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The 7 Best Hammock Tents in 2020 – Reviews

Trees and nature provide some solace and relaxation in ways which other environments can only dream of. No other camping gear enables you to achieve this awesome end than the best hammock tent. These tents are small, light and compact that fit snugly on the trees and other suspensions. In doing so, they suspend you above the ground and let you enjoy some unparalleled relaxation.

Finding the best hammock tent is undoubtedly the most significant step towards leveraging the advantages that these items potentially bring along. We have seen it necessary to prepare this buying guide for your own help and support.

The 7 Best Hammock Hanging Tree Tents

Reviews of the 7 Top Rated Hammock Tent on Amazon

#1. Best Sunyear Cheap Double Hammock Tent Made of Durable Nylon

Camping in mosquito-infested areas comes with some untold risks. To be on the safe side of issues, you have to choose a tent that offers appropriate protection from the said insects. This Sunyear Single & Double Camping Hammock comes along with a net. So powerful is the net that it keeps off bugs and mosquitoes.

single or double hammock tent
Best Single/Double Hammock Tent for 600 lbs



Material: Nylon

Support Weight: 600 lbs

Size: 55″ x 106″/ 78″ x 118″

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When fully stretched, the tent reaches 10 feet long. Moreover, it comes along with its own carabiners and straps which you use to set it up. What’s more? It is safe enough for the ground sleepers! You cannot afford to lay your hands on any other tent than this one.

  • Sets up faster and easily
  • All installation tools are included
  • Protects from bugs and mosquitoes
  • Made of parachute quality Nylon materials
  • Light enough to carry around with absolute ease
  • Difficult to wash
  • Comes at too great a cost

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#2. Best Lawson Camping Hammock Tent

Looking for a tent for use in rainy conditions? This Lawson Hammock Blue Ridge Camping Hammock and Tent is the one we ask that you place your bet on.

best easy setup hammcok tent
Best Camping Hammock Tent with Easy Setup


Size: 90″ x 42″

Weight: 4.25 lbs

Support Weight: 275 lbs

Material: Ripstop nylon & polyester

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It does come along with a rainfly that acts to shield you from excess precipitation. It also incorporates a net that protects against mosquitoes and bugs.

Thanks to its patented design, this item doubles up like a tent and a hammock at the same time. You may hence alternate it back and forth to enjoy these two benefits at a time. Its interior is so comfortable that it will let you enjoy your time indoors without getting overly exhausted.

  • Extremely waterproof
  • Yields higher value for money
  • Highly versatile and usable for many ends
  • Accepts many other parts and components
  • Truly comfortable and reliable in the long run
  • Takes up plenty of storage and mounting space

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#3. Best Hennessy Backpacking Hammock Tent

Could it be that comfort is all you want in a good tent? Choose this Hennessy hammock tent- Expedition Series.

best one man hammock tent
Best 1 Person Hammock Tent for Backpacking


Weight: 2 lbs. 12 oz.

Pack Size: 4″ x 7″ x 9″

Support Weight: 250 lbs

Material: Nylon, polyester & polyurethane

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Indeed, the tent is wholly made for your own comfort and enjoyment in mind. Then, it also folds nicely to fit your backpacks. In doing so, it allows for easy transportation to a desired site of use.

To give off the comfort, the tent comes in an asymmetrical shape. When you lie on it, the tent gives you the same degree of comfort you would gain in a normal bed. Lastly, the tent itself comes in some awesome design which lasts longer on average.

  • Excellent customer care back up
  • Made of strong and enduring fabrics
  • Takes on many camping needs and purposes
  • Properly ventilated for maximum breathability
  • Comprises a mesh which filters out insects and mosquitoes
  • Unsuitable for treacherous terrains

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#4. Best Tensile Stingray 3 Person Hammock Tree Tent

Planning to go out camping in a company of three persons? The tent you choose has to be large and spacious enough for those three people. No other tent gives you that degree of reliability than this Tentsile Stingray 3 man tree hammock tent. Its spacious interior is not its only benefit.

tensile stingray 3 man hammock tree tent
Best Giant Hammock Tent


Capacity: 3

Material: Polyester

Support Weight: 400 kg

Dimension: 180″ x 180″ x 48″

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This tent sets up and retracts faster than many other alternatives. Moreover, it also fits diverse kinds of environments like the rushing rivers, tropical rainforests, and the beaches. Being strong and reliable, this tent will give you the use you want year-round without undue hassles or failures.

  • Mounts in many places
  • Great for those who love nature
  • Possesses powerful ratchet-size straps
  • Comprises heavy-duty industrial webbing
  • Guards against the harmful ultraviolet radiation
  • Cannot accept any attachments or accessories

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#5. Best Tensile 2 Person Hammock Tent

If you plan to go for a camp in a group of twos, this Tentsile Flite 2 man suspended tree tent is the one we would recommend.

best two person hammock tent
Best Hammock Tent for Two


Weight: 7 pounds

Material: Polyester

Support Weight: 485 lbs

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It is spacious enough for only two people and is also light enough to carry around with absolute simplicity. This is by virtue of weighing only 7 pounds.

To add to these, the tent pitches in many places like the uneven terrains, hard rocks, and wet grounds. It comes along with some six-meter long powerful webbing straps and industrial-grade ratchet. These allow you to mount it in whichever location you might desire to.

  • Fits taller campers well
  • Saves and protects your forests
  • Awesome 485-pound weight capacity
  • Guards against the infiltrations of water
  • Firm enough to withstand the heaviest storms
  • Too bulky to carry and store

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#6. Best HongXingHai Waterproof Hammock Tent

For your own convenience, you want a tent which is both resistant to water and mosquitoes, while camping out in the rain. This HongXingHai 3 in 1 hammock tent with mosquito net and rain fly, as its name implies, is more likely to deliver to you those two ends.

best waterproof hammock tent
Best Hammock Tent for Rain

Weight: 3.5 lbs

Material: Polyester

Size: 106 x 55 inches

Support Weight: 440 lbs+

Pack Size: 15.7″ x 5.5″ x 4.7″

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It is meant for outdoor environments, is lighter in weight, and good for all matters of outdoor camping. The tent draws these traits from a waterproof hammock cover which blocks all precipitation from entering. Then, it also ensures smooth circulation of air in the interior segments to keep you alive and healthy.

  • Easier to wash and keep clean
  • Sets up and deploys faster and easily
  • Serves many tasks and purposes at a time
  • Handles the massive 440 pounds of weight conveniently
  • Comes along with a net for shielding you against mosquitoes and bugs
  • Its interior is too dark

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#7. Best WintMing Hammock Tent with Rainfly

Are you a camping enthusiast who spends much of his time outdoors? The tent you use definitely has to be multipurpose. We ask that you attempt this WintMing camping hammock tent with mosquito net and rainfly cover out. It has the potential to serve as a sleeping bed, hammock, tent, or pad.

hammock tent with rainfly
Best 4 Season Hammock Tent with Bug Net and Rainfly


Weight: 3.5 lbs

Size: 106 x 55 inches

Support Weight: 440 lbs

Pack Size: 15.7″ x 5.5″x 4.7″

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Moreover, it is also applicable both indoors and outdoors. The tent further folds to allow for easier transportation and deployment whenever the circumstances may so call for. You are hence assured of smooth and easy use whenever you have to make do with it. Why not incorporate it in your armory?

  • Folds for easy storage
  • Serves many purposes
  • Does not tear away easily
  • Simpler to wash and keep clean
  • Brings about higher value for money
  • Sustains dirt and soiling

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Why Get a Hammock Tent?

A hammock tent is particularly great in camping areas that are woody and cramped up. They do have the tendency to save greatly on space while at the same time give off more or less similar levels of comfort. Moreover, the hammock tent is cheaper than the conventional tents on the market.

The Benefits of the Hammock Tents Compared with the Normal Hammocks

  • Compact Size

Compared to the normal hammocks, the hammock tents are compact in size. They are subsequently easier to carry around not to mention demanding limited effort on your part to set up and deploy for eventual use.

  • Awesome Portability

Dues to their lighter and more compact natures, the hammock tents are more portable. You will subsequently find them easier to carry around. Also, they demand limited effort on your part which cuts down on your muscle power as well.

  • Convenience of Use

All factors considered, the hammock tents are more convenient to make do with. They are simpler to engage and also take up limited time to set up. This means you will expend less effort to have your way in them.

Key Considerations on Looking for a Best Hammock Tent

#1. Price

These tents do cost a lot of money, and understandably so. Indeed, so costly are they that coming across one that fits you might not always be a walk in the park. We thus ask that you prioritize the prices in your search for the best kind of tent for your use.

A good tent, needless to say, has to be cheap and well within your affordable range. This is a decision you may only make if you compare the prices and offers of the many dealers around. Complement this by determining a budget and choosing one that lies within that budget space.

#2. Size

Next comes the size of the tents. A good tent definitely has to be large enough to fit your own body size. A smaller or larger is not recommended as this might lead to unnecessary discomforts that arise due to incompatibilities. To find the right size of a hammock, you will have to care for several factors.

  • First should be your weight and your height. The hammock tent you choose has to be large enough to accommodate your whole height well.
  • Then, you also have to consider the space within the trees wherein you intend to fit the tents.

#3. Weight

Tents, by their nature, are designed for remote use and applications like camping and backpacking. It is only rational hence to find one that is light enough to carry around with relative ease. This can only happen if it is made of materials that are equally light enough. Polyester and nylon tents are top examples of these.

Check the weight rating of the tent of your interest as a way forward. Also worth considering is whether the tent collapses or not. A good tent should be of necessity collapse to allow for easier packing, transportation, and deployment if and when the need to do arises.

Check the Best Ultralight Hammock Tent

best one man hammock tent

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#4. Capacity

Tents also come in varying capacities. These include such aspects as the interior space, load-bearing capacity, and sheer sizes, among others. It is yet again in your best interest to find a tent whose capacity matches that of your own expectations. Other than the carrying capacity, you have to mind about the storage too!

A good tent has to possess a larger vestibule which is to serve as an extra storage space. This is to make it possible for you to carry all your gears conveniently. It also spares you from the need to clutter your workspace unnecessarily.

#5. Material Construction

The materials that make the tent up also comes in handy. Needless to say, the materials have to be highly breathable, strong, and resilient to the common agents of wear and tear. Further to these, the materials also have to be easier to clean and maintain if and when the need to do arises.

Some of the best kinds of materials to look up to are polyester, cotton, canvas, and nylon. They have been noted to do a good job and maintain some resilience in the long run. You are hence more likely to have a good time with them in your tent.

Buy the Best Cheap Durable Nylon-made Hammock Tent

single or double hammock tent

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#6. Strength

It goes without saying that the tent you choose has to be strong and resilient. Indeed, the tents do loosen and weaken when you sleep on them repeatedly. Given the other harsh external weather elements like rain, strong winds, and excess precipitation, you do not want to take chances.

Among the parts and components to lay special emphasis on are the seams, joints, and the footprint regions. It is these areas that are often on the receiving end when the tent is in use. Be sure that these portions are properly reinforced and strengthened to be able to bear much weight.

#7. Protection

The typical outdoor area is prone to all kinds of damages and inconveniences. These range from harsh rains, strong winds, excess precipitation, and too much cold. A good tent hence has to be in the position to protect you adequately from all these and many harsher external weather elements.

To be able to assure this, the tent of choice has to possess a rainfly, strong reinforcements, thick material construction, and a host of other protective devices and parameters. Also significant is the need for the tent to contain a screen porch to shield you against mosquito infestation.

#8. Rainfly

Generally speaking, a good tent has to be extremely waterproof. This is to ward off the infiltration of water and excess ambient moisture from seeping into the interior of the tents. Unfortunately, not every tent is waterproof. Quite a number are also too weak to prevent the inflow of water.

If yours happens to be this kind of tent, you have the option of fitting a rainfly therein. This is some kind of reinforcement that basically creates a barrier that prevents excess water from getting into your tent. When fitted on your tent, the rainfly creates a warm and dry interior which is also habitable.

Here is the Best Hammock Tent with Rainfly

best easy setup hammcok tent

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#9. Insulation

When camping in the extremely cold locations, you want to further protect yourself from extreme colds that arise. Indeed, these colds do give rise to frostbites, hypothermia, numbness, and organ failures if not mitigated in time. You hence have to find a tent which is properly insulated from extreme colds.

If you cannot find one like that, you have to be sure also that the tent of your interest accepts insulation accessories. Among these are a cushion, padding, and strong materials, to name but a few! You are strongly advised to look for that tent which is designed for winter.

#10. Ease of Access

Before you can use your tent, you have to set it up. Different tents require different installation and setup procedures. It is yet again important that you pick that which is simple and convenient for you to make do with. To do this, you will first and foremost have to ascertain your own expertise.

Then, move on to look at the various tents which are on display by the various manufacturers. This way, you will get to narrow to that which is well within your range of comprehension. Feel free to seek more information and guidance as a possible way forward.

#11. Suspension System

Hammock tents are not like your ordinary tents. They are not pitched like the rest are. Instead, they are suspended on a tree or other strong objects. You hence have to check out the suspension systems of the tents which you are interested in leveraging.

Definitely, a good tent on the basis of this consideration has to possess an excellent suspension system. The system needs not only to be strong but also easier to deploy for eventual use. Then, you also have to figure out the entire lengths and breadth of the system to see whether it fits your available space.

Which Is Better for Hiking, Normal Tents or Hammock Tents?

Recently there has been a heated debate among hiking lovers as to whether tents or hammocks are the best for hiking. It is quite difficult to say for sure which is better for hiking since people have different preferences. However, I believe that hammocks are better for hiking and here is why.

Why Hammocks Are Better for Hiking?

Although learning to spend an entire night in a hammock takes time, the benefits are tremendous once you master the little skills and tricks. Most people who start using hammocks instead of tents never go back because of the following reasons.

  • Price, Weight, and Size

Hammocks cost significantly less than tents, they weigh below 2 lbs., and their size is small enough to carry in the palm of your hand.

  • Easier to Find Campsites

Finding a good campsite for a tent can be rather challenging when compared to finding a good campsite for a hammock. When it comes to hammocks you just need to find strong durable trees.

FAQs of Suspended Hammock Tree Tents

#1. What Is A Suspended Tent?

The hanging tent is a tent that is not pitched on the ground. Instead, it is tied on some two trees or posts and hang from the ground. The tent sways back and forth to create some smooth swings which are pretty interesting to sleep on. It is a good way to relax from a strict schedule or time-frame.

#2. Is It Right to Choose a Hammock Tent with Adjustable Suspension Straps?

YES, it is! This kind of tent will give you the freedom to set the heights and comfort levels of your convenience. It will also go a long way in preventing you from being too cramped up, suffocated, or squeezed as the ordinary hammock tents do.

#3. Are Hammock Tents Comfortable? Is it Better to Sleep in a Hammock Tent?

YES, they are! Unlike their ordinary counterparts, these kinds of tents are very relaxing, more comfortable, and sways back and forth. They are great to sleep in and will not tire you unnecessarily as the other tents ordinarily do.

#4. Are Hammock Tents Good for Camping?

YES, they are! If you plan to camp in a woody area, the hammock tents are by all the means the ones to go for. They will fit the tight and squeezed spaces with relative ease. This stems from their compact sizes and their demands for limited spaces.

#5. Does Sleeping in a Hammock Tent Hurt Your Back?

NOT at all! On the contrary, they offer firm support to your back in ways that the ordinary tents and mattresses cannot get to or match. This being the case, you are strongly advised to prioritize these kinds of tents as opposed to the ordinary variants.

#6. What Should You Not Wear While Camping?

Never wear conspicuous attire like bright yellow vests. Wild animals and other potential predators might easily take notice of you and destroy you. Also, stay away from too-tight shoes as they will not give your feet room to expand when it is too hot.

#7. Can I Camp with A Hammock Tent in Winter?

YES, but, there is a catch! You have to insulate it thoroughly against the harsh effects of excess cold. It is only in this way, that you will be able to stay away from the extreme colds and other risks that ordinarily come along with exposure to harsh external weather elements.

#8. Is It Possible to Put a Sleeping Pad onto the Hammock Tent?

YES, it is! As a matter of fact, you are strongly advised to go for it. The sleeping pad will provide your back and body with sufficient strength and support. In this way, you will be able to relax and unwind without any undue stress and fatigue.

Wrapping Up

Our guide to the best hammock tents comes to an end there. Having done our part, we now pass the buck to you to implement the insight.

Start with the tents we have listed and reviewed above as the starting point. In case you find the list irrelevant or unsatisfactory, use the buying guide to find the most suitable one for you.