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The 8 Best Kelty Tents for Diverse Seasons & Purposes

Do you know that Kelty is one of the most trusted tent manufacturers? How long have you been an outdoor person? You might have heard about these reliable tents. These best Kelty tents have been gaining a lot of popularity for the last couple of years. They have emerged as the most reliable tents in the market.

Here are the 8 best Kelty tents in the market.

The 8 Best Kelty Tents for Family

8 Best Kelty Tents Reviews on the Market in 2021

#1. Best Kelty 2 Person Tent

kelty 2 man tent
Best Kelty 2 Person Tent


Season: 3

Capacity: 2/4

Weight: 4 lbs. 9 oz.

Center Height: 42 inches

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This is arguably the best two man tent you will ever come across in the market. What does this tent features? It has numerous features that include aluminum poles. Why did the manufacturer include aluminum poles? You will always have an easy time when packing your items.

Also, the manufacturer has included the highly regarded hug clip technology. This means that this tent is easy to set up. In addition, this tent comes with a freestanding design and multiple pockets. Purchasing this tent means that you will have full freedom to camp anywhere. The best thing about buying this tent is that you will have ample storage to store all your necessities. Be guaranteed that you will never regret purchasing this product.

  • Simple setup
  • Contains durable nylon
  • Features roomy space and large storage area
  • 2 door and 3 vestibules add better ventilation
  • Able to battle with the 3000 mm water and rain
  • Shorter aluminum poles for easier storage and transportation
  • Single door

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#2. Best Kelty Night Owl 4 Person Lightweight Tent with Oversized Doors

kelty 4 man tent
Best Kelty 4 Person Tent with Large Doors & Nightlight Pockets


Season: 3

Capacity: 2/3/4

Dimension: 99″ x 84″ x 62″

Minimum Weight: 9 lbs. 10 oz.

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Have you been looking for an affordable and yet reliable tent? This is the perfect choice for you in that case. Usually, the tent has been designed with two doors. What is the essence of the two doors? It is all about an easy entry. This tent is among the very few tents that have been manufactured with pre-bent poles. This means more room inside. Away from that, guy pockets have been included. Therefore the bits will not be blown away by the wind. Does this tent keep away moisture? To prevent moisture from destroying the tent, the seams are taped.

What is the main reason for including the freestanding design? You have the full freedom to pitch the tent as you find the best site. Over the years, we have noticed the manufacturer releasing night owl tents with numerous pockets.

  • Easy setup
  • 68D firm fabric
  • Freestanding design
  • Nightlight storage pockets
  • Highly ventilated and breathable
  • Rain resistant to 1800 mm

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#3. Best Kelty 6 Person Tent with Footprint

best kelty 6 person tent
Best Kelty 6 Man Tent with Footprint


Season: 3

Capacity: 6

Number of Doors: 2

Numer of Vestibules: 2

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The most unique feature in this wonderful tent is the steep walls. This tent has been designed with perfect steep walls that make sure that you have enough space. Actually, this is the feature behind its extreme comfort. Customers who have been lucky to have this tent in the past have attested that it is the best so far. Also, it boasts of a tent cube design. This will save a lot of space inside. Carry cube and compact poles are some of the most loved features in this tent.

In addition, this tent has tremendous build quality with several killer stakes. You will always have an easy time when setting up this tent. A rainfly has been included to keep the elements out. This is the product you have been looking for if you love durable and fashionable tents. It is well known to age beautifully.

  • Plenty of headroom
  • Spacious enough for four adult sleepers
  • Enjoys flexible orientations when pitched
  • Zippers are strong and do not get caught easily
  • Allows for unobstructed views of the starry nights
  • Limited capacity

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#4. Best Kelty Dome Tent for Camping

Best Camping Tents
Best Camping Dome Tent


Season: 3

Capacity: 1/2/4

Water Resistance: 1800 mm

Material: Polyester walls & nylon floor

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You might have heard about this tent if you are a true tents enthusiast. This tent not only comes with compact folding poles but also a color-coded clip. You should never worry about how to carry this tent. It comes with a top cube carry bag when you purchase it. You will never be stressed when setting it up. You will take just a few minutes to make it stand. It is good to keep in mind that this tent has the rare internal storage pockets.

Why do backpackers love this tent? Backpackers have attested that it is quite comfortable to carry on every trip. Therefore, this is the right time you join thousands of satisfied customers who are still praising this product.

  • Suitable for use in three seasons
  • Comes in the reliable freestanding design
  • Equipped with a vestibule for extra storage
  • Contains many doors for easier evacuations when need be
  • For one person

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#5. Best Kelty 2 Man Backpacking Tent

best value backpacking tent
Kelty 2 to 4 Man Tent


Season: 3

Capacity: 2/4

Peak Height: 43 inches

Minimum Weight: 4 lbs. 1 oz.

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The two-person camping tent is well known to provide excellent performance. People love this tent simply because it offers a unique solid performance. Unlike many common tents, this tent has a fashionable design.

This product boasts of free-standing design. This means that you can move it with great ease. Feeding poles hassle is eliminated by the recent technology of color-coded clip construction. How durable is this tent? It has been manufactured with durable aluminum poles. Aluminum material not only increases its durability but also improves its overall stability.

In addition, the small noiseless zipper pulls will be appreciated on a windy night. You might be wondering about the role of the outpoints. They ensure that your tent is stable during windy weather.

  • Has gear loft loops
  • No-see-um mesh wall
  • Suitable for three seasons
  • Spacious interior guarantees the livability and accessories arrangement
  • You will feel cold with it if you haven’t carry a tent heater in winter

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#6. Best Kelty Camping Tents with Footprint and Awning for 1-4 Man

kelty gunnison camping tent with footprint
Best Kelty Camping Tent


Season: 3

Capacity: 1/2/4

Peak Height: 43 inches

Water Resistance: 1800 mm

Minimum Weight: 5 lbs. 1 oz.

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Do you know that this is the recent tent in the market? If you have been looking for a lightweight and yet compatible designed tent, then this is the best tent for you in that case. This tent comes with numerous features that include: hug clip, top cube carry bag and freestanding design.

When it comes to durability, this tent will perform beyond your expectations. It has been manufactured to fulfill all your desires. That is the reason why the manufacturer included numerous beneficial features when designing this tent. You will always be impressed by the amount of headroom in this tent. Additionally, the two doors make it more comfortable.

  • Boasts 2 doors and 2 vestibules
  • It doesn’t sacrifice its features at a reasonable price
  • Tent dimensions are 89″ by 51″ by 43″ in light of the 2 man tent
  • 1800 mm water-resistant capacity

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#7. Best Kelty 3 Season 4 Person Backpacking Tent

ultralight trekking tent
Best 2 Person Waterproof Tent1/2


Season: 3

Capacity: 1/2/4

Floor Size: 99 x 81 inches

Center Height: 56 inches

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This tent has a nice look than the previous model. Why is the aluminum bent? They are designed in this way to create extra room inside the tent. Your poles will always be secure because the tent comes with pockets at each corner. It is good to keep in mind that the tent has a single door. All its walls are perfectly covered with mesh. It is quite hard to come across a tent body that is covered by waterproof rainfly. But when you purchase this tent, you will have all these features in one.

  • Comes at an affordable price
  • Appropriately ventilated for your own safety
  • Keeps all water and excess precipitation out
  • Freestanding nature negates the need for extra attachments and accessories
  • Contains a single door

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#8. Best Ultralight Tent Canopy with Sidewalls

kelty sunshade canopy tent
Best Canopy Tent for Sun Rays


Season: Summer

Floor Area: 78 square feet

Dimension: 150″ x 150″ x 87″

Minimum Weight: 10 lbs. 14 oz.

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You should consider purchasing this product for a river trip. It is the perfect tent more so during summer. This tent is not only easy to set up but also easy to move around.

You can agree with me that it is very cool to have legs on different levels. Actually, you can’t have this type of tent with a metal popup structure. Having been manufactured from aluminum means that this tent will serve you for many years.

You should not doubt its quality. It will be a great value for your money. The newest models in the market come with many improvements like a backpack style bag. The bag is lighter when compared to previous models.

  • Durable fiberglass poles
  • Storage bag to get an easy pack
  • Great shelter to prevent sunlight
  • Only suitable for summer or days you want to fight against sun rays

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How Do I Choose the Right Kelty Tent?

The best Kelty tents can come from various companies as these many companies make excellent camping products. But on the other hand, several tent options have similar characteristics that you want to look for.

Whether you are looking for a tent for your child or for the whole family to enjoy some shade on your camping site or in the backyard, this is what you should check before buying.

  • Capacity

Look for tents that can hold as many people as possible. Look for one that has materials that can support all types of people. In case you are set for a very small tent that only supports two people to your camping site, you can find such tents. On the other hand, if you need a family tent, you can still find one.

  • Price

The best tents are affordable and easy to assemble, regardless of the weather. Many low-quality options are difficult to assemble, especially if the wind is outside. The tents that make their users particularly happy are tents that are easy to assemble with just one person or two people. An affordable tent is a good option here, as it can be easily installed in just a few seconds and it is affordable too.

  • Seasonality

The tent made of high-quality materials will be more durable over time, but you should also look for a permanent tent in all types of weather and wind. Make sure your camping tent will be kept under windy conditions that appear to be present on your camping sites. For the most part, the best Kelty tents should be elevated, so the tent you buy must have immunities explicitly designed for the conditions of the hilly grounds to ensure you can easily install them and keep them stable in the wind. They are often found on your camping site.

  • Weight

A camping trip with a child always means that you will carry many things. That is why the best tents for children are made of durable and lightweight materials. Some good tents weigh no more than a few pounds! Find out how much light you need to be your tent, and then look at the options that fit that goal.

  • Other Considerations

Some models are simple tents and can be useful for a day at your camping site. But, the best tents on your camping site will have additional features that will make them easier to use. Look for overlapping ventilated windows that can be closed for privacy and folding doors that can catch some sand outside your camping tent, pockets to keep your changes and end up during the day at your camping site. You can also have a small sandbag to keep your tent away from the wind.

Final Words

With countless tents available from other different manufacturers, comparing each one to determine the best for your situation can be a real pain, but it shouldn’t be since Kelty provides you with the best choices.

With the prominence of the Internet, you can quickly and easily find the best models that genuine users have reviewed so you can waste less time. The Internet can help you search for tents from your computer. That may give you time and the best tents to enjoy the summer on how and where to stay.