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The 9 Best Tunnel Tents for Outdoor and Indoor Activities

Camping is familiar to most of us in its basic form, from miniature stoves and unavoidable compost loos to early morning wake-up calls and muddy willies.

  • Camping can help you overcome any stress you may be going through in your daily life or at work.
  • Camping also does wonders for your health.
  • Taking a trip into the wilds, even if it’s just for the weekend, can be a powerful mood booster.

Since camping is enjoyable, we see no reasons why shopping for the best tunnel tents should be any different.

The sheer amount of statistics and tent options can prove to be overwhelming when selecting a tent suited for your needs. We have conducted some extensive research to bring you the best tents currently on the market.

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Top 9 Best Tunnel Tents Reviews on the Market in 2021


Outdoor Tunnel Tents By Person


#1. Best Cheap Night Cat Dome Tunnel Tent with Double Layer

cheap 4 man tunnel tent
Best Night Cat Waterproof Tunnel Tent


Capacity: 1/2/3/4

Weight: 4.5 kg

Waterproof: 3000 mm

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This tent sports a 210D durable oxford fabric construction adequately treated with a waterproof spray of up to 3,000mm rating. The fabric makes this tent able to stay dry for a whole day in moderate rain without getting any unusual smell inside the tent. This tent is also designed for multi-purpose use with a rain fly that can easily separate as a shelter or pavilion for other applications such as beaching, picnic or fishing.


This tent is very well designed with two mesh doors and windows on either side, which provide the shelter with proper ventilation. The sides mesh doors and windows also keep bugs outside your tent.

Fiberglass Pole

The tent comes complete with sturdy connected glass fiber poles that provide stability to the canvas in strong winds. The durable glass fiber poles also allow for easy set up of the tent. This camping tent features a double layer door on either side for ease of access.

Ease of Setup

It features an advanced spring mechanism which makes it set-up automatically in an instant. That technology also makes taking down the tent a breeze.

This tent is very roomy and is designed to perfectly fit a king-size mattress or up to three sleeping bags. The Night Cat tent is suitable for family camping.

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#2. Best Eureka One Person Tunnel Tent for Backpacking

eureka 1 man tunnel tent
Best Eureka 3 Season 1 Man Tunnel Tent for Backpacking


Season: 3

Capacity: 1

Peak Height: 2’4″

Floor Area: 21.5 square feet

Weight: 2 pounds 10 ounces

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It is a non-freestanding hoop style tent that features a sturdy two-pole 6.3mm glass fiber frame which provides stability and easy post-and-grommet assembly. This tent is designed with a zippered top entry for easy exit and entry.


The tent’s rainfly and floor are constructed with 75D polyester with 1200mm fabric coating, which makes the tent resistant to snow and rain. The 50D no-see-um mesh on the wall construction ensures maximum ventilation in the tent. The large mesh roof is also great for stargazing during summer camps.


This tent comes complete with gear storing features which include a flashlight loop and two storage pockets. It also features a small vestibule that can be used to organize larger gear like wet boots or backpacks.

This two-hoop bivy-style tent is suitable for one person. The nylon pole sleeve construction allows for easy set-up. When purchased, this tent’s packaging comes complete with poles, stakes, guylines, and tent body and fly. Considering its features and capabilities, the Solitaire tent price of around 90 dollars is worth it.

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#3. Best Vango 2 Man Tunnel Tent for Trekking

lightweight 2 man tunnel tent
Best Lightweight Waterproof 2 Person Tunnel Tent


Capacity: 2

Weight: 4.61 pounds

Pack Size: 17.71″ x 5.51″

Waterproof: 5000 mm

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This tent features pre-angled alloy poles which are made with precision and strength and are durable and lightweight. The sturdy alloy poles are designed to be corrosive resistant and provide the tent with stability and flexibility. The pre-angled bend on the alloy poles gives you additional space when inside the tent. The alloy poles are color-coded for intuitive pitching.

Lightweight & Fastpitch

The tent style is designed to provide the highest space to weight ratio. The quick and straightforward pitching design enables you to use the tent in warm climates without the flysheet.


This tent is fitted with Protex 70D 5,000mm HH Polyester Flysheet and polyester groundsheet. Both the Protex Flysheet and polyester groundsheet are exclusive to Vango tents and are highly durable, waterproof, and reliable.


It sports enhanced inner construction designed with water-resistant micro-mesh complete with strategically placed fabric. The micro-mesh and fabric help prevent condensation dripping onto you and also reduces draughts. The twin flysheet doors allow for easy access for two or more people or additional storage. Featured flysheet door vent opens from the top to provide ventilation to the porch. A walking pole attachment eyelet fitted in the door can be used to prop up the door to create a sheltered porch.


This tent also comes complete with conveniently placed inner pockets for storing essential items and Line-Lok guyline runners which lock securely and are simple to release. All groundsheet and flysheet seams are factories taped for a water-tight seal.

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#4. Best Vango 5 Man Tunnel Tent for Camping

5 man tunnel tent waterproof for camping
Best 5 Person Tunnel Tent for Camping


Season: 4

Capacity: 5

Weight: 20 kg

Waterproof: 4000 mm

Material: Polyester & fiberglass

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The tent is quite sturdy made of lightweight polyester flysheet complete with factory taped seams which are water-tight. For a hassle-free assembly, the flysheet is attached to the inner pitch. This tent is also equipped with groundsheet with a bathtub design for optimal protection.


It comes complete with the patented Tension Band System. The tension band system features three harness points for the poles which provide extra strength to the tent structure even during strong winds.


The alloy poles of this tent are color-coded and come with inner elastic which allows for easy assembly and detachment. The tent’s inner pitch and flysheet are attached, making the pitching process even more comfortable.

Groundsheet & Flysheet

This tent’s groundsheet is fully sewn-in and is made of durable polyethylene that is water-resistant to up to 10,000mm. For added protection, the groundsheet is also attached to the flysheet externally by a storm skirt. The flysheet is waterproof and fire retardant and comes taped at the seams for added protection against water.

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#5. Best Coleman 8 Man Tunnel Tent with Fast Pitch

8 man tunnel tent
Best 8 Man Tunnel Tent


Rooms: 3

Capacity: 8

Peak Height: 6 feet

Floor Size: 17 x 10 feet

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The Coleman Montana tent is a spacious eight-person tent that has enough room to fit three king-size mattresses perfectly.


This tent comes equipped with seven flexible color-coded fiberglass poles that are 11mm. The color-coded fiberglass poles allow for easy assembly. Among the seven fiberglass poles, four poles are used to make the shelter. Two fiberglass poles can be used to increase the space of your tent. The remaining extra pole can be used to set-up a sunshade.

Tent Material

It sports a dome shape which confers durability and strength to the canvas. This tent sports a sturdy 150D polyester taffeta for the flysheet while the lightweight groundsheet is made of 1000D polyethylene. The floor of the canvas is equipped with patented welded seams and a 68D polyester mesh.

Weather Protection

The built of this tent enables it to withstand server weather conditions. The weather resistance of this tent is backed with a coated anti-wicking fabric and an inverted seam with hidden needle holes. The anti-wicking fabric and inverted seams give a general waterproof floor, protected zippers, and leak-proof seams.


This tent sports three windows. One window is conveniently located on the door and can be left open throughout. The rainfly covers the other two panes and features a mesh for a free flow of air.

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#6. Best Coleman WeatherMaster 10 Man Large Tunnel Tent with 2 Rooms

10 man tunnel tent with screen room
Best Coleman 10 Person Tunnel Tent


Capacity: 6/10

Weight: 31 pounds

Peak Height: 6 feet 8 inches

Material: Polyester, fiberglass & steel

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2 Room Design

The Coleman WeatherMaster is a large ten-man tunnel tent complete with two rooms and enough space for your entire family.

Door & Floor

This tent sports a convenient hinged front door and a zippered back door that allows for simple entrance and exit. It is designed with the WeatherTec system that comes complete with inverted seams and patented welded floors to keep you dry. The welded floor is sturdy and eliminates needle holes.


This tent comes equipped with a weather-resistant coated polyester fabric combined with anti-wicking webbing, thread, and zippers designed to keep the occupants of the tent dry. The featured inverted seams hide needle holes inside the tent and away from the elements significantly increasing the tent weather resistance. The fully-taped rainfly seams incorporate easy-to-use Velcro frame attachments and cover the doors and windows. This tent also sports zipper protection which adds protection to the door from the elements.


It is designed to be more wind-responsive and stronger by using guy-out triangles and re-designed poles to anchor the tent.

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Indoor Tunnel Tents For Children


#1. Best Playz Children’s Pop up Play Tunnel Tent and Ball Pit 

toddler's pop up tent and tunnel
Best Play Tent with Tunnel and Ball Pit


Weight: 3.31 pounds

Ball Capacity: 200-1000

Pack Size: 18.5″ x 18″ x 2.3″

Material: Polyester & mesh

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The Playz 5-piece kid’s pop-up play tent is a premium maze of unique tunnels and tents. This tent sports interchangeable pieces and vibrant colors which allow you and your kids to customize this playset tent into several different combinations.


It is multi-purpose as it can be used as an indoor playhouse filled with ball pit balls. You can also use it as an outdoor obstacle course on the playground.

Basketball Hoop

A featured basketball hoop with a unique ball return funnel and five mesh net holes allow your kids to indulge in a variety of cool games. This tent sports a closable ball pit tunnel opening which can be used as an alternate ball pool capable of holding up to 1000 balls.


It is fitted with a colorful double mesh tunnel complete with a flexible structure and padded steel wire. The featured flexible padded structure, breathable mesh walls, and thick, soft fabric enable your kid to have the safest most fun experience.


This tent is equipped with special ground anchor loops that secure the tent against strong winds when pitched outside.

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#2. Best Playz Princess Tent with Tunnel

princess tent with tunnel
Best Castle and Funnel Tent for Girls



Weight: 4.05 pounds

Pack Size: 19″ x 19″ x 2.5″

Material: Breathable fabric

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Material & Ventilation

This tent is designed with breathable mesh and soft fabric which allow for a safe and enjoyable playground for your children. The tent sports a sunroof and mesh window which provides ventilation to the tent and keeps the bugs outside.

Ease of Use

This princess castle tunnel tent features sturdy, flexible poles that allow for easy and quick assembly of the canvas. It is also designed to fold flat inside its lightweight carrying case for convenient storage. This princess castle tunnel tent can be dismantled just as easily and quickly as it was assembled.

Easy to Clean

Considering it’s for kids, this tent is made with an easy-to-clean material. The tunnel tent can be cleaned using a mild soap or a damp cloth. The Princess Castle tent has a small size with a spacious interior which makes the tent usable in a little playroom or home.


The Princess tent comes complete with one mesh sunroof, basketball ball pit, a mesh windows, and a crawl tunnel.

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#3. Best Jadore Twin Bed Tunnel Tent

canvas tunnel tent
Best Twin Bed Tunnel Tent for Indoor



Weight: 3.35 pounds

Pack Size: 22″ x 3″ x 3″

Fit For: Twin-size bed

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This tunnel tent provides your child with a quiet and cozy resting space guaranteed to make your kids’ bedtime super special. Offers solitude and privacy, making it an ideal spot for nigh-time sleeping or naps. The space is enought to fit standard twin-size beds.

Interior Design

This tunnel tent is equipped with two interior pockets for storing a flashlight, storybook, or even your kids’ favorite toy. This tent comes complete with a convenient storage bag that can be used to store the tent when not in use, or when transporting to another location. Apart from providing a safe, cozy sleeping area, this tent can also make a lovely clubhouse or fort during your child’s playtime with or without friends.


The tent is constructed with durable and reliable fiberglass and polyester, which are also safe for kids. The Jadore tunnel tent has enough space for a friend to join and features two windows that provide adequate ventilation. This tent is also designed to assemble and dismantle easily.

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Latest Guide on Choosing the Best Tunnel Tents

Tents come in different shapes, sizes, designs, and purposes. With so many options to choose from, selecting the right tunnel tent for your needs may prove to be a bit overwhelming. Below is a guide to choosing the best tent for you.

#1. Size

The size of the tent is an important consideration. It is vital to take into account the width and height of every area in the tent. You will also need to make sure that there’s enough space to fit your sleeping bags or air beds.

A good tent also has enough space for keeping essentials at hand, eliminating the need for frequent trips to the car. How many people you will have camping in the tent will determine the right size to pick.

#2. Materials Used

To create the body of the tent, manufacturers usually combine nylon, polyester, cotton, and polycotton. Different types of materials are suited to different kinds of tents. Cotton made canvases are durable and retain heat in cold weather.

Nylon tents are cheaper and provide UV protection and waterproofing benefits. Polyester tents are more durable and thicker than nylon. Sometimes tent manufacturers combine these materials to get benefits from them all.

#3. Ease of Setup

The assembly of the tent is a vital consideration. After a long drive to the campsite, your body will long for rest. You should pick a tunnel tent which is easy and quick to assemble.

  • Freestanding tents tend to be easier to set-up as they can be erected without the use of stakes.
  • Non-freestanding tents are harder to set-up as they heavily rely on stakes to create the structure.

#4. Type of Tent

There are different types of tents. The right tent for you will depend on your needs. Types of tents include summer/ screen tents, three-season tents, convertible tents, mountaineering/winter tents, and tarp tents.

  • Screen tents are designed for bug protection and maximum ventilation during steamy summer months. A good screen tent is capable of handling weather from summer thunderstorms to moderate breezes.
  • Three-season tents are designed to keep you dry and cozy from spring through fall. The walls on three-season tents are constructed from a combination of ventilation and mesh. The mesh and ventilation combination forms the right balance between protection and ventilation.
  • Convertible tents are suitable for campers who camp in all sorts of conditions. The equivalent tent sports features that allow you to fortify it during stormy conditions. This tent also will enable you to strip it down during summer camps.
  • Mountaineering tents come with sturdy pole structures, tough fabrics, and several external guy-out points. These features make the winter tent suitable for harsh conditions.

#5. Pole Material

The materials used in constructing the poles is vital as it will determine the tents stability, durability, and weight. Most tent poles are made of aluminum, fiberglass or carbon fiber.

  • Fiberglass poles tend to be heavier, less durable, and cheaper as compared to the other materials.
  • Aluminum is used in the majority of the tents as it is light, durable, and easy to replace.
  • Carbon fibers are spotted in high-end tents as they are super-strong and super-light.

#6. Pole Connection

The pole connection is usually sleeves or clips. Poles with a sleeve connection have a solid structure but take longer to set-up. Sleeve pole connection also means that the airflow between the fly and tent body is impeded, making the tent prone to condensation. Clip connection, on the other hand, allows for a quick and easy set-up, and also has superior airflow.

#7. Wall Construction

Most tents usually sport a double or single wall.

  • Double walls tend to be drier in wet conditions, have better ventilation, and are less expensive.
  • Single-wall tents, on the other hand, are easier to set-up and are also lighter, but are prone to condensation.

#8. Ventilation

Ventilation is one of the most important factors to consider. A good tent should have mesh panels in windows, ceiling, and doors. Proper ventilation helps manage condensation. If you plan on camping in hot, humid conditions, we recommend getting tents with larger mesh panels.

#9. Vestibules

Vestibules attach to a tent and give you a place to ditch your wet boots and keep your backpack out of the rain. Vestibules are a vital consideration when you are going to be dealing with wet, sloppy weather.

FAQs of Tunnel Tents

#1. What Is the Difference Between a Tunnel Tent and a Dome Tent?

A dome tent consists of flexible crisscrossing poles, bent into a half-circle with both ends fixed to a webbing strap going across the tent’s base. A tunnel tent consists of a collection of flexible poles bent into semi-circles and stood up in a line to form the tunnel structure.

The anchoring poles in the tunnel tent run parallel to each other as opposed to the anchoring poles in a dome tent which crisscross. Tunnel tents tend to look like one-half of a cylinder. Dome tents tend to resemble the one-half of a sphere. Most tunnel tents have entryways located on both ends of the tent while dome tents usually have one entryway situated in the front of the canvas.

Dome tents are freestanding and need to be pegged when being pitched. Tunnel tents are non-freestanding meaning they do not need to be pegged when pitched.

#2. Is it Necessary to Carry a Waterproof Camping Tunnel Tent?

Yes! Having a waterproof camping tent is vital because conditions can change when you are camping. You will need a shelter that will protect you and your belongings against wet and sloppy conditions.

#3. How Well Do Tunnel Tents Perform in a Really Strong Windy and Wet Conditions?

Tunnel tents tend to perform well in windy and wet conditions. Tunnel tents are usually constructed with durable materials that provide stability in strong winds. The shape of tunnel tents and positioning of the guy lines also make tunnel tents quite stable in windy conditions. Tunnel tents also tend to keep the water out quite effectively.

#4. Is Canvas Tunnel Tent the Best?

Traditional all canvas tunnels may not be the best, although the canvas does tend to retain heat in cold conditions and is cool in warm weather conditions. Canvas tents are also quite durable.

  • The best tent features a combination of canvas and polyester. This combination produces a lighter tent with more waterproof capabilities.
  • A polycotton tent is very durable and retains heat in cold weather and stays cool in warm weather.

#5. Do I Need a 4 Season Tunnel Tent?

Yes! We recommend having a 4-season tunnel tent as they are ideally suited for all conditions. 4-season tents are designed with a sturdy structure which enables them to handle strong winds. The full-coverage rain files and sturdy skeletal system make 4-season tents able to withstand heavy rains.

4-season tents also come fitted with large net bindings that allow for free air circulation. The ventilation-type walls and mesh ensure you are protected from insects while still receiving adequate ventilation. We highly recommend having a 4-season tent.

Final Words

Purchasing the proper tunnel tent for your needs may prove to be a smart investment. A good quality tent will provide better protection outdoors, have a wide range of features, and it will also last longer.

A good tunnel kit for children will keep the kids amused and busy during occasions in your home or playdates. When getting a tunnel tent for children, you should pay extra attention to its safety features as well as entertainment features.

With the information above, you are now well equipped to pick out the best tunnel tent suited for your needs. We wish you all the best in your tent shopping and all the fun in your camping.