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Best 10 Person Tents for Large Groups and Families – Review & Guide

Best 10 Person Tent in 2020


  • Weatherproof
  • Floor size is 17 x 9 feet
  • Hinged door & Angled windows
  • It is able to fit 3 queen-size mattress
  • The unique Coleman WeatherMaster Tec
  • It contains fiberglass tent and steel poles
  • Center height is 6 feet 7 inches that allows an average person to stand up and walk around

When organizing to go for a vacation, the most critical question is always where you will sleep. The problem is still a simple one as it is usual that you are going to sleep in a tent. The next question usually is or whether will the tent suit my whole family?

One of the significant factors that determine the choice of a tent is the number of people you want to secure. For example, if you are about ten or fewer people, consider getting a 10- person tent.

Worry no more as there are various tents of all kinds, those of few individuals and those holding up to ten individuals comfortably. This article will be useful as it will help you in determining the tent to choose from.

Top Rated 14 Best 10 Man Tents on Amaon

The 14 Best 10 Person Tents Reviews in 2020


#1. Moose Outdoors 10 Man Air Tent

10 man air tent
Best Easy Setup Infatable Tent


Material: Fabric

Wind Resistance: 33 mph

Water Resistance: 3000 mm

Tent Dimensions: 19 x 9.2 x 6.6 feet

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Are you looking for a tent which you will set up in a few minutes? Here is a solution for you.

Setup: This tent is set up very quickly within three minutes. Centrally to the traditional tents, they are generally used to set up and take them down in the easiest way possible. The tents inflate quickly by an air pump in less than three minutes and are deflating in seconds by the opening of the valve soon.

Stable: Besides, it contains the superiority of a stable nature. The tents are typically used using durable ripstop fabric used in tents. The tents are containing instant 3000MM resistant to water with a groundsheet which is attached. The material which is of high quality is windproof and breathable at 33mph. It is an excellent choice for all kind of occasions.

Multi-purpose: The tent has a design which is best for multi-purpose use. It is the best for backyard family gatherings, backpacking, outdoor picnics and camping. It will, therefore, be useful in satisfying all your needs for various outdoor activities.

Service: Besides, they are guaranteeing your satisfaction as the company is committing to giving the best to consumers with the best price and value for all their products. All the products are continuing a twelve months warranty. The customer service providers are giving premium service to help in solving any problem which is expected to come up. You should consider buying it because it contains the best prices.

  • Spacious tent
  • UV protection
  • Good ventilation
  • A carry-on package bag
  • Expert airflow technology
  • It is made of durable fabric
  • Quick setup within 3 minutes
  • Very stable that can be resistant to 3000 mm rain and 33 mph wind
  • It may ask 2 people to blow up the inflatable tent

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#2. 10 Person Tent with a Large Screen Porch

10 man cabin tent
10 Person Tent with 2 Rooms


Peak Height: 7.2 feet

Overall Size: 10 x 20 feet

Pole Material: Aluminum

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Are you looking for a long-lasting tent which will help you view outside? Here is a solution for you.

Interior Space: This tent is containing 10 feet x 20 feet overall size, which makes you have a comfortable living space. And a height of 7.2 feet never makes an adult man bend in every corner of the tent. Additionally, it provides a large porch screen with a floor that is detachable for outdoor comfort and bug protection. A rear door and room divider are for adding privacy and convenience.

  • Setup is a simple feat
  • Solid aluminum poles
  • 2 rooms and a screen porch
  • Room divider for protecing privacy
  • Detachable floor for inscect prevention
  • It comes with a wheeled tent storage bag
  • 2 hanging shelves and pockets for storage
  • 6 large zip windows and mesh roof for ventilation
  • Ask for 2 people to set it up
  • However, it is not currently being shipped in the California state.

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#3. Mountain Trails Easy Setup 10 Person Cabana Tent with 2 Large Doors

Best Dome Tents with Excellent Ventilation
Best Spacious Dome Tent for Camping


Material: Nylon

Packed Size: 4 feet 18 inches

Tent Dimensions: 18 x 6.3 x 10 feet

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Are you looking for a spacious tent which will be enough for your family? Here is the best solution for you. This tent is capable of holding up to 10 individuals.

Weatherproof: Besides, it is stable for heavy rains and strong winds. Mountain Trails are made using nylon. It contains a fibreglass frame which is shock-corded with ring – and – pin system to make sure there is an easy setup.

Ventilation: It is also bearing roof vents with large mesh, and the windows are providing ventilation of cool kind. Additionally, it has large D-style doors, a patented fly frame, which is hooped to enhance rain protection. Last but not least, it contains a duffel and stow system.

  • Rainproof
  • Bug protection
  • Durable nylon material
  • Fiberglass frame for easy setup
  • 2 large D-style door for easy access
  • Large mesh roof and windows for ventilation
  • Spacious enough for having 2 queen size air mattresses inside the tent, and still has spare space
  • Only a sheet that you can hang through the middle of the tent to create 2 rooms

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#4. Dream House 10 Man Canvas Tent

10 man canvas tent
Best Weatherproof Canvas Tent for Family Camping

Season: 4

Pole Material: Steel

Peak Height: 9.8 feet

Wall Material: Cotton canvas

Water Resistance: 3000 mm

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You must be looking for a tent which is the best rated in the USA. Dreamhouse is the solution for you. It is having a rate of number six among the most convenient family tent. It is very spacious and thus capable of holding around ten individuals.

Breathable & Tall: The mesh vents which are primarily covered are known for providing a lot of ventilation. Besides, it bears three windows, two doors and two rooms. The tent is usually designed in a way to allow easy assembly with poles having coded colors. It is very comfortable as it contains 9.8 feet for the height.

Waterproof & Sun Protection: This tent is suitable for steady rain falls as it has been proven to be strong enough. The main reason behind this is the fact that the cotton surface, rainproof caps and seamless design shield the tent from the heavy rain. It is also aluminum partially with PU seam sealed which is heat-welded and UV protection. Besides, it contains gear loft and roomy utility pockets for gear storage.

  • Can use it at all year time
  • Storage bag for convenient use
  • Windproof, against the 6-degree wind
  • It comes with 2 large doors and 4 windows
  • Heavy-duty durable waterproof cotton canvas
  • 9.8 feet top height allows people to stand up in the tent
  • Canvas makes this tent a high-end one

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#5. NTK 10 Man Tents Family Camping

best tall tent for 10 man
Best 10 Man Tents Family Camping

Tent Weight: 12kg

Center Height: 6.7 feet

Pole Material: Fiberglass

Tent Dimensions: 6.7 x 8 x 17.4 feet

Tent Material: Polyester & polythylene

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Do you wish to acquire the ultimate camping family experience? Worry no more as man tents are having a solution for you. The shelter is very spacious as it is capable of holding 9 to 10 people.

Comfort: Besides, it sports a detachable divider of rooms. That is, you can have an absolutely private space. Plus, it takes 2 super large doors with a design for easy assembly.

With the 2 large doors, the 2 families can access to the tent in different access. The 10 man tent equals 2 family tents but can save your budget and labor to set up.  Plus, it is very comfortable as it contains a super 6.7 feet height. In this way, everyone can walk upright in the tent.

Waterproof: It is capable of protecting people from rainfall as it contains 190T polyester double layer which is laminated with a 2500 mm polyurethane water column, heat welded, partially aluminum, UV and seam-sealed.

  • A zipper-owned divider
  • User-friendly pockets and other storage gears
  • Mosquito mesh for breathability and bug prevention
  • The rainfly covers the entire tent so you will dry at the time of rains.
  • This roomy tent entails 2 rooms, 2 doors and 3 windows to guarantee the privacy and ventilation
  • The windows can be closed just from the outside of the tent

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#6. NTK Tall 10 Person Tent

best large tent
Best Tent for Tall People


Material: Polyester

Tent Weight: 13.9 kg

Peak Height: 6.9 feet

Tent Dimensions: 6.9 x 17.72 x 9.84 feet

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You must be eagerly looking for a tent which will comfortably suit your large family, often people. Worry no more as this is the most appropriate solution for you. NTK tent hosts ten people and is capable of fitting two air queen mattresses.

Ease of Use: The tents center height is 69 feet. Along with the super-wide door, people can get an easy entrance and walk around the tent. The micro mosquito mesh, on the one hand, prevents the mosquito as well as other small bugs into your tent. On the other hand, it also provides you with excellent ventilation in summer.

Privacy & Storage: It has included a room divider creating a tent of two rooms. The gear loft with a hook of lantern kind and pockets are known for keeping items well arranged.

Overall, it includes a carry bag, tent stakes, room divider, gear loft, rainfly, sturdy tent poles and other useful accessories. All these will have a fun camping day.

  • The height of 6.9 feet makes the tent ease of use
  • It is capable of protecting you from 2500 mm rain
  • Fiberglass compound poles that aim to fight against the strong wind
  • The mesh shelter attaches on the super large door, thus making the insects’ entrance banned
  • The mosquito mesh is for preventing your children from sucking by bugs, at the same time, ensuring the ventilation
  • This unit has a single access

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#7. Core 10 Man Dome Tent

core cabin tent for 10 people
Best Cabin Tent for 10 Family


Floor Size: 14 x 10 feet

Material: 68D polyester

Peak Height: 86 inches

Pack Size: 28.5″ x 10″ x 10″

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Are you looking for a tent with polyester material? Worry no more as Core Dome Tent is the best solution for you. It can be imported whenever one places an order.

Versatile: It is capable of fitting 2 air queen mattresses. The tent center height is 86 inches, which is the highest tent among the tents we reviewed today. It bears vents which are adjustable at the ground. The room divider is for creating a tent of two rooms to meet the requirement of going for privacy.

To reduce the chance of injury of running boys, it features 2 doors located at the front and back of the tent. Additionally, the port can fully be closed whenever it is not in use. An expandable carry bag allows you to get easy storage and transportation.

  • Easy storage and transportation
  • It is a tent that you can stand up in
  • Steel poles prove the firm tent frame
  • Special & advanced Core venting technology
  • Stakes and guy lines make the tent stay at their way in strong winds and heavy snows
  • You can remove the rainfly in sunny days’ camping so as to chase for a large lightweight tent
  • You do design the inside lighting by your own

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#8. Core 10 Man Cabin Instant Tent with Screen Room

core 10 man tent with screen room
Best 10 Person Tent for Camping


Season: 4

Material: Polyester

Peak Height: 84 inches

Floor Area:  14 x 10 feet

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You must be eager to acquire a tent made of polyester to be sure it will last for long. Here is a solution for you as polyester is the dominant material in this tent.

Lighting System: What makes this tent stand out in the class of best 10 person tents is the built-in adjustable led lighting. It also bears a diffusion that is specially designed with a panel. So, the light will disperse evenly all through the canopy and never hurt your eyes. I

t takes the meaning that the led lighting helps in eliminating the source lights problem with a blinding glare. The diffusion is useful in making one feel as if they are in the comfortability of their home. Additionally, it is easily set up and also comfortable to sleep in.

  • Zipper room divider
  • Suitable for all seasons
  • It is an instant tent that can be set up within 2 minutes
  • Built-in led lighting system. Adjustable brightness setting varies from 35 lumens night light to the 300 lumens and 950 lumens light
  • Equips with one door

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#9. Ozark Trail 10 Man Tunnel Tent

10 man tunnel tent
Best Cheap 10 Man Tent


Doors: 2

Floor Size: 16 x 9 feet

Shape: Dome & Tunnel

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You must have been looking for a tent with maximum weather protection. This tent is what you want. It will always ensure it is keeping your family dry in all weather conditions while you are camping.

Roomy: The shelter will fit comfortably several mattresses for at least ten individuals in sleeping bags which is beyond your imagination.

Design: The tent boasts a rain fly full coverage for full weather protection. 2 front and back doors make your families access to the outside field a breeze in the early morning or take your desire for going to the bathroom a simple feat at midnights.

You can enjoy the breeze blowing up to your cheeks as well as your bodies or a starry sky at summer nights, thanks to the design of the large mesh coverage.

  • Very spacious
  • Easy to assemble
  • Able to walk around inside the tent
  • Has storage pockets for keeping small objects
  • Admirable addition of the bar area for storage
  • Rainfly covers the entire tent to make it out of the rain
  • No room divider
  • It takes time to set up the tent, about half an hour

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#10. Ozark Trail 10 Man Instant Tent

ozark trail dark rest tent
Best Ozark trail 10 Person Tent


Floor Size: 14 x 10 feet

Peak Height: 78 inches

Material: Polyester & steel

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Are you looking for a tent which is easily set? The ozark trail cabin tent is the best solution for you. It can easily be set up within 2 minutes as no assembling is required.

Dark Rest Technology: It contains materials that are used innovative rest dark technology. With that, you will absolutely be shielded from the leaked light at nights as it is like a large-sized blackout goggle. More importantly, the dark interior works as a heater in winter and an air-conditioner to expel the inside tent from burning hot.

Extras: This Ozark Trail tent, a two-room tent, is spacious which can fit two queen airbeds. All the 8 windows are zipper-made. You can choose some of them to keep ventilation in winter. The rainfly and stakes are behind the tent since they are the effective accessories to fight against the wind, rain and snow.

  • 2 rooms & 2 doors
  • It includes skylights
  • Setup will be finished in 2 minutes
  • It sports 8 windows and a full-cover rainfly
  • Dark interior keeps you stay cool in hot summer whereas warm in winter
  • California state bans this tent to ship in

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#11. Coleman WeatherMaster 10 Person Tent with Screen Room

coleman weathermaster 10 person 3 room tent with screen room
Best coleman 10 Man Instant Cabin-like Tent


Floor Area: 17 x 9 feet

Material: Fiberglass & Steel

Peak Height: 6 feet 8 inches

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You must have been all over looking for a cabin-like tent. You should worry no more as there is finally a solution for you. Coleman weather master is capable of hosting ten individuals with comfort.

Incredible Design: It bears a room which is adequate to hold three queens sized air beds. Two hinged front doors are for entry with ease. The divider ensures there is enough privacy for the individuals.

Keep You Dry: The Coleman Weather Tec system entails inverted seams and patented welded floors to help in keeping you dry.

  • Weather protection
  • Hinged door & Angled windows
  • It is able to fit 3 queen-size mattress
  • The unique Coleman weathermaster tec
  • It takes you 20 minutes to assemble the tent

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#12. Ozark Trail 10 Person Tent with 2 Rooms for Family Camping

10 man dome tent
10 Man Camping Tent


Season: 4

Material: Polyester

Tent Weight: 26.68 lbs

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This Ozark trail tent is the best choices for the tent novices due to the afforadable price. Despite the reasobale price level, it is loaded with all the basic functions that you need and you can seen on the market.

Weather Protection: Its function includes water and wind resistance, sun protection, storage gears, ease to install and takedown and so forth.

Large and Privacy Room: What needs to mention is that it is capable of comfortably fitting at least 2 queen-sized mattresses with 3 optional divided rooms.

Overall, it is an outdoor tent that is family-sized in that it can provide all the space required by the family. People who are hunting for a family camping tent shouldn’t miss it!



  • It satisfies your power needs
  • A head screen room is convenient
  • Seam-taped rainfly & 2 entry doors
  • The rainfly can be rolled at daytime
  • A room divider makes this tent a 2 room tent
  • Easy setup for camping, backpacking and other outdoor activities
  • None

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#13. Wenzel 10 Person Tent with 3 Rooms

Wenzel 10 person 3 room tent
Wenzel 10 Person Tent


Windows: 4

Peak Height: 78 inches

Flooe Area: 159 square feet

Material: Polyester & polyethylene

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When you require a tent which is containing enough space and great features to housing ten individuals at a go, this is the best tent to go for.

Durability: It is a lovely tent that is usually tented by the use of quality material which is of high class. So high durability allows it perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. For another,  it is very durable thus will save you the cost of having to purchase a new tent often.

Lighting & Privacy: Moreover, it provides a useful glow all over when one is putting a flashlight or headlamp on the gear loft. There are 2 removable divider curtains privacy that is used in creating three sleeping rooms separately.

  • You can stand up in the tent
  • The tent has its own lighting system
  • 2 removable divider curtains can make the tent in 3 separate rooms
  • It just has one door

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#14. Ozark Trail 10 Person 3 Room Tent

10 person tent 3 rooms tent
Ozark Trail Tent with 3 Rooms for All Season


Weight: 28.6 lbs

Floor Size: 20 x 10 feet

Center Height: 78 inches

Floor Area: 177.5 square feet

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It is a very spacious tent with 2 removable partitions.

Ventilation & Access: The tent has proper ventilation though it lacks a solution towards sealing it from cold. It is well-ventilated with a large front door as well as 2 side doors and 6 large windows. Due to the 78 inches center height, a person with an average height may end up walking from one side of the canvas to any other side while having to stoop down.

Durable: The canvas is always dry inside whenever it is raining. During windy season, some little water might end up spraying indoors. The stakes end up lasting longer as they are aluminum made.

  • 6 large windows
  • Wind and rain protection
  • 2 removable zipper sheet
  • It can accomodate 3 queen-size airbeds
  • 1 front door and 2 side doors offer enough ease entrance
  • Setting up will take 30 minutes to be through

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What Are the Best Large Capacity 10 Man Tent Brands?

Who makes the best large tent that can accommodate a group of 10 people? The most popular two are Coleman and Ozark Trail.

#1. Coleman

The majority of Coleman tents are designed with an inflatable floor to increase comfort. The tent comes in pieces that you have to join when setting it up. This feature also makes transportation of the tent to be easy since it does not require ample storage space in the camping vehicle, or at home.

The Coleman tents are quite large as you can comfortably squeeze an extra two-person, plus it resembles the house ones it is set up. The tent has different compartments to sleep in.

#2. Ozark Trail

The Ozark Trail tents are large ones that are easier to set up. It is made with waterproof materials to ensure your friends stay dry even in rainy regions. The floors have taped seams to prevent any wetness from penetrating to the level of the tent.

The Ozark Trail Sharing the tents with different genders is comfortable as it comes with canopies for dividing the sleeping regions. Setting up the Ozark Trail tents is also simple as a breeze and it has ground pegs for pinning it on the ground.

Things to Consider When Buying a 10 Man Tent

Before buying any of the above 10-person tents, here are a few things to consider.

#1. The Number of People

Aside from providing a good shelter, consider people’s comfort too. So, is your ten-person tent enough for ten people? Well, this will depend on the size of the people you go camping with.

Also, the shelter may be too squeezed for ten people depending on how you arrange it. So, ensure the tent would be comfortable and not too compressed for your fellow campers.

#2. The Environment Condition

Not all tents are made to suit all weather changes. Some may work for wet areas while others are ideal for summer seasons. The material and the design determine the right weather to use the tent.

So, if you need a tent to use in rainy or areas that are extremely cold, consider a tent made of waterproof material that is thick to retain warmth on the inside. On the other hand, thick tents cannot work for sunny areas due to heat accumulation. So, in such seasons or areas, choose a tent made of materials that are light and transparent.

Access to the Best 10 Man Tents for All Weather & Climate

ozark trail dark rest tent

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#3. Consider Flooring

Do not overlook the need to have flooring when selecting a tent. A floor plays a huge role in providing a platform where you can place your mattress. It provides warmth and prevents you from getting to contact with wetness.

Some ten-person tents are sold with inflatable floors which are magnificent in providing a comfortable sleeping platform. All the tents reviewed in this article equip with topnotch floors.

#4. Ease of Use

Although considering the materials and the size of the tent before buying it is crucial, you also need to ensure the tent will not give you a hard time when setting it. The last thing you need is to purchase a tent that will take an entire day as you figure out how to fix it. Who has all that time anyway!

Therefore, easy to use should be a factor to consider before selecting a tent to buy. How do you know that the tent will be easy to set up? Asks the dealer to show you how to set up the tent before buying it. From there, you will be able to figure out if it works or you need to move to the next option.

Check the Best 10 Person Instant Tent for Family Camping

core 10 man tent with screen room

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#5. The Weight of the Tent

If you have ever gone camping, you would agree with me that it takes a few tent shifts before you settle on a beautiful place to camp at. Hence, you cannot be able to move the tent if it is bulky.

Therefore, checking the weight of the tent before purchasing it is crucial to ensure you buy a tent that you will have an easy time when moving and transporting. The manufacturing companies always put a sticker on the package displaying the size and the weight of the tent.

#6. Ventilation

Tents are bound to form moisture which occurs as a result of the warm air in the tent coming to contact with the cool fabric of the canvas. So how do you prevent the wetness from getting to you? Choose a tent that has excellent ventilation to prevent the warm air from forming in the first place. Choose a tent that has a waterproof floor and ensure the vents are well placed in the tent.

Buy the Best Well-ventilated 10 Man Tent with 6 Large Windows & 3 Doors

10 person tent 3 rooms tent

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#7. The Price

Have you ever heard of the saying that “cheap is expensive”? Well, although you may have a budget in mind, you should not overlook the quality. Besides, you need a tent that you can use for a long time and provide excellent services. In this case, be prepared to spend more on getting such a tent. A good 10-person tent does not cost less than 200 dollars.


Make your camping memorable by ensuring that you sleep well and your camping items are protected by buying a good tent. There are a variety of 10 people tents on the market.

Use the above guides to help you choose the right tent to buy if you have no interest in the tents presented in this article.