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The 13 Best Coleman Tents on the Market in 2021

Of all the brands of tents in vogue at the moment, it is the Coleman that stands out. That is because it is affordable and family-friendly. As such, it finds applications in areas and circumstances where other tents ordinarily fail or fall short.

Our best Coleman tent reviews below endeavors to shed more light on some of them.

The 12 Hot Sale Coleman Tents for Camping & Hiking


Reviews of 13 Best Coleman Tents in 2021

#1. Hot Sale Cheap Coleman Sundome Tent for 6 Persons

Wishing to go out camping in the company of five others? Choose and make do with this Coleman Sundome tent for 6 people. As you may have realized, it is intended for housing 6 persons comfortably. This is not to mention that it has several parts and features which make it quite comfortable.

cheap coleman tent for family of 6
Best Coleman 6 Feet Tall Tent for 6 Man

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Polyethylene Bathtub Floor

Its floor boasts of the heavy-duty 1000D polyethylene bathtub floor. Being tough and firm this material accords some extra durability to the floor altogether. In this way, it sees to it that the tent lasts longer and also manages repeated incidences of use.

Leak-proof Seams

The seams are so tight and tough that they ward off any likelihoods of leaks from arising. That is because they are welded to prevent the same from allowing any intrusion of moisture. You will find this trait quite handy in moments of excess precipitation.

Polyester Fly and Wall Fabrics

Lastly, its walls and flies are not left out either. They are coated using polyester materials. This coating is a whopping 450 mm deep and plays the role of shielding the interior of the tent from rains and excess external precipitation.

  • Protects against the extremes of weather elements
  • Endures the test of time courtesy of tough welding
  • Mesh vents further enhance the breathability of the interiors
  • Effectively ventilated to allow for the smooth inflow of fresh air
  • At its rear is a large hooded window which allows for smooth visibility
  • 450 mm coating

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#2. Cheap Coleman Family Tent for 8-person Camping

Could it be that you are planning to camp as a family? You desperately require this cheap Coleman family tent for 8 man camping. Other than saving you plenty of money, it also provides an interior that is spacious enough to accommodate an entire family.

best large coleman family tent
Best Coleman 8 Man Tent for Group Camping

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Hinged Door

Its door is hinged to allow for smooth opening and closing. This yet again expedites any evacuations in times of emergencies. In this way, you get to stay safe and secure from all harms at any given time. This is not to mention the ease of inserting any loads and luggage.

WeatherTec System

Next comes the WeatherTec System. This one manifests in a patented welded floors as well as the inverted seams. Together, they help you to stay dry and comfortable at all times. That way, they also prevent any possibilities of water damage.

Angled Windows

Unlike your ordinary tents, the windows of this one are angled rather than perpendicular. These windows open up in the rain also to allow for the unimpeded inflow of fresh air and outflow of stale air. They hence prevent any suffocations.

  • Hinged door provides seamless entry and exit
  • Keeps out all the water and unwanted moisture
  • An extended door awning hangs all your gears and shoes
  • Spacious enough to accommodate three queen size air beds
  • Has a comfortable 6-foot 2-inch center height for smooth motions
  • Too large to handle and carry around

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#3. Coleman 2 Room Tent

Going out as an entire family of 8? Look to no other tent than this Coleman 2 Room Tent. It is specially designed and intended for a large family given that it may partition to two rooms. In the course of doing so, it also accords some privacy to the occupants and contributes to an awesome experience.

best coleman 8 person tent
Best Coleman Two Room Tent for 8 Man

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Full coverage Fly

Setting this tent apart from your ordinary is the full coverage fly. This one runs from top to bottom to allow for smooth entry and access into the tent when the need so determines. It further envelopes the tent to leave only the door segment.

Water-resistant Polyester Rainfly

Also, the fly is waterproof. It comes along with some taped seams to make this arrangement a reality. The sum total of this arrangement is that the fly provides excellent protection against the rain and other adverse moisture issues.

Powder-coated Steel Frame

Its frame is tough and long-lasting indeed. This stems from the powder coating which adorns a steel base. It is pretty tough in such a way as to stand tall to the elements of corrosion and rust to deliver long-lasting applications.

  • Its doors open and close simply
  • Offers great ventilation to the interior occupants
  • Contains lots of mesh for unimpeded breathability
  • Windows and doors are hooded to allow them to open in the rain
  • Has two doors to allow for smooth evacuations in times of emergencies
  • You cannot mount them on rocky areas

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#4. Coleman 2 Person Backpacking Tent

If you are a couple or association that loves backpacking, we ask you to attempt this Coleman 2 man backpacking tent. Its interior capacity is able to hold two persons only at a time. At the same time, the tents are also capable of folding to fit your backpacks for easy transportation.

coleman 2 man tent for backpacking
Best Coleman Lightweight 2 Person Tent for Backpacking

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Pin-and-Ring System

A patented pin-and-ring system stands out as the premier trait of this tent. This one basically plays the role of keeping the corner pole connections from ever slipping off. That way, it retains the entire structure in a firm state which also resists harsh winds.


Coming in next is a fully-covered vestibule. The purpose of this is to maintain the interior of the tent completely clean. It does so chiefly by creating a dry entryway. Further, it makes for extra storage space for the gears you carry along.

Wind-Strong Frame

At its core is a wind-strong frame. These are mainly made possible by the guy-out triangles and the redesigned poles. They jointly give your tent added strength and support that is necessary to make it stand out to the harshest winds.

  • Costs less to care for and maintain
  • Comes along with a storage vestibule
  • Remains stable in stormy circumstances
  • Manages faster connections and installations
  • Performs well under harsh weather conditions
  • Limited for only 2 people

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#5. Coleman 4 Person Cabin Tent for Winter Camping

Could it be that you want to camp in a group of three other persons? Well, this Coleman tent is the one we would recommend that you look up to. As its name implies, it is wholly intended for four people. Yet again, it contains many other unique traits to facilitate this.

coleman instant pop up tent
Best Coleman 4 Man Instant Cabin Tent

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Pre-assembled Poles

You will find this tent pretty easy to set up. That is because it comes along with a pre-assembled pole for easy deployment. You will not have to go through a lengthy, and sometimes annoying procedures to get it up and running. This is not to mention the speed of installations.

Built-in Vented Rainfly

A vented rainfly is also built into the system. The roles of this rainfly are to accord added protection and keep out all water. On account of this, the tent is able to deliver the outcomes that are required whether the surrounding environments permit or not.

Illumiline Reflective Guy Lines

As a bonus, this tent is also good for use at night. That is because it illuminates courtesy of the Illumiline Reflective Guy Lines. In times of emergencies, this trait will see to it that you are easily noticed regardless of how hidden you may be from view.

  • Keeps all water and moisture out
  • Features the durable polyester fabric at its core
  • Welded floors are stronger and more supportive
  • The 4 ft. 10 in. center-height allows you to stand tall
  • Spacious interior enough to accommodate one queen air bed
  • Single door equips with the tent

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#6. Coleman 5 Man Tunnel Tent for Rain

This tent is generally intended to handle and accommodate five occupants at any given time. That is what earns it the designation Coleman 5 person tunnel tent. We hence suggest that you use it to go out for a camping escapade in the company of four others.

best coleman tunnel tent with 2 rooms
Best Coleman Tunnel Tents with 2 Rooms for 5 Man

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Large PVC Windows

Some large windows stand out as the premier trait of the tent. They allow sufficient light to trickle into the tent. At the same time, they are also covered to allow for use and opening in the rainy weather too. With this, you get to enjoy a balance of privacy and light.

Revolutionary BlackOut Bedrooms

In all, the tent features a revolutionary BlackOut Bedrooms. These ‘bedrooms’ have the ability to block out a whopping 99% of the daylight. In doing so, it accords some privacy which you need to sleep soundly and without unnecessary hassles.

4500 mm Hydrostatic Head Rating

An impressive 4500mm hydrostatic head rating also exists on the flysheet. This combines with the strong and equally waterproof PE groundsheet. Together, they see to it that you stay in a state of complete dryness regardless of the prevailing external weather condition.

  • Flexible and light enough to allow for easy handling
  • Blocks out 99% of ambient sunlight for maximum privacy
  • The tunnel shape provides much room for free movements
  • Retains its strength and stability in stormy and windy weather
  • Offers the legendary SPF 50+ protection from the rays of the sun
  • Just accommodate 1 queen-size and a twin-size airbed

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#7. Coleman 8 Man Tent

Want a tent that is able to hold 8 people at a time? This tent could be the one you have been looking for. It not only holds eight people at a time but also strong enough to take you longer than average. The mini-review below dares to shed more light on it.

best coleman 8 person tent
Best Coleman 8 Man Tent

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Color-Coded Poles

For your easy setup and installation, the tent comes along with some color-coded poles. They allow for your easy identification and the subsequent installation thereof. At the same time, they also prevent mix-ups and unnecessary confusion.

Door Awning

At the door of the tent is some awning. The purpose of the awning is to offer added protection against the harsh external weather elements. It further allows for smooth opening and closing during the moments of adverse weather too!

Waterproof Floors

The floors of the tent are also waterproof. This stems from the welding-inspired technology which acts to strengthen it. In doing so, it also wards off the possibilities of the emergence of the needle holes. That keeps all the unwanted moisture at bay.

  • Faster setup of only 15 minutes
  • Taped seams contribute to further dryness
  • Interior space is large enough to handle 8 people
  • Color-coded pole attachments ward off any confusion
  • The frame is strong enough by virtue of 35+ MPH winds resistance
  • Not partitioned as ought to be the case
  • Provides poor privacy to the interior occupants

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#8. Best Coleman Weathermaster Tent for Rain

No one wants the rain to fall on him while out in the camp. You need not fret though if you have to camp out in the rain. This Coleman tent for rain is yours for the taking. It has all the trappings which make for good use in the rain.

10 man tunnel tent with screen room
Best Coleman 10 Person Tunnel Tent

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Hinged Door

Making it stand taller from all the other tents of its kind is the hinged door. This one is not only patented but also provides smooth and easy access into and out of the tent. Chances of sustaining any accidents in the course of use are hence warded off.

Angled Windows

Then comes the angled windows. These ones incline in such a way as to keep out the rain. Thus, they allow for use even when there is too much rain in the outward environment. At the same time, the tents also accord proper air circulation.

Wind-Strong Frame

Its frame is also strong and appropriately toughened against the harsh winds which may blow in the campsite. As such, the tent is more resilient to the harshest winds. Some redesigned poles and guy out triangles exist to add some strength.

  • A room divider provides added privacy
  • The interior space is in the form of a cabin
  • Higher center height lets you stand full inside
  • Large enough to fit in three queen-size air beds
  • The strong frame and makeup allow for prolonged long term use
  • Takes time to set up

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#9. Coleman Dome Style Screen Tent

Tents that are shaped in the form of a dome are known to be spacious and freer than those that bear alternative styling. You want to try this Coleman dome tent as a start. You will find it awesome if you tend to spend too much of your time outside.

coleman dome tent with screen porch
Best Coleman 6 Man Tent with Porch

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Screen Room

While in this tent, you will enjoy some bug-free lounging and sleeping. A screen room exists to keep off all the harmful insects from getting into the tent. Extra ventilation also awaits you owing to the screened-in room which exists as an attachment.

Window Awnings

Its windows also contain some awnings. The purposes of these awnings are to shield the openings in such a way as to allow for you to open them even when the weather outside is too harsh for the same. In doing so, they ensure the smooth circulation of air throughout.

Storage Pockets

It also does come along with some storage pockets. These allow you to safeguard all your gears, extras and other vital accessories. They stash your small necessities and avail them for easy access whenever the time to do so comes.

  • Handles 6 persons comfortably
  • Offers maximum lounging comfort
  • Provides a spacious interior for you to relax in
  • Withstands up to 35+ miles per hour of winds
  • Creates an interior that is completely devoid of any bugs
  • Takes up too much mounting space

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#10. Coleman Instant Shelter Tent for Beach

Fancy some beach life? The Coleman instant shelter tent for Beach is the one to choose and look up to. Indeed, this tent contains all the trappings necessary to confront the beach arrangements with maximum ease. Take a look at the review here for more information.

best coleman canopy tent
Best Coleman Canopy Tent for Beach

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Firm Support

The tent does confer some firm support. As a matter of fact, the legs can sink to a depth of around 8 inches below the surface of the soil. This way, it will not sway apart as others do when confronted with harsh winds and strong weather.

Tough Tethering

Also of note is the extra tough tethering which forms part of the tent. These tethers work well with the stakes to accord some added support. They also prevent the tent from possibly being blown by winds to a far off location.

Powerful Frame

A powerful frame comes in last of all the benefits it has to confer. So powerful are the frames that they are strong enough to endure the test of time. They also require limited spates of repair and maintenance as many other frames ordinarily demand.

  • Provides a breathable interior
  • Good for use in the windy areas
  • Extends easily to mount up quickly
  • Offers some good shade for you to stay in
  • Does not in any way impede the breezes from the sea
  • Cannot perform well in extremely cold weather

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#11. Coleman Pop up Tent for 4 Man

Do you operate a rather squeezed schedule? You have this Coleman pop up tent for your use and outdoor camping. It pops up instantly to allow for easy deployment and use when need be. This way, it also cuts down the time you would ordinarily need to have your way.

best coleman 4 person pop up tent
Best Coleman 4 Man Pop up Tent

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Conventional Pitch

If you prefer the normal setups, this tent will let you do so. It on the whole pitches within 10-20 minutes only. While at it, the tent does not demand that you put in too much effort as it merely pops up readily. Thus, it saves some of your time also.

Fast Pitch

By virtue of containing the color-coded and pre-attached poles, the tent also pitches up simply and easily. On account of this, it is capable of setting up within 50% shorter time than the conventional setup tents. All these for your added peace of mind.

Instant Setup

Lastly comes the instant setup. This one basically entails the deployment within a minute or less. You simply unfold it, extend it and then secure it firmly. It is the one to choose if your time is very squeezed and unable to handle extremes of hassles.

  • Pitches in many positions at time
  • Provides enough space for four persons
  • The floor seams are taped floor to keep you dry
  • Accords a perfect blend of ventilation and protection
  • Pre-assembled poles make for an easy 10-second setup
  • Lost the interest of installation with your families since it is a popup design

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#12. Coleman 60 Second Screened Canopy Tent

To guarantee that you will enjoy your camping smoothly and unimpeded, you have to choose a tent that deploys faster and seamlessly. This Coleman instant screened canopy tent is a good one to consider leveraging for your outdoor camping needs.

best coleman screen canopy tent
Best Coleman Instant Screen House

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Portable Screened Shelter

A patented screened shelter comes in first of all the awesome traits that the tent has to offer. With this shelter, it is possible for you to stay safe from the harsh bugs, wind, and sun. Thus, you do not get compromised at all with these issues.

Polyguard 2X Double-thick Fabric

Its fabric is the ultra-durable Polyguard. This is twice as strong and resilient as your normal fabric. Thanks to this makeup, the fabric offers added protection against all the wiles of the typical camping site. Moreover, it also ensures that you stay protected from adverse weather elements.

UVGuard 50+ UPF Sun Protection

Apart from being tough and resilient, the fabric also resists the infiltration of the otherwise harmful ultraviolet radiation. This is made possible by the UVGuard 50+ which offers adequate UPF sun protection.

  • Folds to fit most cars
  • Sets up in under three minutes
  • Takes only three steps to set up
  • Resists many of the underlying dangers
  • Has two large doors to allow for smooth evacuations
  • Can’t sleep in it

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#13. Coleman Instant Pop up Cabin Tent

Take all the hassles out of your camping by choosing this Coleman instant pop up cabin tent. It deploys within the shortest realistic time possible. This notwithstanding, it still provides an interior space that is truly sufficient to carry all your camping gears.

best coleman 6 man pop up tent
Best Coleman 6 Person Pop up Cabin Tent

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WeatherTec System

The WeatherTec System is by far the most significant aspect of this tent. This system produces some tub-like floors which help to maintain some dryness throughout use. Some patented corner welds work hand in hand with the covered seams to keep all the water out.

Dark Room Technology

Thanks to Dark Room Technology, the tent blocks out 90% of the ambient sunlight. This reduces the buildup of temperature by a whopping 10% while at the same time giving you some added privacy. All these combine to add some habitability.

Quick & Easy Setup

With this tent, it is possible for you to enjoy some faster and easier setups. It comes along with the preassembled poles that cut down the time you would take to derive the benefit that comes along. This also translates into the effort you would otherwise expend.

  • Sets up under a minute
  • Has enough room for one queen-size airbed
  • Allows for long-lasting use and applications
  • Taped seams block out all the ambient moisture
  • Polyester fabric lasts longer and is also warm enough
  • Has a lower carrying capacity

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Now that we have done all we can to belabor the best Coleman tents, we now leave it you to implement the knowledge you have received. Just read through our explanations above severally to get to know the specialty of each tent. Then, choose the specific one for your use.


Why Choose a Coleman Tent?

You can always rely on Coleman tents to keep you and your family safe, warm, and protected from the elements. They have a range of tents available for all. Coleman tents are always a good buy since the company is known for its quality and is still available at a reasonable price.

There are many models to pick from in the Coleman tent line. There are models designed specifically for the beach to protect you from wind and sun. It is light and easy to set up for a relaxing day at the ocean. The tents are large enough for the whole family.


FAQs of Coleman Tents

Camping is one of the best ways to enjoy the outdoors. When camping, the most crucial escort is your tent. That is responsible for maintaining heat and comfort in all situations.

So, the first thing you can think of when camping in the comfort of your camping shelter. Make sure you have bought the best tents to meet your needs before going camping.

Before that, read the following FAQs about Coleman Tents.

#1. Are Coleman Tents Freestanding?

Yes, for example, Coleman Sundome can be said to be the best example of freestanding Coleman tent that can comfortably accommodate a family of 2, 3, 4 or 6. Outdoor adventure enthusiasts looking for a cheap 3-season tent can find the best option for their needs. Enjoy unforgettable fun with friends in the summer season with our window type ventilation system.

cheap coleman tent for family camping

This Coleman tent comes with ample interior space, and assembly can be completed in just ten minutes. It will be a pleasure to know that it is designed with the patented weather resistance system to guarantee dry floors all the time. Also, it is made of polyester material that ensures a longer lifespan with more excellent durability.

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#2. What Material Do Coleman Tent Use to Make the Fly?

Many Coleman tents are made of nylon fabric that is sold under a variety of Coleman tent models. That is essentially the same material used to make umbrellas.

Nylon is extremely lightweight, durable, and can be knitted hard, but it is still breathable. For the nylon to be completely waterproof, it must be coated with a waterproof layer, such as acrylic, silicone, or polyurethane. That usually applies only on the fly and the calamitous floor.

Some Coleman tents can be made of polycarbonate and polyester. Cotton absorbs water, so it can become cumbersome when wet. But the swelling associated with it tends to block any fine hole until damp cotton becomes more water-resistant than dry cotton.

#3. Are Coleman Tents Good for All Seasons?

Coleman tents are made in an incredible way, which means they are suitable for camping in all weather conditions. Most people who bought this tent are happy and describe the positive experiences of using a tent in any season.

Buy the Best Coleman 4 Season Instant Cabin Tent

best coleman 6 man pop up tent

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#4. Are Coleman Tents Suitable for Family Camping?

Coleman is a famous name in the outdoor camping equipment industry. A tent with the family means that they can reach each other’s path most of the time. Fortunately, Coleman considered that, just for you. Many of their family tents come with breaks. These sections allow you to create two, three, or more storerooms. Do not worry; they are easy to carry. However, walls or dividers are not a standard feature, so be sure to buy a tent with walls or dividers.

Buy the Best Coleman 2 Room Tent for 8 Man

best coleman tunnel tent with 2 rooms

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#5. How to Clean My Coleman Tent?

  • Make sure leaves, rocks, and dirt are removed from the Coleman tent before cleaning.
  • You can use a soft sponge and soap to clean the dirty Coleman tent. Never use any washing machine to clean your Coleman tent.
  • Always let the air dry before refilling. Your Coleman tent must be stored dry. If you have to close the camp in the rain, open your Coleman tent and set it up soon to avoid mold and unpleasant odors.
  • Depending on the temperature and weather, your Coleman tent may collect some moisture from inside. It is good to open your Coleman tent tor ventilation.

Keep in mind that if it is in stormy weather, condensation is not a leak. Do not drag stakes with the tent structure or serving ring. Use a serving experiment or the end of the hammer to remove the rebel stakes. You can re-sew broken loop rings in the Coleman tent, but be sure to close the fabric.

Final Words

There is a large selection of tents and another camping tent available today. Some big Coleman tents can comfortably accommodate up to 6 or 8 people. It is similar to Sundome. The Coleman tent also has many hanging dividers that separate the interior space in many rooms. It is a kind of tent that provides maximum privacy and practicality.

The long-term factor of the store depends entirely on how it is maintained. Keep several solutions for you. Be sure to clean and store it properly after camp so you can use it well on your next camping trip.

There are Coleman tents to adapt to any number of people and for different purposes. If you are considering investing in a good quality tent, you shouldn’t miss out these outstanding tents reviewed in this post.