helps in keeping people dry. What’s more, setting up the tent is easy, and the process of packing as it contains separate bags included for stakes, poles, and canvas.

  • 3 rooms
  • Easy setup
  • Fits up to 8 people
  • 17 x 10 feet large floor size
  • Special Coleman waterproof technology
  • The height of 6 feet allows people to stand up and walk around inside the tent
  • Not suitable for backpacking or hiking

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#11. Best Wenzel Waterproof Tent with Screen House

wenzel 8 person klondike waterproof tent for large family
Wenzel 8 Person Lightweight Waterproof Tent


Capacity: 8

Weight: 26.38 lbs

Peak Height: 6.5 feet

Floor Size: 16 x 11 feet

Floor Area: 98 square feet

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It is the best tent which assure you of protection from rains. It will always ensure you keep cool and dry. Waterproof rainfly covers built-in vets for high airflow, allowing a comfortable, refreshing night sleep.

The tent has a large view. You will, therefore, get away city lights and can enjoy a milky way full view. Along with the entire mesh top, you can get a great stargazing experience.

It is effortless to set the tent up. The tent is lightweight to pack down for camping and backpacking. More also, it includes micro mesh with a fitting, which is very appropriate. As a result, you will not encounter problems when preparing to leave for home.

  • Spacious
  • Weighs 26.38 lbs
  • Peak height is 6’6″
  • Takes up 98 square feet
  • Protects from rain and wind
  • Accommodates up to 8 people
  • Durable fabric and fiberglass poles
  • 2 large zippered windows for ventilation
  • Quite clumsy and large to carry around unless you have a car

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What to Look for in A Waterproof Tent?

There are many tents present in the market. It is thus hard to determine on how to look for when one is buying the tents. Below are some general rules:

  • If you are not planning on canoe camp or backpack, the weight and size of a tent will not matter as it will fit in the vehicle.
  • Tent capacity is usually based on square footage and the number of standard bags that are likely to fit in.
  • A 3 person tent will be better when two people are in as they will feel more comfortable. This will ensure you have some space left for putting in your items.

To find a waterproof tent, this guide will help you a lot! Here are the essential things you should consider when selecting the best waterproof tent.

  • Tent with Aluminum Foils

A good tent should be coming with aluminum poles. The pole however at times may be fragile and may end up breaking off. Many companies dealing with company stores are selling repair kits and replacements kits.

  • Adequate Rainfly

The rainfly is very useful as it is the tent’s umbrella. The bigger the rainfly, the better the shelter will be. Ensure you look for a fly that is coming well down on the sides of the canvas. Rain flies are known for being waterproof. Additionally, tent walls are known for being repellant to water.

  • Tent with Double Stitching and Folded Seams

If you are capable of pulling the materials on either of the sides and afterward seeing through the stitches, the canvas is more likely to end up leaking. As a result, make sure you are using seam sealer on all kinds of seams.

  • One-piece Tub Tent

The floor should always be constructed using waterproof material. It should also be coming up a few inches on the seam sides before being sown on the walls of the tent. Lack of seam on the wall will imply there is not any place in which water may end up seeping in.

  • Enough Guy Lines in a Tent

The tent walls and also at times rain flies are having looped sown which are found in the middle. These loops are having a significant role in attaching guy lines that are pulling the walls out so that they may end up being taught. It is next to impossible for a person to spend a night in the tent which is flapping in any given wind.

  • Good Sized Tent Stake Loops

There is a necessity for loops to be present on the base of the tent in each side center and every corner. These loops ought to be very big so that they may accommodate the big plastic stakes which are being sold in camping industries and stores. The most preferred loops are the metal stake loops. The plastic loops may end up breaking when one is hammering in the stakes.

  • A Tent using No-see-um Mesh

This is the most preferred material as it is useful in keeping the little bugs out.

  • Tent Containing Roof Vent

The roof vent is at times opened during the night. The opening of the roof will be useful in creating air circulation and eliminating condensation in the inside of the tent.

  • Heavy-duty Tent Zippers

At many times, you shall be going outside or inside the tent. As a result, we will be requiring zippers which will be strong and capable of holding up for often use.

FAQs of Water Proof Tents

How to Waterproof a Tent?

Many tents are bought with seams which have already been sealed. However, with time, the sealant is likely to end up wearing out. When the seam wears out, you will need:

  • Dropcloth containing spills
  • A seam sealer which is best for your tent
  • Alcohol (for rubbing purposes)
  • A rag

With all things already, what is the process of waterproofing a tent?

  • You should set the canvas in a dry place. The seams on the underside will be sealed and also the tent body in the inner side.
  • In case you realize the seam tape is very loose on the underside of the fly, remove the peeling section gently. Remember to leave intact places in their position.
  • The seam is the prepped by gently cleaning using rubbing alcohol and a rag
  • Apply seam sealer which is new to the seams
  • In case of the seam is failing, the rest will not be very far. A s a result; you might require to put seam sealer to all present seams
  • Finally, leave the seam sealer to dry completely.

What Is the Best Tent Material for Waterproof?

The most preferred waterproof tent materials include canvas, polyethylene, nylon and polyester.


Buying a tent is the best idea you have considered making. You now have various reviews on the best tents for rain in the market. All the listed and discussed tents are equally good.

Besides, you now have more information concerning the procedure in which sealing of seams is done. Therefore, you will maintain your tent so that it will be helpful to you for an even longer time. Hurry up and make an order before these tents are all bought as they are in demand.