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The 14 Best Family Tents on Amazon in 2021 – Reviews & Guide

Best Family Tent in 2020


  • 3 rooms
  • Easy set up
  • It is designed for 8 man
  • 17 x 10 feet large floor size
  • Special Coleman waterproof technology
  • The height of 6 feet allows people to stand up and walk around inside the tent

If you to want to camp with your family members, then you require the best family tent. There are a lot of them, which you can choose from today. The question now becomes how are you going to get that best tent?

To deal with that problem, we researched the market for the best family tents you can use for camping in all seasons. These were carefully selected because of their qualities.

Keep reading to find out those best tents with high qualities, which are available in different sizes and for different seasons. And make your choice based on the choosing guides presented in this article.

The 14 Best Tents for Family List

Top 14 Best Family Tent Reviews in 2021


————————————————————— For Small Groups ———————————————————–


#1. Best Cheap Lethmik Tent for Family with Toddler

Best tent for family of 3
Best Family Tent with Kids

Season: 4

Capacity: 2-3

Weight: 8.38 lbs

Material: Polyester

Size: 78.7″ x 78.7″ x 55″

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LETHMIK is a great camping and backpacking tent. It is wonderful because it does not take time to set it. It pops up automatically. This can take two to three family members at a time. The tent is lightweight and it is double layer camping tent. This can be used for different purposes such as hiking, outdoor hunting, as well as climbing and so on.

Easy to setup: This model is simple and very easy to assemble. Furthermore, because of the design, it can offer you maximum comfort. If you want to enjoy a comfortable sleep, you can think of this great model. If you have a small family member, you can consider this model, it is wonderful and user-friendly. The poles are high enough and this means that it can take care of the family member’s needs.

Durably constructed: Most importantly, this is durable and can serve you for a very long time. Furthermore, you can use this in any season. It is one hundred percent waterproofed and this means that it does not leak. Most importantly, this can withstand high pressure.

If you want a product that you can easily transport without difficulties, then you can always think of this wonderful model. Just as it is easy to set up, it is also easy to store away after use.

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#2. Best Night Cat Waterproof Tent for Family of 1/2 Person with Footprint

best pop up family tent
Best Instant Tent for Family Camping


Capacity: 1-4

Material: Oxfort fabric & Fiberglass

Assemble Duration: Within 2 minutes

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This model is perfect for night use. The reason is that it is one hundred waterproofed. The tent is good for one to two persons. It is good for a family of just a husband and the wife. Depending on the size you choose, this can take up to four people at a time.

Quick installation: There are lots of features that make this model wonderful. First is that the tent is fast to setup. In the same way, it is easy to bring down after use. The setup process is automatic and that is because of the hydraulic pressure mechanism. You can set it up in sixty seconds.

Weatherproof quality: Moreover, the tent is protective as it is windproof and rainproof as well. Furthermore, the model is highly stable and it can serve you for a long time. Even if you use it in unfriendly weather, it features everything that will make it stable.

Spacious: Furthermore, it is well designed and double-layered. Most importantly, it can be separated as if it is a pavilion. Different components can be used for different purposes. It is very roomy and you will be very comfortable using this item.

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#3. Best Coleman Sundome 4 Person Family Camping Tent

best coleman family tent
Best Lighteweight Family Tent for 4 Person


Capacity: 4

Floor Size: 9 x 7 feet

Peak Height: 4 feet 11 inches

Assemble Duration: 10 minutes

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Perhaps the best way to enjoy your camping is by using the Coleman Sundome. The dome is for 4 persons and it is simple and very easy to set it up and use. Furthermore, it features a Weathertec system and this ensures that it dries very fast when it rains. This means that you do not have anything to lose when it rains.

Very spacious: Furthermore, the dome has plenty of spaces in the interior. Moreover, it is very comfortable to use. Most importantly, this comes with large windows as well as a ground vent. It comes with a rainfly as well as a rain protection device. Your family is happy using the product.

Easy setup and lightweight: To set the model up does not take more than ten minutes to be complete. This is good because it makes for perfect ventilation. Another important feature of this product is that it is lightweight. You would be very happy using it.

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#4. Best Core Tent for Family of 6 with Awning

best tent for family of 6
Best Core Family Cabin Tent

Season: 4

Capacity: 6

Setup: Instant

Weight: 24.5 lbs

Peak Height: 72 inches

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CORE is a great name when it comes to quality tents. The company also produces the best family tents. This model can accommodate six people at a time. This means that it is the best for family members.

Enough space: This can accommodate two queen mattresses at a time. Moreover, to ensure that it accommodates tall people the center height is about 72 inches. This is good for tall people.

Superior quality: To make it enjoyable, it is designed with CORE H20 block technology. Furthermore, the product is adjustable. The door is also designed in T shape. Most importantly, it comes with a gear loft as well as a lantern hook. It comes with a large wall organizer and that is to ensure that it is well organized within the tent.

Sun ray’s protection: It comes with a rain fly. The model is a perfect choice. It also comes with everything that you want. Your complete satisfaction is all you get when you order this family tent.

It is good for any family and you can have real value for your money.

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#5. Best Coleman Dome Family Tent with Screen Room

best family dome tent for family of 6
Best Coleman Family Dome Tent with Screen Room


Season: 4

Capacity: 6

Setup: 7 munites

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Coleman Steel Creek Fastpitch dome tent is great for an outdoor celebration. The model is for six people. It is spacious enough and it comes with a separate screen room. The rooms are large enough and provide enough space, which makes you comfortable when you use it.

Storage pockets: If you have anything to keep separate such as gears, you can store them here. Furthermore, it keeps away debris, bugs as well as nuisances. This comes with a full floor. If you have a large family member you should know that the screen room can serve as a sleeping space. You are sure of getting a warm evening.

Instant installation: When it comes to using it, you discover that it is not difficult to set up this one. It comes with a free instant clip suspension. This makes it easier for you to set it up. Compared to other models from the same company, you discover that it is not difficult to set it up. It is fifty percent faster to complete than similar other models from the same brand.

Portable and lightweight: You can take it anywhere you want with ease. The model is lightweight.

If you want the best for your family members then you can always consider this wonderful model.

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#6. Best Browning Camping 2 Room Family Tent

best 2 room tents family camping
Best Tent for Family of 5

Season: 3

Capacity: 5

Base Size: 10 x 15 feet

Center Height: 87 inches

Total Weight: 34 lbs. 11 oz.

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Browning has introduced various kinds of tents to the market. One of the best series in the market is the bighorn. In short, you can think that you are home away from home. It is designed with the finest quality fiberglass poles as well as steel uprights. This makes it possible to form a horn with the product.

Sturdy construction: It comes with the most fantastic features you want such as a free-standing cabin tent. This is durable such that it can withstand the most difficult elements in the wilderness. There is no need to crawl or kneel when you move into your tent, then you have to start using this product.

Spacious: Furthermore, it features an extra-tall ceiling, as well as a straight sidewall. This is important because it makes for more rooms for cots and so on. It is spacious enough such that it can accommodate any other thing that you want such as your side table.

Enough ventilation and weather protection: Besides, this comes with large windows and doorways. This is good because it makes for ventilation and access to your tent. It comes with a factory sealed fly as well as floor seams. You are certain of optimal weather protection.

The two large entry doors and six windows make the product outstanding. Extra strength is one of the features that make it great.

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#7. Best Romantic Tunnel Air Tent for Family Backyard

best inflatable bubble tent
Best Family Air Tent for Backyard


Season: 4

Capacity: 2

Size: 3m in dia & 2m channel

Water Resistance: 3000 mm and more

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If you want the best for your family this season, you can consider this model. The product features an air column and this can make the tent to be very durable and stable.

Better ventilation method: It offers the most effective ventilation system. This is easy to deflate and inflate as well. The model is also easy to install and to remove after use. It is also environmentally friendly and waterproofed. It is easy to clean after use.

Portable: The model is also easy and simple to carry, foldable and user-friendly.

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————————————————————— For Large Family ———————————————————–


#8. Best Core Family Cabin Tent for 9 Person

best instant family tent for 9
Best Instant Pop up 9 Person Family Tent


Rooms: 2

Capacity: 9

Floor Size: 14 x 9 feet

Peak Height: 78 inches

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It is meant for family use. Because of the size, it can accommodate nine persons at a time. If you have a lot of luggage, then you use it with fewer people.

Comfortable: You will be comfortable using the product because of the advanced venting system. It lets enough air into the system and that makes you happy to use the product. Furthermore, hot air will escape through the ceiling.

Rainfly: Also, it comes with a removable rainfly. The importance of this is that you are one hundred percent protected from the rain. It is extra wide and comes with a thick to protect you from dangerous weather.

Quick setup: It is not difficult to set up as you can do that in just sixty seconds. The model is spacious enough such that it accommodates nine people at a time. Because of the design, this can accommodate two queen air mattresses. The center height is 78 and this makes it good for tall people.

Enough ventilation: It comes with CORE H2O block technology. The benefit of this is that you can adjust the venting system.

Furthermore, there is a room divider, as well as wall storage pockets. These ensure that items are put in a place.

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#9. Best Wenzel Camping Tent for Large Family of 8

wenzel 8 person family tent
Wenzel 8 Person Lightweight Family Tent with Screen Room


Capacity: 8

Weight: 26.38 lbs

Peak Height: 6.5 feet

Floor Size: 16 x 11 feet

Floor Area: 98 square feet

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Wenzel 8 people tent is a high-quality model out there. Moreover, it comes with a convertible screen room and the design is T style door. It also comes with an inside flap windows which are zippered. Most importantly, this comes with a removable seam-sealed fly. You are one are hundred percent protected.

Quality ventilation: Most importantly it features a mesh roof vent. It also makes for enough air to the system. Also, it features double zippered side windows. The fiberglass roof frame and steel upright construction mean that this model is going to last for a very long time.

Quick installation: When it comes to set up, this model is not difficult to set up as you can do that within the shortest possible time.

It is also durable and this can serve your purpose for a very long time. It is perfect for a family and you will be very comfortable using this.

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#10. Best Tahoe Gear 3 Season Family Cabin Tent for 16 Man

best 3 season large family tent
Best Large Family Tent for 3 Season


Season: 3

Capacity: 16

Peak Height: 7 feet

Floor Size: 15 x 16 feet

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When it comes to quality, this is one of the best. Because of the durable construction, this model is going to serve you for a very long time. At least you can use this for three seasons.

Very spacious & Quick Setup: If you want to travel with a large family member, this is ideal because it can accommodate 16 people at a time. Another interesting thing about the model is that it is not difficult to setup. You can accomplish that within the next few hours.

Besides, it is designed with water-resistant fabric material. It is one of the best in the market.

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#11. Best Ozark Trail 16 x 16 Feet Instant Cabin Tent with 3 Rooms

ozark trail instant cabin 12 man tent
Best Ozark Trail 12 Man Instant Cabin Tent


Rooms: 3

Capacity: 12

Floor Size: 16 x 16 feet

Peak Height: 6 feet 20 inches

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This is one of the best tents in the world. It can accommodate 12 persons at a time and it can accommodate three rooms. The model does not take time to install, because it does not require any form of assembly.

Large windows and ventilation: It also comes with large windows on its sides and it can stand up very well especially at the center. Besides, it can accommodate three queen mattresses at once.

Pockets and storage facilities: There are two internal room dividers. Because of that, it is easy to create different sleeping spaces. Moreover, there is the rainfly as well as a carry bag and these are parts of the items you get when you order this product.

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#12. Best NTK Waterproof Family Tent for 9/10

best tall tent for 10 man
Best 10 Man Waterproof Tents Family Camping

Season: 3

Capazity: 9-10

Tent Weight: 12 kg

Peak Height: 6.7 feet

Floor Size: 17.4 x 8 feet

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When it comes to quality, NTK is a great product. It is a waterproofed family tent. The model is relatively new as it can take up to nine to ten people at a time including kids and adults. It has two doors, two rooms as well as 3 windows tents.

Quick installation: It is not difficult to assemble the tent. It has a color-coded pole and these are 6.2 feet height. This is wonderful because it makes you comfortable.

Rainfly: Most importantly, you are protected from the rain because of full rainfly coverage. Also, it is laminated with 190T polyester polyurethane 2500. It also protected from UV rays. This also has a large D style door as well as a mosquito mesh.

Quality design: The frame is also designed with the highest quality Nano Flex shock and corded fiberglass rods materials. It is not difficult to set up the product. It has a mosquito mesh as well as floor design ground.

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#13. Best Coleman Family Car Camping Tent for 8 Man

best rated coleman family tents
Best Rated Family Camping Tents


Rooms: 3

Capacity: 8

Peak Height: 6 feet

Floor Size: 17 x 10 feet

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This one is meant to accommodate eight campers at a time. It means that you can use this as a family tent. This model is spacious enough and the center is also high enough to accommodate tall persons.

Your privacy guaranteed: It also comes with room dividers and with this, it is easy to create three rooms. This means privacy and comfort are guaranteed.

Good ventilation: Also, it features a Weathertec system. The aim is to keep you dry when your body is wet. You can use it in the wet season as well as the dry season. It is not difficult to set up this tent.

Quick setup: To set this up, you must follow the instructions provided. You can easily adjust this because of the cool airport as well as the Variflo adjustable venting method. You can store your important items in the tent.

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#14. Best Americ Empire 3 Room Family Tent

12 man 3 bedroom tent
Best 12 Man 3 Bedroom Tent

Capacity: 12 -14

Center Height: 7 feet

Floor Size: 21 x 10 feet

Materials: Polyester & steel

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Americ has also introduced other great products to the market, and this is one of the best. It can accommodate 12 to 14 persons at a time and this means that it is large enough for a family. The camping rooms are large enough and it can take six queen beds at a time. Furthermore, this is waterproofed. It is designed with the finest quality steel poles.

More spacious than others: This is one of the newest as it was upgraded a few months ago. It comes with several rooms and it is one hundred percent waterproof. It is also durable and it can serve you for many years. Thus, you have justification for every money you spend on this item.

Easy setup: It is not difficult to set it up and you can do that within 15 minutes. This is an American product, and it is made with one hundred percent virgin materials. The tent is huge enough and it can accommodate more people at a time.

Portable and lightweight: Besides, this model is lightweight. Furthermore, it features huge spaces and this is enough to accommodate many people at a time. It is also waterproofed. It is three rooms and your privacy is one hundred percent guaranteed.

Durable and waterproof: It is also very durable and it is waterproofed. The advanced waterproofed system ensures that water does not get to the system.

This model is also breathable and this means that you are going to be convenient using the tent. This is going to last you for a very long time.

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What to Look for in the Best Family Tent?

Family tents all have special features, a better class of construction materials and they are designed to last. Plus, they are lighter than the good old days when heavy tents were seen as the best protection available when you are in the great outdoors. Here are some guidelines to help you find the best tent for you and your family.

#1. Size

Size matters. When manufacturers say that a tent may sleep 3 people or 5 people at one time, they are not including all of your personal backpacks and other gear. They simply mean 3-5 people can sleep inside without the extra baggage.

If you are a family of 4, you should be looking for a family sized tent that will sleep 6 people. The extra 2 sleeping spots should give you the space you need to put your gear inside with you.

Always go 2 more people than your family size to get the right fit for you and your family. There will always be exceptions to this rule, but it is a good place to start.

#2. Poles

Fiberglass poles are usually the best to use. That is because they are flexible and bend when you need them to bend. Also, they are easy to use and fit together quicker than other tent poles.

The pop-up tents come with pre-assembled poles also work well with their easy to use locking mechanisms. They may come under different names and not all tents may have them. So keep a sharp eye out for these poles as they will cut your set up and take down time immensely.

Check the Best Instant Pop up Family Tent with Pre-assembled Poles

ozark trail instant cabin 12 man tent

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#3. Shape

There is no real layout standard for camping tents. The best come in all shapes and sizes and have different layouts because people’s needs are different. One feature that helps sell top family tents is the ability of the user to be able to stand up inside without hitting their heads on the ceiling.

Here is the Best Tall Family Tent that You Can Stand up in

best 2 room tents family camping

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Few people enjoy walking bent over inside their tent. That is why a tall cabin tent is a top feature to look for when looking for a good family tent. Other than, your layout may depend on how many people are in your family, who likes to sleep next to who and other family matters.

Having a back door and separate rooms may be two features that will work well for you. One other feature you should be looking for in your family tent layout is ventilation. You want to make sure you get good airflow throughout the night.

This section always boils down to what will fit you and your family.

#4. Rainfly

When you go camping, you never know when the weather will change on you and your sunny hot days are replaced by rain. To prepare for this eventuality, you need a full coverage rainfly that is actually waterproof.

Nothing spoils a camping trip like a little rain, wet clothes or sleeping bag. Don’t settle for less than full coverage even if it saves you a little money. You will be sorry in the long run. Nylon is always good material for rain flies.

It is strong, durable and helps keep the rain out no matter how long it rains on your camping trip. It should be quick-drying as well. Make sure you attach the rain fly properly or it may blow away in the wind as you sleep.

Also, put it up at the start of your camping trip and leave it up. You may not get time before the rain starts to get it up in time.

Access to the Best Family Tent for Rain and Wind

best tall tent for 10 man

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#5. Material

Tents are vulnerable to many destructive forces. Rain, heat, wind as well as little insects that to gnaw on tent materials. All of these elements make finding the right tent material all the more important.

To find the protection you want and need, you need to find those family tents that have a higher denier rated material. These higher rated denier fabrics are more rugged, they are tougher, and they last a long time.

Also, having the seams covered in seam tape reinforces those seams and helps keep the water out. Then you want a flooring material that is also made from higher denier material. This material handles the weight of each person, their footsteps and your gear.

Your floor needs to have strong material because it takes the most punishment of all the sides and ceiling put together.

#6. Vestibules

Normally these are sold separately and only attach to your tent. But there are family tents out there that come with their own vestibules. If you do not know what a vestibule is, it is the covered area just outside your front tent door where you take your dirty shoes off and leave them there.

The vestibule is also where you can leave other packs and equipment not needed inside the tent. These little extra rooms can come with windows and doors and they zip up to help keep the bugs out.

Some vestibules are open and only protect items from the rain. The closed kind are the best, but you may need to pay more to get that feature included。

Here is the Best Family Tent with An Excellent Screen Room

wenzel 8 person family tent

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#7. Waterproof

No matter what, you do not want water-resistant protection. Water-resistant materials only stop so much rain and water from entering your tent. Once that threshold is reached, water will begin to enter your tent.

Polyethylene is usually a very good waterproof material. Make sure you get something similar and that the material will keep all the water out throughout the night. Canvas soaks up a lot of water but if it doesn’t dry properly, it will smell and stay damp causing mold or mildew to grow.

Read the labels carefully so you do not get fooled and buy a water-resistant tent.

Access to the Best Waterproof Family Tent

best 2 room family tent

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#8. Ventilation

The better the ventilation the better your camping trip. Not because you can breathe cool fresh natural outdoor air all night but because you want the tent to stay aired out all the time.

Large windows are okay but make sure they have good covers for privacy. Also, good tents come with built-in air vents to make sure the airflow remains high and your tent interior stays cool and full of fresh air.

Having a back door and a front lets you increase the ventilation when the days get really hot and the nights do not cool down very fast. Double check to make sure all the vents have screens. These keep the bugs out.

The covers over the vents let you stay in control of how well your tent is ventilated.

Buy the Best Well-ventilated Family Tent with 6 Windows

best 2 room tents family camping

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FAQs for Best Family Tents

Has something to ask? Keep reading!

#1. What Is the Best Tent for Family Camping?

The best camping tent will have enough room for every member of the family to sleep and move comfortably while they are inside. They will have more than enough headroom, great ventilation and have the necessary waterproof materials and rainfly.

In addition to that, it will have a good vestibule where you can keep your wet and muddy shoes or gear. On top of all that, the best family tent will be made of high dernier material making it tough, sturdy and very long-lasting.

Check the Best Family Tent for Camping

best family dome tent for family of 6

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#2. Can I Cram the Max Number of People into My Tent?

It is possible but the real answer to this question is no. While it is a great way to save money by sticking 6 people in one 6-person tent, it may not work out literally as there is no room for movement of any kind.

Also, you need to consider how everyone is going to sleep. Will there be air mattresses, cots or thick sleeping bags inside. All of these accessories take up extra space. So while it is possible to cram 6 people in a 6 man tent, it is not the smart thing to do.

If you have 6 people then buy two 4-5 person tents to make sure everyone remains comfortable and can get a good night’s sleep.

#3. Can I Purchase a Family Tent without Condensation?

You may think that a double-walled tent will stop condensation from taking place. That is a little unrealistic as condensation is a natural process that takes place in every tent. It doesn’t matter what materials are used to create a tent, condensation, given the right conditions will arrive in your tent at some point.

You can reduce condensation from taking place by keeping your tent well ventilated, remove wet clothes from inside the tent, and do not set your tent up in low areas of the area.

Access to the Best Lightweight Double Layer Family Tent

best 3 man pop up tent

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Final Words

Finding the right family tent for your next camping trip isn’t really that difficult. Not if you know what you are looking for when you go shopping. Tents are not like they were when your parents or grandparents went camping.

Check the above buying guides and you will be in a position to know which family tent is the best for you!