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Top 10 Best 6 Person Tents on Amazon in 2021

Best 6 Person Tent in 2020


  • For 4 Season
  • Fits 2 queen-size air beds
  • Withstands harsh weather
  • Easy setup within 7 minutes
  • Screen room is for storage as well as better ventilation, and add privacy
  • The height of 5 feet 8 inches allows a man to stand up and walk around


Planning to go camping in groups of six persons? You need not necessarily carry many tents with you. It is possible for you to lay your hand on only one that is comprehensive and large enough to accommodate all of you.

We have identified and are going to review 10 of the best 6-person tents on the market now. Key considerations for choosing are also included.

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#1. Best Coleman 6 Person Tent with Screen Room

Setting up bases in the wet and swampy areas comes along with the added danger of mosquito infestation. To be on the safe side of issues, you have to choose a tent that is properly configured to prevent you from such a hazard. This best Coleman 6-person tent will do you that.

coleman dome tent with screen room
Best Coleman 6 Person Dome Tent


Season: 4

Setup: 7 munites

Center Height: 5 feet 8 inches

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Screen Room: It does have a large screen room entrance which filters out the insects we have spoken about. The screen basically comprises a mesh that does the actual task of filtering out the insects. At the same time, the entire makeup of the tent is such that it resists water and other forms of precipitation.

Privacy: As you rest inside, you will also enjoy unhindered views of the exterior areas. That is because the windows are translucent and hence allow limited light to seep in. The interior is also partitioned for added privacy and personalized use.

  • Large enough to accommodate larger air beds
  • Pitches faster with minimal effort and setup time
  • Withstands the harsh tropical winds and is hence safer
  • Exudes some high visual appeals for anyone to behold
  • Creates some unparalleled privacy which is good for communal applications
  • Sustains too high levels of dirt

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#2. Best Coleman WeatherMaster 4 Season 6 Person Tent with Screen Room

Do you go out camping every now and then? For your own peace of mind, the tent you use ideally ought to be usable in all the four seasons. Without wasting too much of your time, get hold of this best 4-season 6-person tent as soon as you possibly can.

coleman 6 man tent for 4 season
Best Coleman 6 Man Tent with Screen Room


Season: 4

Tent Weight: 32 pounds

Peak Height: 6 feet 8 inches

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Spacious: With all regards, the tent is spacious enough to hold two queen-size air beds. Then, it confers some separate floorless screen room. This one blocks out all insects and critters to create a bug-free lounging room for you. It is the place you will choose to rest and relax as you so wish.

Material: Some patented welded floors work hand in hand with the inverted seams to maintain the interior of the tent in a perpetual state of complete dryness. Its fabric makeup, on the other hand, is resistant to all manner of adverse weather and is hence truly reliable.

  • Heavily zippered to keep al cold out
  • Keeps the interior completely dry and comfortable
  • Its seams are protected to prevent the inflow of water
  • Does not leak at all even when it rains heavily outside
  • Stronger floors endure all forms of fidgeting and meddling
  • Complex operational procedures
  • Only for those with deep pockets

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#3. Best Coleman 6 Person Camping Tent with LED Light System 

Is your search for the right tent mainly dictated by the need for camping? You need one that is multipurpose in nature. This best 6-person camping tent, by virtue of containing all the relevant traits, is better placed to do a good job. You should hence prioritize it in your search for the best camping companion.

coleman family tent with LED light
Best 6 Man Camping Tent with Light System


Rooms: 2

Floor Size: 12 x 10 feet

Peak Height: 72 inches

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Compact & Spacious: Generally speaking, the tent is small, compact yet spacious enough to handle all kinds of gears. It is hence a good one to make do with if you are short on space yet have many gears to carry along with you. Its benefits stretch further beyond merely being compact yet spacious.

Ventilation: The tent is also appropriately ventilated to guarantee the smooth inflow and circulation of air. Thus, you will not really struggle to breathe or stay in a state of comfort as you spend your time in a tent. In this way, the tent is also comfortable enough for long-term use.

  • Sets up in under 10 minutes only
  • Roomy enough for the whole family
  • Well-lit to the tune of 1,000 lumens
  • Welded floors block all moisture out
  • 3 levels of adjustable brightness settings
  • Fits six camp pads and two queen-size air mattresses
  • The divider uses thin material

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#4. Best ALPS Mountaineering 6 Person Backpacking Tent

Could it be that you operate a schedule that is way too squeezed? Your solution lies in a tent that pitches faster and is also convenient to handle. This best ALPS Mountaineering 6-person backpacking tent is a good one to look up to. It boasts of easy assembly and is hence quicker to engage.

ALPS Mountaineering camping tent for 6 person
ALPS Mountaineering Lightweight 6 Person Tent


Material: Nylon

Floor Size: 10 x 10 feet

Peak Height: 72 inches

Total Weight: 16 lbs. 1 oz.

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Fly: A number of elegant parts, features and components converge to make the tent stand out. Chief of these is the Polyester fly. Unlike the ordinary flies, this one goes a step ahead to block the infiltration of ultraviolet radiation and water. They also combine to provide an awning over each door.

Storage: The tent is also fully equipped with a spacious storage pocket, guy ropes, gear loft, and two awnings that adorn the doorway. Together, these apparatus confer to you some seamless convenience which goes a long way on making you better comforted.

  • Provides extra ventilation to the interior
  • Keeps all your items well organized throughout use
  • Extra-large storage spaces pack all of your gears tightly
  • Lasts slightly longer than the ordinary tents of its stature
  • Has two doors for smoother evacuations in moments of emergencies
  • Takes a bit of time to deploy for use

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#5. Best Coleman 6 Person Cabin Tent

Tents that are shaped in the forms of cabins are large and spacious than their counterparts that bear different shapes. It is hence a good idea to tap into the best Coleman 6 man cabin tent for your camping. This is particularly the case if you are desirous of maximum comfort as you get along.

best 6 person cabin tent
Best Coleman 6 Person Cabin Tent


Season: 4

Material: Polyester

Peak Height: 6 feet

Tent Dimensions: 10 x 9 feet

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Interior Space: This tent will give you much more than a spacious interior. Of all the tents on our radar, it is this one that sets up the fastest. On average, it takes only a minute to do the same. Further to the faster installations, the tent also has enough room for two queen-size air beds.

Well Ventilation & Durable Material: On account of its integrated vented rainfly, the tent greatly improves the flow of air without requiring that you attach any extra accessories to make this possible. Its seams are taped by use of the 150D/150D Polyester material. They hence block off all moisture from creeping in.

  • Instant setup and easy take down
  • Provides added protection from the rain
  • Improves the inflow and circulation of air
  • Manufactured using rugged and thick fabric
  • Stands tall to the rigors of the rugged outdoors
  • Retains its reliability in all the seasons of the year
  • Lacks the ability to fold

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#6. Best Coleman 6 Person Dome Tent with a Screen-in Porch

Want to stand upright while in the tent? Choose a dome tent. This kind of tent has the highest displacement of the tent height. This is to mean that the distance from the ground to its peak is the highest. Of all the dome tents, none beats this best Coleman 6 man dome tent with regards to that metric.

coleman dome tent with screen porch
Best Coleman 6 Man Tent with Porch


Material: Polyester

Peak Height: 5 feet 8 inches

Screen Room Size: 10 x 5 feet

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Spacious & Protection: Beyond the dome structure, this tent is truly spacious enough to be able to handle two queen size mattresses and beds. Then, it possesses a screen room that is attached for the purpose of blocking off all critters and flying insects. Its patented floor clearly seals the deal.

Material: Being made of strong and powerful fabric, the floor maintains some dryness that is unequaled with any other tent. Chances of your feet sustaining the athlete’s feet and other hygiene-related illnesses are hence severely depressed. You also get some added peace of mind as you relax freely.

  • Gives you the space to gaze outside unhindered
  • Brings in copious amounts of air and natural lighting
  • Covered storage area handles all your gears conveniently
  • Possesses a separate screening room for added ventilation
  • Keeps off all the rain and outward moisture from creeping in
  • One door is a poor point for emergency and evacuations

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#7. Best Coleman Tent for 6 Person Family with Cabinets

Planning to camp out as a family unit? It is imperative that you do not waste your time and effort. This cannot mean anything else apart from choosing and working with the best tent for 6-person family. It is appropriately equipped to care for the needs of an entire family.

coleman cabin tents for 6 man
Best 6 Man Coleman Cabin Tent with Closets


Floor Size: 13 x 9 feet

Tent Weight: 33.2 pounds

Wind Resistance: 35+ mph

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Closet & Fast Pitch: It does comprise some built-in closet that is equipped with shelves as well as a hanger bar. These shelves provide more than enough spaces to store your gears. They also organize all your essentials in such a way as to declutter the interiors. Next, the tent pitches faster to save you some time.

Spaces: Its interior is also spacious enough to handle some two queen airbeds. On the whole, the tent is also truly comfortable and provides a safe interior for your own habitation. As an added bonus, the tent also lets you wash your clothes and hang them in to dry.

  • A covered zipper keeps all the water out
  • Pitches 55% faster than the ordinary tents
  • Withstands 35 miles per hour of harsh winds
  • Comes pre-attached and ready for deployment
  • All the poles and accessories are color-coded for easy identification
  • Cannot let you peek outside
  • Lacks a footprint and hence it may be cold for winter

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#8. Best Core 6 Person Instant Tent for 4 Seasons

Could it be that you operate in a schedule that is too tight? Well, this best core 6-person instant tent could be the solution you have been yearning for. As its designation implies, this tent deploys faster and more conveniently. This means it is more likely to facilitate squeezed operations.

best core instant 6 person cabin tent
Best Core 6 Man Cabin Tent with D Door


Season: 4

Floor Size: 11 x 9 feet

Material: Polyethylene

Peak Height: 72 inches

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Protection: In its entirety, the tent features numerous water block technology features. These are brought about by the water repellent fabrics and work jointly to endow you the benefits of a clean interior. Its seams are not left out either as they are sealed and fully-taped for added protection.

4 Season: When all are said and done, the tent lets you stay comfortable in all seasons. The advanced venting, on the other hand, guarantees a smooth inflow of fresh and cool air. This inflow keeps you in a state of comfort, coolness and excellent ventilation. It also allows the hot air to escape out.

  • Sets up in under one minute
  • Blocks out all water to keep you dry
  • Has a higher center height of 72 inches
  • Organizes your interior gears appropriately
  • Large enough for two queen size mattresses
  • Just water repellent but not for heavy rainy days

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#9. Best Eureka 6 Person 3 Season Tent

The manufacturer of this tent understands that you do not have to acquire a new tent for every other season of the year. That is why it has crafted a tent that is versatile enough for use in three out of the four seasons in a year.

best eureka 3 season 6 man tent
Best Eureka 6 Person Tent for 3 Seasons


Season: 3

Peak Height: 7 feet

Floor Size: 10 x 10 feet

Minimum Weight: 23 pounds 2 ounces

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Versatile: Indeed, this best Eureka 6-person 3-season tent is useful for all seasons to save winter. It gives you all the trappings and comfort of the outdoors without necessarily forfeiting the convenience of the home area. The tent is structured in the cabin style and is subsequently more spacious than the rest are.

Lightweight: Only light and convenient materials have been used to adorn it. These include the fiberglass frame, pole sleeves, ring/pin assembly, and clips. Being light, they allow for smooth and convenient handling. The cabin style is accompanied by steep vertical walls. These maximum the floor space to allow for a maximum sleeping area.

  • Gives you enough room to relax
  • Has sufficient space for airbeds and cots
  • Applicable for three out of four seasons in a year
  • Stands tall to the harmful effects of rain and harsh weather
  • Zippered for utmost protection against all harmful weather
  • Cannot grow with the occupants

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#10. Best Kelty 6 Person Tent for Rain

To be able to prepare adequately for the rain, you have to pick and use the best Kelty 6-person tent for rain. Indeed, fewer are any tents than this one is as appropriately suited for handling rainy days. It does incorporate many features and specifications, all of which are geared towards shielding you from the same.

best kelty 6 person tent
Best Kelty 6 Man Tent with Footprint


Season: 3

Number of Doors: 2

Numer of Vestibules: 2

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Tent Wall: Chief among these are the steep walls. These create some roomy interiors which give you ample space to move about. At the same time, they also block out all moisture to retain the interiors dry and comfortable at all times.

Fly: Thanks to the stargazing fly you will be able to roll the tent up in order to capture some unobstructed views. After you are done with your views, you will yet again clip them down easily. This arrangement, in fact, is what goes a long way to make the tent provide awesome protection against the rain.

  • Gives you plenty of headroom
  • Spacious enough for four adult sleepers
  • Enjoys flexible orientations when pitched
  • Zippers are strong and do not get caught easily
  • Allows for unobstructed views of the starry nights
  • Unsuitable for backpacking

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A Guide on Choosing the Best 6 Person Tents

There are a few hints that you should see when picking the 6 man tent, and here are some of them.

#1. Weight

The more weight you need to ship, the higher the heaviness of the 6 man tent. If you convey a rucksack, the significance of the store turns out to be significant. Be that as it may, regardless of whether you take it from the vehicle to the camp, you will need to be sensible. Once more, running a tent preparing will tell you that it is so natural to move it.

Here is the Best ALPS Mountaineering Lightweight 6 Man Tent for Camping & Backpacking

ALPS Mountaineering camping tent for 6 person

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#2. Installation

Tent installation appears to be a confounded undertaking. Tents are a vital and helpful bit of outdoors hardware, no uncertainty. Yet, a few baffled individuals have reviled their tent since they attempted to introduce it in obscurity without great arranging.

However, when you install a tent commonly, it turns into a family standard that can be effectively rehashed even in the most testing states of climbing and outdoors. When you have aced the arrangement of a kind of tent, it will be simpler to introduce different sorts of tents, be they search for tents or family tents.

#3. Interior Space

You can purchase a wide range of tents in different sizes. Your first impulse might be to locate the greatest 6 man tent you can bear, and ideally, it will carry out the responsibility. There are things to look before besieging enormous dollars for a major tent.

For one reason, a huge or strangely formed tent may not fit in the pads of the 6 man tent found in numerous typical camps. Additionally, you ought to consider the way that it is trying to keep a bigger tent warm when the chilly climate shows up.

Access to the Best Roomy Dome Tents with 2 rooms for Six People 12′ x 10′ x 72″

coleman family tent with LED light

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#4. Weatherproof Rating

Does the 6 man tent keep you dry? Ensure the tent is made of waterproof, dislike those things you can get from the 6 man tent. Check the layers and fly if they are weatherproof. Water can, without much of a stretch, discover its way through an awful crease.

Somewhere in the range of 6 man tents likewise accompany a downpour fly to check for another downpour. Water won’t leak under you. You can spread the tent on the floor for included assurance. You would prefer not to rest in a wet bed.

#5. Season Rating

When purchasing a tent, the conceivable outcomes appear to be unfathomable. Be that as it may, with season rating, it is difficult to unravel the importance if you are a tenderfoot. For instance, names can be deceiving, since season 4 carp is once in a while utilized outside of one season: the winter, while season 1 or season 2 can be utilized in three seasons.

If you are now scratching your head, dive profound into it. Each brand of tents and every retailer adhere to their principles in the occasional rating, which tragically implies that even the ravenous camp network doesn’t concur with the significance of the classification and what it should mean.

Buy the Best Eureka 6 Person 3 Season Tent

best eureka 3 season 6 man tent

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#6. Packed Size

The heaviness of its full size is a huge piece of its total tonnage, so tent architects make a substantial effort to keep their weight low. Its significant remunerations for weight decrease are less space, fewer highlights, and all the more long haul sturdiness. On the off chance that you think about well, you should locate a light tent that is excessively agreeable and agreeable for you.

While overwhelming materials make the tent increasingly tough, lightweight tents can be shockingly generous. If you need a too quality light tent, you will pay more for extremely light materials. Likewise, the term lightweight is uninhibitedly utilized by brands: if each ounce is essential, check the specifications cautiously when purchasing.

Here is the Best ALPS Mountaineering Lightweight 6 Man Tent

ALPS Mountaineering camping tent for 6 person

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#7. Construction

A tent development gives more usable space than the flight sheet because the delicately slanting rooftop permits a sensible measure of headspace even at the edges. Since the perspective is independent, it is frequently utilized as an asylum for a brief store in a presentation or road advertise.

Check the Best Coleman Tent with A Screen Room

coleman dome tent with screen room

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#8. Material

The texture of the 6 man tent can be made of numerous materials, including nylon, cotton, felt, and polyester.

  • Cotton takes water, so it can end up awkward when wet. However, the growing related to the material will appear in general, square any first gap until wet cotton drys. Cotton tents are frequently treated with paraffin to improve water opposition.
  • Polyester and nylon are a lot lighter than cotton and don’t assimilate an excessive amount of water; with an appropriate material, it tends to be impervious to water yet will, in general, fall apart after some time because of the moderate substance decay brought about by UV beams.
  • The most widely recognized medications to make the texture waterproof are silicone impregnation or polyethylene material.

Access to the Best Core Polyethylene Made 6 Person Tent

best core instant 6 person cabin tent

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How Big Is a 6 Person Tent?

When you camp, you want to make sure that you have room enough for all the gang or the family. That’s why when a tent ad states that it fits a certain amount of people, you want to know exactly how big this will end up being.

According to sources, a six-person tent is what families with children will commonly select.

  • It can still be a dome tent, but it will be the largest size of single dome tents that is available where you shop.
  • The actual size will vary between 90 to 120 square feet. They will have enough room for you to stand, but if you are tall, you might have to crouch down.
  • The cabin tents that are six people tend to have more room. If you have four or more adults along, this extra room will be necessary.

Here is the Best Core Instant 6 Man Large Cabin Tent

best tent for family of 6

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What to Look for in a 6 Person Car Camping Tent?

When it comes to camping in the car or with a car camping tent, you want to make sure you have the right one. It should be something that is easy to set up, and also a tent that you will feel comfortable sleeping in.

  • You should make sure that the tent is the height you want it as well, as some people feel it’s very important to be able to stand in a tent.
  • Also, the price point is a good indicator of quality. However, if you are on a budget, do not spend more than $1000 on a tent. After all, you don’t know if you will like it.
  • Finally, look for a tent that will endure the climate that you are going to put it through. If you plan on camping through the rain, make sure that the tent is waterproof.

How Do You Set up a 6 Person Tent?

When it comes to six person tents, you may wonder exactly how you’re going to set one up. The instructions may have given you a guideline of around 20 minutes set up time, but what does that actually mean?

  • First, when it comes to the tent set up, except that the first time you do it, you will probably take longer than the instructions mandate. Take this into account because you don’t want it to be dark when you’re trying to get your last pegs in.
  • You will start by unwrapping and unfolding the entire tent.
  • Then, you are going to need to put the rods together as instructed in the directions.
  • Next, you will need to put the poles in the tent in the loops. The side poles will go last.
  • Finally, you will have to hammer the stakes into the ground if your tent has these. Then you will need to put the poles into the stakes.

What Is the Best Way to Store a Tent?

Camping lovers rejoice when it is time to take out their tent, and are a little glum when it’s time to store it. However, you should remember that your enjoyment of your tent the next time depends on the care you take in storing it. A probably stored tent will last much longer than a haphazardly cared for store away.

  • Number one, make sure that the tent is clean and dry when you store it. You don’t want it to grow mold or mildew in your absence.
  • Next, make sure that you store it in a dry, cool place. You don’t want your tent melting or getting wet. Again, you can grow mold through a moist environment.
  • Ideally, your poles should be partly extended to prevent wear and tear. This is the same mentality as storing cords lengthwise and not crumpled up.

Final Words

It is great to arrange for you when choosing which tent is best for you. It is likewise fundamental to do a little research online to discover what carp proprietors think about their involvement with those tents. When you get your work done, you can believe that the store you purchase will be the best one for you.

Indeed, all the best 6-person tents we have reviewed above are great and relevant for any person’s use. It is hence in your best interest to prioritize them in your search for the right one. Just read the explanations we have placed here and pick that one that mirrors your expectations. All the best in your search!