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Reviews of Best 8 Person Tents in 2021

Best 8 Person Tent in 2020


  • Solid steel poles and stakes
  • 6.6′ top ceiling height for tall people
  • No-see-um mesh as an insect barrier
  • Highly durable & watertight canvas tent
  • 2 large doors and 4 large windows for ventilation

When planning for a family outing, getting this in order is essential. There might be plenty of fun activities planned for the outing, but having the best 8 person tent is perfect for sheltering your family.

Once you sort your tent, you can move to other important decisions such as food and entertainment. You might notice that big tents in the market are highly specialized, and most brands don’t produce.

However, in this article, we shall go through some of the few tent companies that provide the best 8 person tents. These companies produce the most prominent and most prolific tents.

The 6 Best 8 Person Tents for Medium-Large Family

6 Top Rated 8 Man Tent Reviews

#1. Best Coleman 8 Person Camping Tents

best rated coleman family tents for group of 8
Best Coleman 8 Man Camping Tents


Capacity: 8

Floor Size: 17′ x 10′

Peak Height: 6 feet

Weight: 21.5 pounds

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There are various 8 person camping tents available in the market; however, it is considered as one of the best. This tent comes with various exciting features such as:

Rooms. The tent features 3 rooms, which are capable of hosting 8 people at once. This is one of the most spacious 8 person tents available in the market. You might as well accommodate few more people in the living room.

Waterproof. With this tent, you don’t have to worry about precipitation since it is waterproof.

  • It is spacious
  • Easy to set up with an incredible design
  • The tent features a weatherproof design making it ideal for family use
  • Single door

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#2. Best Cheap Ozark 8-Person Tent

ozark 8 person tent
Cheap Ozark 8 Person Tent


Capacity: 8

Weight: 17.6 lbs

Peak Height: 74″

Floor Size: 16′ x 8′

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Ozark tents vary in quality and prices; however, one of the most affordable and durable Ozark tents is this one. Some of the fantastic features of Ozark trail yurt 8 person tents include:

Ample space. The amount of space offered by this tent is perfect for a growing family. Furthermore, the Ozark trail yurt 8 person tent comes with sleeping bags.

Cabin style. This Ozark, 8 person tent features the cabin style tent with incredible headroom of 1.89m (6.2 feet) located at the center of the canvas.

Easy to install. It will only take you 60 seconds to install this 8 person tent. However, for a newbie, it might be double the time.

  • Despite being affordable, this tent is durable and long-lasting.
  • It features an easy to install design, which is essential during camping.
  • This tent features a specious design making it ideal for a family outing.
  • With this tent, you will need another waterproofing rainfly

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#3. Best Coleman 8 Man Tent with Porch

coleman 8 person tent with a screen room
Best Affordable 8 Person Tent for Camping

Capacity: 6/8

Weight: 26.4 lbs

Peak Height: 6 feet

Screen Room Size: 10′ x 5′

Interior Floor Size: 15′ x 12′

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Coleman is a famous tent company with over 100 years of experience. This company features various tent designs, and one of its best 8 person tents is the tent presented with a screen room. Some of the fantastic features available in this tent include:

Screen room. This Coleman 8 man tent features a bug-free lounging. The screen room feature meshes to prevent bugs from entering your tent.

Durable. For long-lasting performance, this tent is created from Polyester taffeta.

  • This tent offers plenty of room, and it is best for families.
  • For easy entry and exit, this Coleman 8 man tent features a hinged door.
  • No divider performs in the bedroom tent

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#4. Best NTK Waterproof 8 Person Tent

NTK 8 man tent with micro mosquito mesh
Best Waterproof 8 Man Tent for Outdoor Activities


Capacity: 8

Weight: 18.7 lbs

Peak Height: 6.1′

Floor Size: 10′ x 12′

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NTK is among the most popular tent company. It started as a South American company producing amazing tents for camping with the entire family. It is one of the best tents this company offers, and it has impressive features such as:

Ample space. This tent measures 15 by 10 feet, which is big enough to host more than 8 people.

Lightweight. NTK is known for producing lightweight tents. This one weighs approximately 23 pounds, which makes light for 8 people camping.

Solid floor. The tent features a solid piece floor that is water-resistant and has anti-fungal properties.

  • It has 2 large D door
  • This NTK tent offers ample space
  • It features an easy to set up design
  • Waterproof rating reaches 2500mm
  • Its lightweight design makes it perfect for camping
  • It is a 3 season tent

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#5. Best Durable Kodiak Canvas 8-Person Tent

best canvas 8 man cabin tent
Best Kodiak Durable 8 Man Cabin Tents


Capacity: 8

Peak Height: 6.6′

Floor Size: 10′ x 14′

Weight: 79 pounds

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Kodiak Canvas features various 8 person tent; however, the Kodiak Canvas flex-bow deluxe is considered as the best. Some of the fantastic features available in this tent include:

Durable. This 8 person tent is 100% cotton canvas, which is breathable and watertight.

Large windows. For maximum air circulation, it features extra-large windows with no-see-um mesh.

Spacious. This Kodiak Canvas, 8 person tent, features 6’6’’ ceiling height, which makes walking around comfortable.

  • The windows feature no-see-um meshes that offer privacy.
  • It features hydra-shield and cotton duck canvas for perfect durability.
  • This tent features two funnel-flow vents that help in managing temperatures and improving airflow.
  • Heavy-duty
  • It is a high end tent thanks to the durable canvas

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#6. Wenzel 8 Person Klondike Tent

wenzel 8 person klondike tent for large family
Wenzel 8 Person Lightweight Family Tent with Screen Room


Capacity: 8

Peak Height: 6.5′

Weight: 26.38 lbs

Floor Size: 16′ x 11′

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Wenzel 8 Person Klondike Tent is perfect for a large family. This tent features impressive features including;

Rooms. The Wenzel 8 Person Klondike tent features two separate rooms with 14.7m² floor areas for maximum comfort.

Lightweight. It features the best area to weight ratio, which is 1.2m² /kg. The lightweight design makes it perfect for camping.

Screen room. There is mesh around the screen room, which helps in keeping the bugs out. Furthermore, there are panels which you can zip during rainfall.

  • Spacious
  • lightweight design
  • Installing this tent is simple
  • Single door

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Things to Consider When Choosing the Best 8-Person Tent

#1. Budget

The amount of money you want to spend on purchasing a tent is often the most important thing you should put into consideration. 8 person tents tend to vary in the market depending on the quality, durability, and season of the tent.

High quality and durable tent with 4 season rating are considered the best for family camping. However, these tents are a bit expensive when compared to 2 and 3 season tents.

Buy the Best 8 Person 4 Season Tent

best 8 person canvas tent

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#2. Dimensions

Before purchasing a tent, knowing the number of people who will be joining for camping is vital. With this, you will be able to guarantee ample space for everyone. Furthermore, knowing the number of days you will spend camping is critical. This will help in preparing the number of utensils and supplies you will require.

Often, the height of the tent will depend on your height. However, when sharing a tent with 8 people, a low height tent will make things very uncomfortable. You should keep in mind that the maximum height of a tent is located in the middle. Testing the maximum height of the tent before purchasing is vital.

Check the Best Spacious Camping Tent for 8/9 Man with a Height of 6.1′

NTK 8 man tent with micro mosquito mesh

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#6. Size

The size of a tent is very significant when it comes to accommodating everyone comfortably. Having a tent with ample space for everyone and your gears to fit is very vital during camping. Before purchasing a tent, it is better to assess its size and ensure that it will accommodate everyone in the family comfortably.

#3. Weight

Despite offering exceptional comfort, most of 8 person tent has a high weight. Family tents are known for their ample space, rooms, and compartments. However, having a mid-weight tent is vital for camping. The weight and size of a tent will affect the room left in the car.

It is advisable to know the amount of weight you will carry during your trip. Furthermore, the weight of the tent will determine whether you will be carrying it by bike or car. Therefore taking into consideration the weight as well as the probability of the tent is vital for camping.

Sjop for the Best Lightweight 8 Person Tent for Family Camping

ozark 8 person tent

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#4. Weather Condition

Knowing how resistant your tent is is a relevant factor that will help in understanding what season of the year; the tent will be of most importance. There are various tents available in the market, and they vary with the season from 1 season tent such as summer tents and winter tents to 4 season tent. Therefore, purchasing a tent will depend on the climate, season, destination as well as elevation.

When purchasing a tent, water resistance, and stability during strong winds, as well as total protection against the sun, is an essential aspect you need to consider.

Purchase the Best Waterproof Canvas 8 Man Tent with High Weather Protection

best canvas 8-person cabin tent

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#5. Easy to Install

If you need to enjoy every minute of your trip, having an easy to install a tent will help you in saving time. When purchasing a tent always ensures that it is easy and fast to install. Going through the manual helps a lot.

The main problem often occurs when purchasing a tent with various pieces of assembling and takedown. Usually, this makes it difficult to assemble as well as cleaning becomes tedious. Before going camping, assembling your tent at your back yard will help you to learn how the tent function, making installment easy for you.

#7. Compartments

When camping with your family, having a tent with compartments is excellent for privacy. Furthermore, this helps in creating a couple of bedrooms. Since adults might want to have drinks and chat longer during the night, having compartments will help to create some privacy.

In addition, your tent layout will be determined by how you will travel. When going camping with friends who value their privacy, having a tent with compartments will be a great idea.

Make a Deal of the Best 8 Person Tent with 3 Rooms

best rated coleman 8 man tents

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#8. The Tent Color

Often color plays a significant role when it comes to visibility and temperature control. Having a bright color on the ceiling will help in reducing the amount of solar heat being absorbed. Thus the temperature in the tent remains constant, unlike black colored tents. However, black tents tend to cool faster when under shade when compared to brightly colored ones.

Having a brightly colored tent helps in improving visibility; therefore, in case of extreme weather where visibility is reduced, you will easily spot your tent.

Buy the Best Bright-colored 8 Man Tent

best coleman red canyon 8 man tent

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#9. Stability

Usually, the stability and wind resistance of a tent is offered by the frames which act as the tent’s foundation. Aluminum frames are often considered the best when compared to fiberglass frames. However, aluminum frames are available in high range tents, which are known as expedition tents. Some frames are made of steel; however, they are heavy.

#10. The Thickness of the Fabric

Fabric thickness is an essential aspect which you need to consider the most. Since floors are often exposed to footprints damage, checking on its fabric thickness is vital. There are various fabrics used in floors, but the common ones include ripstop, nylon, and aluminized nylon.

Furthermore, the breathability of a fabric is crucial. When purchasing a tent, always consider the one with breathable fabrics or has cross ventilation. This will help in preventing condensation and improving air circulation within the tent.

Check the Best 8-Person Tent with Watertight & Breathable Canvas Floor

best cavas cabin tent

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#11. Extra Space

Some 8 person tent features extra space within their interiors. These extra spaces help in establishing a less restrictive environment and enhance more freedom of movement. Most of 8 person tents are known for the ample space they offer.

Purchase the Best 8 Person Tent with a Screen Porch

coleman 8 person tent with a screen room

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#12. Layout

When purchasing a tent, it is essential to put into consideration your storage space. Having a tent with storage vestibule is perfect for storing your dirty gears, preventing it from rubbing against you while sleeping. Often, 8 person tents feature storage vestibule.

By the way, seeing its full set up is much better when compared to the tent’s photos. Always ensure that the ceiling of your tent is well stretched and does not have any deformations or wrinkles.


By this time, you should be having a great understanding of selecting the best 8 person tent. When purchasing a tent, having the one that best suits your needs is vital.

Always ensure you purchase tents that feature weatherproof design for maximum protection during extreme weather. Furthermore, tents with breathable mesh and excellent ventilation are perfect for maintaining constant air circulation within the tent.