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Top 12 Best 12 Person Tents in 2021 – Reviews & Guides

Best 12 Person Tent in 2020
  • For 3 seasons
  • Polyester-made
  • Weighs 18.04 kg
  • 10.2 ft x 20.6 ft x 6.9 feet
  • Poles included to extend the canopy
  • Offers great views of the exterior panorama as well
  • Large covered mesh vents let in sufficient ventilation
  • Comes along with roomy utility pockets for added storage
  • Provides adequate protection from the harmful ultraviolet radiation


Looking to go camping as a party? It is always fun to hang out with people close to us and create memories. Apart from packing clothes and food, you should also consider a tent for security and shelter. Tents come in different styles and designs to choose from. Well, you have the best 12 person tent for your consideration.

Why? It is large and spacious enough to accommodate a whopping 12 adults! But that is not all. Such a tent is also capable of withstanding the harshest impacts that others are unable to bear.

There are several factors that you should put in mind to end up with success. Let us delve into how to choose the right 12 man tent!

The 11 Best 12-Person Tents for Large Family Camping

12 Best Twelve Man Tents Reviews in the Market of 2021

These 12 tents can hold up to 12 people at a go. If you are hunt for a 12-person tent, look at these ones:

#1. Best Happybuy 12 Man Canvas Tent

best heavy duty canvas tent
Best 12 Man Canvas Tent


Season: 4

Weight: 37kg

Material: Canvas & steel

Size: 13.1 feet/16.4 feet/ 19.7 feet

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Tents that are made of the canvas have been noted to be stronger and more resilient to the common agents of deterioration. It is only fair that you pick and use the best 12-man canvas tent for the job. For this, we recommend this Happybuy Bell Tent 10-12 Persons Canvas Tent.

Four Season: Other than being strong and durable, this tent also handles the four seasons pretty well. It is waterproof, warm enough by virtue of cotton makeup, and highly breathable. The canvas construction also maintains some privacy which is needed when changing garments. Need we add that it also outlasts many spates of washings?

  • Super large interior capacity
  • Accords firm and stable support
  • Resists winds, storms, hails, and snow
  • Breathable enough to accommodate a stove for use in winter
  • Waterproof enough to perform well in rainy and humid conditions
  • Cumbersome to carry around

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#2. Best Tahoe Gear 12 Man Lightweight Teepee Tent

Carry-on lightweight tent for 12 person
Best 12 Man Teepee Lightweight tent


Season: Winter

Material: Polyester

Weight: 25.1 pounds

Wind Resistance: 35  mph

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Planning to go camping in an extremely cold place like the North Pole or during winters? You have the teepee tent for your taking! Why? This tent is structured in such a way as to allow you to cook using stoves or any other cooking appliance that generates plenty of smoke.

Versatile: This best 12-man teepee tent captures all the ideal traits of a tent of this kind. It is not only large enough to accommodate 12 occupants but also, durable, and waterproof. Together, these furnish the warmth and reliability you need to tackle the excessively cold environments with absolute ease.

  • Handles the stormy rains perfectly
  • Light enough to carry around with ease
  • Possesses a durable floor that does not wear out easily
  • Withstands a whopping 35 miles per hour of strong winds
  • Comes along with the stakes, steel poles, and a carrying bag
  • You need DIY the stove jack in the tent

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#3. Ozark Trail 12 Person Instant Cabin Tent

ozark trail 12 person tent
Best Ozark Trail 12 Person Instant Cabin Tent


Room Dividers: YES

Tent Dimension: 20 ft x 9 ft x 84 in

Material: Polyester & fiberglass & steel

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Ozark Trail is famed world over for producing tents that are strong and tolerant of the otherwise treacherous terrains. It is only fair hence that you pick an Ozark Trail 12-person Instant Cabin Tent for your next wild camping. Not only is it spacious, but also tough enough to stand strong against the harshest weather elements.

Privacy: This particular tent stands apart from the others in the sense that it comprises some two removable room dividers. These play the role of creating some separate living spaces which in turn confer some privacy to the occupants therein. In all, this tent is also very comfortable and highly habitable.

  • Includes 2 closets with hanging pockets
  • Confers some privacy to the room occupants
  • Possesses a rather traditional steel cabin design
  • Appropriately organized to ensure a smooth flow of air
  • Expedites the camping and use of large groups of people
  • Delivers unparalleled degree of comfort to the persons who reside in it
  • Costs a lot to come by

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#4. Core 2 Room 12 Person Instant Cabin Tent with Side Entrance

core 12 person instant tent
Best 12 Man Instant Cabin Tent

Season: 4

Rooms: 2

Pack Weight: 40 lbs

Pack Size: 47″ x 14″ x 13″

Tent Fabric: 68D polyester

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Do you operate in a schedule that is too squeezed? If you do, the tent you choose has to be simpler to set up. We invite you to try this Core 2-room 12-person Instant Cabin Tent. As its designation implies, the tent is partitioned in two main compartments and is able to bundle 12 occupants comfortably.

Solid Construction: It comes about in a unique ten-leg pole design which makes for easy installation and deployment. At its side is an entrance that serves as an emergency exit in times of accidents and dangers. Moreover, it also fits the four seasons particularly well. This means it is safer to reside in.

  • Instant set up in 2 minutes
  • Its vent guarantees smooth exchange of air
  • Repels water to maintain some dry interiors
  • Retains you in a state of comfort year-round
  • Allows for panoramic views in the clear summer nights
  • Gives you the freedom to create multiple sleeping spaces
  • 1-year warranty

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#5. Best Core 12 Man 3 Bedroom Tent

core 12 person instant cabin tent with 3 rooms
Best Core 12 Person Tent with 3 Rooms


Rooms: 3

Peak Height: 80 inches

Floor Size: 18 x 10 feet

Tent Fabric: 68D polyester

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Planning to go out camping for too long? You need a tent that is designed to facilitate long-term occupancy. No other tent than this 12-man 3-bedroom Tent is well able to deliver to you just that. As you may already hint, the tent may be partitioned in three bedrooms to accommodate many people.

Storage & Electricity: In the wall storage pockets, you will be able to keep all your camping gears neatly at a position that is far removed from the floor of the tent. An electrical cord access port, on the other hand, allows for attachment to the mains electricity socket.

  • Spacious enough to accommodate multiple campers
  • Appropriately covered by awnings for maximum shades
  • Sealed powerfully by use of heat for long-term reliability
  • Contains doors both at the front and the back for smooth access
  • Its floor area is sufficiently large to allow for seamless movements
  • Requires huge mounting space

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#6. Best Ozark Trail 12 Person Cabin Tent with Screen Porch

ozark trail 12 person tent with a screen porch
Best Ozark Trail 12 Man Tent with Screen Porch

Weight: 37.58 lbs

Peak Height: 90 inches

Floor Size: 12.3 x 18.5 feet

Floor Area: 171.5 square feet

Material: Polyester, fibergless & steel

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When you camp out in the swampy areas, you will generally have to contend with mosquitos and other vectors. This is where you have to bring in a 12-person cabin tent with screen porch like this Ozark Trail 12-person cabin tent with a screen porch. The screen porch wards off mosquitoes from entering the tent.

Livability: Unlike most other tents, this one comes out in the shape of a square. As such, it provides a pretty wide interior which is similarly spacious and capable of ensuring a smooth inflow of air. A privacy screen also exists to maintain some darkness and a sense of privacy at all times of use.

  • Works well in most campsites
  • It fits 4 queen size air mattress
  • Allows you to stand fully when in the tent
  • Large enough to accommodate two queen air mattresses
  • Keeps off bugs and other harmful insects from invading you
  • Its door is large enough to expedite evacuations in times of emergencies
  • Takes two people to put up and deploy

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#7. Best Americ Empire Family Tent for Twelve People

12 man 3 bedroom tent
Best 12 Man 3 Bedroom Tent

Rooms: 3

Weight: 31 lbs

Peak Height: 7 feet

Floor Size: 21 x 10 feet

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For whole family use, we recommend that you pick and choose this best family tent for twelve people. The reason underlying this recommendation is the fact that it possesses all the trappings which facilitate whole family use. Top of the list of its features is the upgraded design which makes it tackle the harshest jobs.

Spacious: On the whole, the tent is very huge. As such, it is able to handle many occupants at a time comfortably. Drawing yet again from this huge size is the free exchange of air within. Hardly will the tent suffocate you as you make do with it.

  • Fits 6 queen-size airbeds & for 12 to 14 people
  • Hardly sustains rot, mildew, and fungal infestations
  • Manufactured by the anti-fungal polyethylene which is safer
  • Coated to prevent any leaks and unwanted infiltration of water
  • Keeps your dry and appropriately protected from harsh weather elements
  • Equipped with an advanced waterproof system for reliable performance in wet conditions
  • Unsuitable for those who operate on a squeezed schedule

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#8. Ozark Trail 12 Person Base Tent with Light

ozark trail base camp tent for 12 man
Best Ozark Trail Base Camp 12 Man Tent with Light


Season: Summer

Weight: 49.08 lbs

Material: Polyester

Tent Dimension: 192″ x 192″ x 92″

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Could it be that you will spend much of your time indoors? If you do, the tent you use has to be well-lit. This can only happen if translucent materials are used to make them up. Of all such tents in existence at the moment, the Ozark Trail 12-person base camp tent with light clearly stands out.

Ventilation: On top of being well lit, the tent is also highly breathable. As such, it allows for a smooth flow of air into and out of the tent. That way, you stay fresh, comfortable, and highly breathable at all times of use. Have we also said that it pitches firm and long enough?

  • Lets in copious amounts of air and light
  • Unlikely to suffocate you as others generally do
  • Retains the coolness and habitability all the time
  • Retains its form and stature for a long duration of time
  • Does not fidget excessively as is the case with other tents
  • Does not do well in environments that are too humid

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#9. Best Tahoe Gear Waterproof 12 Person Tent with a Gateway

best tent for family of 12 in summer
Best 12 Man Camping Tent


Peak Height: 7 feet

Tent Dimension: 20 x 18 x 7 feet

Material: Polyester & polyethylene

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Areas that receive higher levels of precipitation are too wet and humid for ordinary tents. To be able to confront such environments well, you have to place your hands on an appropriately configured tent. This best waterproof 12-person tent is the one you badly need to make do with.

Comfort: In a nutshell, this tent is large yet quite comfortable and practical. For this reason, the tent is awesome for all groups of persons, families, and acquaintances. Moreover, it also delivers the needed levels of comfort and performance in the day and night alike. This is not to mention that it is also comfortable to stay in.

  • Generous tent centers and walls
  • Comprises weather-resistant fabrics
  • Allows smooth and easy movements
  • Performs well in the warm and cool weather alike
  • Secures firmly in the windy weather and environments
  • Quite tedious to keep clean and maintain

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#10. Best Tahoe Gear 12 Man Cabin Tent for Large Families

12 person 3 season tent
Best 3 Season 12 Person Dome Tent


Season: 3

Material: Polyester

Floor Size: 20 x 10 feet

Center Height: 6.5 feet

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Just in case you are a family that loves to camp out in the open every now and then, we invite you to attempt this 12-man cabin tent for large families. The tent is not only large enough to accommodate whole families but also stays relevant in three out of four seasons.

Livability: By all accounts, the tent is large, practical, and very comfortable. It does accord a comfortably spacious 20 by 10 feet space for you. To add to this, the tent also allows for 12 people to sleep comfortably without any disturbances of whichever kinds of forms.

  • Blocks the harmful ultraviolet radiation
  • Accords much comfort throughout your own use
  • The polyester makeup is highly breathable indeed
  • Makes it possible for you to move around smoothly
  • Its core features the shock-corded fiberglass poles that are lighter
  • Too large to handle and pitch easily

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#11. Best NTK 12 Man Waterproof Camping Tent

12 man waterproof tent
Best 12 Person Tent for 2500 mm Rain

Season: 3

Material: Polyester

Weight: 18.04 kg

Peak Height: 6.9 feet

Floor Size: 10.2 x 20.6 feet

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Looking for a tent for general family use? Well, we are pleased to draw your attention to this best NTK 12-man camping tent. It has all the trappings of an ideal tent and is as such well able to handle general outdoor camping with relative ease. Among these are a mosquito mesh and dry floor.

Some of the factors that make this possible are the Heavy duty anti-fungus seamless polyethylene material construction and the mosquito mesh. Together, these manage a clean and insect-free interior which is definitely safer for your users and applications. What’s more? The tent is also very warm!

  • Poles included to extend the canopy
  • Offers great views of the exterior panorama as well
  • Large covered mesh vents let in sufficient ventilation
  • Comes along with roomy utility pockets for added storage
  • Provides adequate protection from the harmful ultraviolet radiation
  • It is a 3 season tent

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#12. Eureka Copper Canyon 12 Person Tent with 2 Rooms

eureka 12 person tent with 2 rooms
Eureka Copper Canyon 12 Person Tent


Doors: 2

Peak Height: 7 feet

Floor Size: 14 x 12 feet

Minimum Weight: 38 pounds 12 ounces

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When camping with a large family, privacy is undoubtedly the topmost concern. That is because your children will highly likely behold your nakedness when changing garments. To prevent such an issue from arising, you need to place your hands on a tent that is optimized for privacy like this one.

Privacy & Spacious: Indeed, this Eureka Copper Canyon 12-person Tent is packed with loads of privacy features. Among these are the near-vertical walls and generously-sized zippered windows. Together, these give off 360-degree panoramic views, cross-tent airflows, and extra privacy. This is besides the spacious interiors which provide adequate rooms for free movements.

  • Brings about much comfort and livability
  • Spacious enough for larger airbeds and cots
  • Accords panoramic views of the exterior areas
  • Subdivides the large area into smaller compartments
  • Creates added privacy which is crucial for effective camping
  • Pretty tedious to handle and engage

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How to Choose the Best Tent for Family of 12?

#1. Livability

The livability of the tent should be your primary concern. By livability, we mean the ease with which the tent supports life and the interior occupants. This trait is further brought up by a variety of factors. Chief among them is the amount of interior airflow, degree of light, and material construction.

It is important to find a good and livable tent to prevent several health issues. Chief among these adverse health issues are suffocation, respiratory disorders, and skin problems. It is particularly crucial if you happen to plan to stay indoors for too long.

Access to the Best Americ Empire Largest 12 Person Tents with Multi Rooms

12 man 3 bedroom tent

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#2. Weight

Given that tents are carried around every other time, it is necessary that it be light enough to carry around smoothly. This is only achievable if the weight of the tent is manageable enough. The low weight is in turn brought about by light material makeup and construction.

Examples of such materials include polyester and nylon. While canvas and tarpaulin are tough, they are quite weighty and highly unlikely to allow for easy transportation to the remote locations. If you lack the necessary muscle power, try as much as possible to stay away from the same.

#3. Climate & Season

Weather comes and goes. The variations in external weather conditions definitely do have a bearing on the kind of tent that may be necessary. It is necessary that you pick a tent that is able to perform optimally in climatic and weather conditions you have in mind.

A good tent ideally ought to be three-seasons and four-seasons. This is to means that it ought to be able to perform well across multiple seasons and environmental conditions. It is only in this way that you will be able to enjoy the convenience you need for all-round use. You do not need to buy a new tent every now and then, do you?

Check the Best All Season Tent for 12 Person Camping

core 12 person instant tent

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#4. Setup

The manner in which the tent is set up also matters. Indeed, a good tent has to be easier to set up and deploy for eventual use. It also ought to come along with all the accessories, tools, and other apparatus which are needful for the tasks of installations.

Some of these are the stakes, clips, poles, frames and the pegs. Further, the tent of choice has to be able to mount just about anywhere there is sufficient space. This is to allow for smooth and seamless applications whenever and wherever the circumstances may so dictate.

#5. Compartments

Other than being spacious enough for 12 persons, a good tent also should be able to be portioned. This is to create multiple rooms for the sake of accommodating individual occupants separately. The sum total of all these definitely adds up to maximum privacy to the occupants thereof.

While this is awesome, the tent of choice should not in any way predispose you to the risks of suffocation. This can only be guaranteed if the tent at hand is manufactured by materials that are not stuffy but allow for a smooth flow of air in the rooms.

Buy the Best Core Well-ventilated Cabin Instant Tent with 3 Rooms

core 12 person instant cabin tent with 3 rooms

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#6. Freestanding vs. Non-freestanding

With regard to how the tents stand or are supported, there are two kinds of tents. These are the freestanding and the non-freestanding respectively. The freestanding, as their names imply, require no external support to stand firm and tall. Instead, it does offer that support on its own.

The non-freestanding counterpart, on the other hand, requires some external support. In most cases, this support is provided for by the pegs and strings which keep the tent pulled and propped. Yet again, you have to make some appropriate consideration as you search for the right one. Choose a freestanding one for convenient operations.

By the way, a shower tent is a marvelous companion if you plan to go outside with large families for more than one day!

What Are the Best 12 Man Tent Brands?

Ozark Trail, Core, Eureka and Coleman manufactures the best 12 tents which sport different features to meet your personal need.

#1. Ozark Trail

Of all the tent brands in existence, it is the Ozark Trail that is family-friendly. It is indeed packed with loads of elegant features that combine to make it liable for the entire family. Among these are excellent breathability, truly spacious interiors, and well-lit living conditions.

#2. Core

The core is mainly famed for producing extremely rigorous kinds of tents. This evidenced by the strong fabrics which make the entire tent up. These fabrics endure the test of time chiefly by resisting all forms of frays, tears, and other common causes of damages. This brand is good for regular use and camping.

#3. Eureka

Eureka is a good tent that provides high-quality tents, sleeping bags, and other camping accessories. Though these tents have the ability to provide much the same need as others, they stand out mainly by their abilities to stand tall in many environments and camping situations. They are hence for a regular camper.

#4. Coleman

Coleman Incorporated is a good brand for many outdoor recreational gears. The Coleman tents particularly stand out by virtue of handling rough terrains and other unforgiving circumstances well and a reasonable price. In case your hiking trail is rough, give yourself some peace of mind by choosing to work with this particular tent.

FAQs of the Best 12 Person Tent

You may be still confused about some of the points, and read on to find out the answer.

#1. What Is Vestibules?

A vestibule is an extra storage space that exists as an accessory of your tent. The role of the vestibule is to provide sufficient space to safeguard all your extras and other gears you may have to carry along with you. It is particularly handy when traveling in a large group.

That is because it reduces clutter in your tent’s interior and at the same time ward off the hassles that come along. With reduced clutter also comes the added benefit of easy breathability, better respiratory health, and maximum comfort. This is not to mention the smooth movements inside the tent all the time.

Here is the Best 12 Man Tent with a Screen Porch for Storage

ozark trail 12 person tent with a screen porch

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#2. How Big Is A 12 Person Tent?

A 12-person tent is generally large enough to accommodate 12 grown-ups. Its floor size is around 200 square feet whereas its weight comes to around 40 pounds, give or take. When fully mounted, such a tent can give enough room for the occupant to stand fully tall.

They are generally awesome for use by whole families. The reason underlying this is the sufficient space they accord as well as plenty of room to move around. Also, they tend to reduce clutters and to make the task of traveling out and about a desired area quite a breeze.

Final Words

You now have the empowerment you need to choose the best 12-person tent for yourself. With this knowledge, we now believe that you can go ahead to find an idea large tent for yourself. What are you waiting for? Move with haste to pick a good tent for yourself soonest possible!