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The 7 Best Family Size Tents for Small & Large Groups in 2021

Best Family Size Tent in 2020


  • Has 3 separate rooms
  • Has a removable rainfly
  • Tent Dimensions: 18′ x 10′ x 80″
  • Houses up to 12-person at a time
  • Uses the lightweight polyester wall and durable steel poles

Planning to go camping as an entire family? You have to choose and make use of the best family size tent that is large enough for an entire family.

To help you in making the right and most appropriate decision, we have seen it necessary to sample and review some of the best tents for whole family use.

7 Hot Sale Family Size Tents for Camping


The 7 Best Budget Family Tent Reviews in 2021

#1. Best Coleman Family Camping Tents for Group of 8

If you have a pretty large family, this tent are indeed yours for the taking. It is large and spacious enough to accommodate 8 persons. When stretched out fully, it accords sufficient sleeping space, a fact that greatly inhibits any possibilities of suffocating in the course of your sleep.

best large family tent
Best Coleman 8 Man Tent for Group Camping

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Its door comprises an awning that covers it to prevent the infiltration of ambient moisture. That way, you get the privilege of opening and closing the door even when the external environment does not permit. At the same time, the awning also guarantees a completely dry interior.

Unlike those of your ordinary tent, the windows of this one are angled. Thanks to this angular design, you will be able to maintain them open even when it is raining outside. That is because the angular nature prevents water from seeping into the tent as is the norm with your ordinary tents.

  • The hinged door provides easy access
  • Welded at the seams for greater reinforcements
  • Inverted seams contribute to blocking out all water
  • Has sufficient space to contain three queen-size air beds
  • Extended awning maintains your interiors completely dry
  • Demands excessive mounting space

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#2. Best ALPS Mountaineering Small Tent for Couples

Do you plan to camp out as a couple? There is no need to choose a tent that is too large. Instead, you should just choose the Best Small Tent for Couples like this one. It is wholly intended for handling two adults and also contains all the trappings which are needful for the housing of the same.

best small tent for weather protection
Best Small Family Tent for Sun, Rain and Wind

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Its polyester fly stands out among all the core features it comprises. The fly, by virtue of the polyester makeup, resists the harmful Ultraviolet damages. Moreover, it also stays taut under all circumstances of use and deployment. Even when you have to camp out under the hot sun, you may be sure of your safety.

The seals are strengthened at the factory level. In particular, the fly and the seams are strengthened. This way, the tent stands taller to the harshest weather elements for added protection. To add to these, the tent requires no assembly prior to eventual deployment and is hence hassle-free to operationalize.

  • Stands freely and is hence convenient to put up
  • Comprises some two vestibules for added storage space
  • Protects against the harmful ultraviolet radiation damages
  • Comes along in an aluminum two-pole design which sets up faster
  • The two doorways allow for smooth evacuations in times of emergencies
  • Limited carrying capacity (only two people)

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#3. Best NTK 9/10 Large Family Tent for Rain

Could it be that your area is prone to excess precipitation? You cannot afford to take chances at all. In fact, you should only insist on a tent that is similarly optimized for rainy conditions. This NTK tent is definitely a sure way of getting this job perfectly done.

best 2 room family tent
Best NTK Two Room Family Tent

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It confers some full coverage rainfly. This is brought about by the double-layer 190T polyester fabric which is further laminated using the polyurethane material. Together, these two make for reliable use and resistance in waters up to depths of 2500 mm.

Though intended mostly for use in the rainy conditions, this tent works well in sunny conditions too! This is due to its ability to shield you from the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation. Its seams are appropriately welded to ward off any intrusions of external moisture and precipitation.

  • Customizable to your unique needs and desires
  • Meets and exceeds the various safety requirements
  • Highly unlikely to catch any flames even when it is too hot
  • Adorned with a mosquito mesh for added protection from mosquitoes
  • Its floor comes about in the heavy-duty anti-fungus seamless polyethylene material
  • Requires more than one people to set it up

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#4. Best Browning Camping Two Room Family Tent

Prolonged camping requires that you have a ‘home away from home’ kind of tent. This Browning Camping 2 room famiy tent, as its name implies, is partitioned to provide sufficient space for many occupants. Thanks to the two rooms, the tent also accords some privacy to each individual occupant.

Extra tall family tent
Best Tall and Large Family Size Tent with 2 Rooms

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On the whole, the tent maximizes spaces greatly. This is because it brings so much interior space per unit exterior space. Then, its interior, as we have stated is partitioned into two rooms. This gives each occupant enough space to stay in.

Its center height also stands apart in that it is tall enough to allow you to stand fully. With this arrangement, you will be able to change your clothes and move around without any constraints. That way, you will not really put yourself at the danger of collapsing the tent anyhow. The same applies to the ventilation therein.

  • Enables better wet-weather protections
  • Straight sidewalls give more room for the cots
  • Extra-tall ceiling allows for more freedom of movement
  • Larger windows and doorways give off better ventilation
  • Allows for maximum adjustability to handle different gears perfectly
  • More suitable for a car camping

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#5. Best Core 3 Room Family Tent

Of all the tents in our review, it is this Core tent that is most spacious. That is because it is larger in scope and even partitions to three interior rooms. Apart from the spacious interior, this tent also features a couple of other elegant parts and components.

best Core instant Pop up Family Tent for 12 Man
Best Core 12 Person Family Tent with 3 Rooms

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In particular, the H2O Block Technology stands out. Thanks to this feature, the tent is well able to ward off the intrusion of external water into the tent. Thus, it contributes to the maintenance of a completely dry interior. This is definitely good as it prevents hypothermia and cold-related issues.

The advanced venting comes in next. This one guarantees smooth inflow and outflow of air. It hence prevents you from ever suffocating or suffering reduced vigor. With it in your tent, you are assured some robust vitality throughout the camping escapade. This lets you handle many activities smoothly.

  • Sets up faster than many other tents
  • Three rooms give added privacy to you
  • Truly comfortable and good enough for your use
  • Repels out excess water to maintain a dry interior
  • The pre-attached poles allow for hassle-free operations
  • Takes time to bring down after use

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#6. Best Tent for Family with Toddler

In case you want to go for a camping session with your toddler, this tent for children will definitely do you some good. It is specially designed and equipped with the trappings necessary for handling the toddlers and other delicate circumstances. Then again it is highly breathable to allow for smooth habitability.

best tent for family with toddler
Best Value Family Tent for Kids

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The tent stands out in the sense that it comprises multiple entrances to facilitate the entries and exits. These entrances are made using the strongest materials available. The front portions are made of the Velcro which is known to be very tough.

Due to the combination of all these factors and features, the tent also serves as a playhouse for your child. Thus, you may use it as a bouncing castle. On account of this, the tent yields higher returns on your investments. You get to achieve more for less input.

  • Stores easily and simply
  • Full of fun and inspiration
  • Useful for boys and girls alike
  • Larger in size and contains multiple entrances
  • Fits the home and the park environments easily
  • Limited to families with toddlers
  • Calls attention on your part if necessary

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#7. Best Indoor/Outdoor Tunnel Tent for Kids

Have some children in your household whom you want to captivate and entertain? We invite you to try this tunnel tent as it is the one that is most useful for the purpose. It comes about with numerous tunnels that make for both indoor and outdoor uses.

best family tunnel tents for kids' indoor and outdoor activities
Best Budget Family Tent for Kids

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Its appearance is also colorful enough. This way, it enhances your rooms and playgrounds with its charming and dazzling colors. As we have alluded to earlier, this tent also serves as a bouncing castle for your child to enjoy itself. This means you may use it purely for the purposes of entertainment.

Consider purchasing it as a gift for your children in memorable moments. For instance, you may issue it out as a reward for a good performance at school. Alternatively, you may also use the tent to spruce up your homes and yards appropriately.

  • Colorful to behold and utilize
  • Partitioned for added privacy
  • Provides an interior spacious capacity
  • Manages many chores at the same time
  • Customizable to the unique nature of the camping sites
  • Requires excessive attention on your part

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Well, for your next camping session, you know where to set your eyes on. Indeed, the tents we have looked into are durable, tough, and well able to handle most of the camping chores you may have in mind. Just read through the explanations we have provided keenly to be able to find the one that is most suited for your use.


How Do I Choose a Good Family Size Tent?

Choosing a good family tent can be rather difficult especially due to the number of options available in the market. You want to make sure that you pick the best tent that suits your entire family’s needs? Below are a few tips to help you choose a good family size tent that best suits your needs.

  • Go for high-quality

High-quality tents are perfect for families since they can protect you from the rain while withstanding strong winds. Notice that most family tents have a 3-season rating meaning that they can endure wind, rain, and heat. However, the 3-season rated tents won’t withstand snow and you need to be aware of that.

  • Bigger is better

When buying a family-size tent, you must buy a bigger sized tent than what is appropriate. A bigger size tent will enable you to comfortably fit in the tent.

  • Extras

You must also look at certain special features that you might require like interior pockets, large screened windows, and storage space.


What Are the Pros and Cons for Instant Family Tents?

Instant tents, better known as pop-up tents, are quite tempting to buyers since it only takes a few seconds to set them up. However, before making a purchase you must understand what are the pros and cons of instant tents.


  • Safer around kids
  • Are great for camping beginners
  • They are ideal for lines and events
  • Set up takes about 10 seconds only
  • Takedown can be done within less than 15 minutes
  • Incredibly practical for backyard and living room camping


  • When packed they can be rather bulky
  • You require more setup during bad weather
  • They are usually heavy despite size so it is a better choice for car campers


What Are the Benefits of the Small Tents?

Although most people prefer purchasing large tents, small tents have recently become popular. Small tents are usually considered as one person tents, 2 man tents and 3-person tents since they are not suitable for large families. You might ask yourself what are the benefits of small tents. Well, below are some of the top benefits of purchasing small tents.

  • Lightweight

Small tents are considerably lighter when compared to the large family-size tents. This makes them easier to carry especially when you plan on hiking to the campsite.

  • Easy to Set up

Small tents can be set up easily within a matter of minutes and with minimal effort. After a long day full of camping activities, it is important that you can set up your tent quickly. This gives you time to unwind and clear your mind.

  • Take up Less Camping Space

Small tents are great because of their size which means that they do not require a large camping space. It is, therefore, easier for an individual to find the perfect camping site almost anywhere.


What Is the Largest Family Size Tent You Can Get?

Camping has become quite popular especially among families because it helps us strengthen our bonds and get closer as a family. Sometimes you may want to share a single tent while camping to ensure that everyone feels included. During these situations, you find yourself asking, ‘what is the largest family size tent you can get on Amazon?’  I will get into details on the largest family size tent available on Amazon.

The Core 12 person tent is the largest family size tent available on Amazon currently. It is a spacious 18 x 10 feet size tent that can fit 3 airbeds that are queen size. It includes protected seams, welded corners, and covered zippers that ensure your family gets extra weather protection. Since it has pre-attached poles, you can set it up in just 60 seconds making it convenient.

best Core instant Pop up Family Tent for 12 Man

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Can I Get a Tent That I Can Stand up in?

Comfort is important when it comes to choosing a tent, especially when you plan on camping for an extended period. Now, most people end up spending more time cooped up in a tent than they do outdoors. This means that the tent needs to be comfortable and should suit your needs. Most people don’t know this, but you can get a tent that you can stand up in.

The tents that you can stand up in are mostly designed to host multiple occupants. This means that they are not easy to handle due to the weight. However, below are the top 3 tents that allow you to stand up while in them presented in this page.

Core Dome 12 Person Tent

Browning Big Horn Camping Family Tent

Coleman Elite Motana 8 Person Family Tent


Can I Really Cram 4 People in a 4 Person Tent?

A 4-person tent is not ideal for 4 people.

Did you know that a single person requires an average of about 25 square feet to be comfortable when sleeping? Now, four people will, therefore, require about 100 square feet of tent floor space to fit comfortably.

Remember that this space required does not consider personal items or gear. 4 person tents have a floor space of about 60 square feet which is just not adequate for 4 people to lay down comfortably. Do buy a 5 man tent if you chasing accommodating 4 people inside a tent!


What Is the Best Tent for Family Camping?

Are you going out for family camping and wondering about the type of tent that you should be going for? What a wonderful concern. There are so many tent brands that you can choose from. If you do not know what you should go for, the market will present to you every type of tents, some of which will not serve your needs.

Therefore, you should know what is right for you. It is good to go for a good brand, but then you should go further than just that. Some features must be part of your choice for a good family camping. Here are some of the features:

  • It should be waterproof
  • Choose your preferred design
  • It should come with a sleeping pad
  • The zips should not be exposed to rain
  • If possible, let it be raised to allow one to stand within
  • It should be an ideal size to accommodate all the members