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Best 6 Person Camping Tent – Top 7 for Family Camping for 2021

Camping ought to be a good time for the whole group, to such an extent that you may need to do it consistently. It implies little without the appropriate tent. So you and your camping pals have the most thrilling experience as could be expected under the circumstances, we thought of the 7 best 6 person camping tents and rounded up the practical guides you may need.

7 Best 6 Person Camping Tents on Amazon


Reviews of the 7 Top Rated 6 Man Tent for Easy Camp

Our reviews address the Pros and Cons of the tents being referred to help you go to a choice. We’ll talk about all that you should think about tents of this size before buying one. Along these lines, you may have an easier time choosing which on our rundown is best for you.

#1. Best Easy Setup – Timber Ridge 6-Person Instant Cabin Tent with Rainfly

6 person instant cabin tent for camping
6 Man Camping Tent with Instant Setup



Peak Height: 78″

Base Size: 10′ x 10′

Weight: 25 pounds

With a basic igloo style plan, you can purchase a moderate tent that can accommodate up to 6 people with camping cots. This Timber tent can even hold two sovereign estimated pneumatic beds if the need emerges. The significant point is that it is very simple to introduce, without overlooking that its measurements don’t appear that enormous on paper, that is, even though the picture may appear to be little, it is bigger than it seems.

It is a tall tent that enables you to stroll around without being slumped over. It has reliable zippers that can last without catching and severing. Timber Ridge 6 man tent isn’t one of the broadest, however, if you are searching for a cheap tent that isn’t too huge, it will doubtlessly be justified, despite all the trouble.

  • A bathtub floor to keep you dry
  • True to its name, it is climate verification
  • With its basic structure, it is simple to set up
  • It has a single door.

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#2. Best Dome – Coleman Camping Tent with a Screen Porch

Coleman 6 person camping tent with dome style
Coleman Dome Camping Tent with Screen Porch


Peak Height: 5’8″

Base Size: 10′ x 9′

Weight: 20 pounds

Screen Room: 10′ x 5′

Coleman Camping Tent is another extensive choice to put in a couple of long periods of get-away in camping for six people. In this occurrence, the Coleman Camping Tent has very roomy insides, all through which you will see your needs met at sleep time. Coleman Camping Tent is an all-around planned and safe tent so that it will give you remarkable outcomes, even on stormy days. Be that as it may, we saw that if the tent isn’t splendidly set up, the windows can be troublesome on breezy days.

The floor is entirely steady and unbending, so it won’t move when we stroll on it. The Coleman Camping Tent is a truly fantastic store where you can appreciate extraordinary days. The entirety of this arrives in a sensibly evaluated bundle, so you won’t need to use up every last cent attempting to buy a well-made camping tent for six people.

  • Windproof
  • Quite simple to set up
  • Front screen for sees outside
  • Big space that can suit taller people
  • Very sensibly valued for the kind of material and space that it gives
  • The headroom is relatively short than the other 6

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#3. Best Spacious – Coleman WeatherMaster 6 Man Tent with Screen Room

Coleman Weathermaster 6 man tent for rainy day camping
Waterproof 6 Man Tent for Camping


Peak Height: 6’8″

Base Size: 11′ x 9′

Weight: 32 pounds

Screen Room: 9′ x 6′

The Coleman WeatherMaster 6 man tent gives both of you vestibules that you can use to store other apparatus. Along these lines, you are given all the more dozing space inside the tent. Another component that helps make more space is the way that the plan utilizes edge post geometry that augments the inside width.

In case you’re searching for some more stockpiling choices, this tent provides some inward stockpiling pockets. For you to keep everything dry, the tent includes a full-inclusion rainfly that holds well even in a breezy climate. Also though the base of the impression may feel wet after the downpour, dampness doesn’t leak through with the goal that you stay dry.

Regardless of its size, it is anything but a substantial tent for vehicle camping or family camping excursions. It’s likewise generally simple to set up irrespective of whether the bearings aren’t altogether simple to pursue.

This Coleman tent highlights shading coded cut construction to help accelerate the procedure to the point that one individual can without much of a stretch set it up and separate only it.

  • Offers two vestibules
  • Does a great job keeping dampness out
  • Sets up quickly with only one individual
  • Heavier than the other 6 camping tent for 6 people

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#4. Best for Sunlight Block – Coleman Instant Cabin Tent with Dark Rest Technology

Coleman 6 person camping tent with cabin style and dark rest technology
Coleman 6 Person Cabin Tent for Camping



Peak Height: 6′

Base Size: 10′ x 9′

Weight: 27 pounds

This Coleman instant cabin tent is by a wide margin the least expensive tent in our arrangement. Yet, despite everything, it battles with a portion of different tents in our rundown regarding solace and generally speaking experience.

The tent is incredible as far as breathability, as it includes a little backboard that can be raised for cross-ventilation.

While it won’t deal with numerous conditions other than bright climate, the incredibly small sticker price and little included highlights make this tent enticing for any family searching for an open, agreeable experience vehicle camping.

  • It is water safe
  • The tent effectively fit into a convey sack
  • It is shockingly tall, so a tall individual can undoubtedly remain inside in this tent
  • The space inside the tent is open, and one can without much of a stretch fit the sovereign estimated pneumatic bed
  • It is unsupported to set the tent effectively and rapidly. After certain practices, you can without much of a stretch contribute it just 5 minutes
  • Carry additional covers as wide open to the harsh elements hours you may get chilled in harsh winter

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#5. The Cheapest – Core 6 Person Tent with High Ceiling & Light Weight

core 6 man camping tent with adjustable vent
Lightweight 6 Man Tent with Adjsutable Vent



Peak Height: 72″

Base Size: 11′ x 9′

Weight: 12.72 pounds

This Core tent is a top of the line tent concerning exactly how much space it gives all of you around. The inside has a 71″ focus tallness. Along these lines, numerous people can wind up standing up rather serenely. There is likewise a lot of room with the goal that you can fit more than one huge sleeping cushion inside, making group camping trips even more fun.

It has a decent measure of flow, and the all-encompassing window canopies help you keep the windows open and remain dry even in the downpour. Further ventilation is found in the screened-in patio. The tent takes into account relaxing without stressing over bugs also.

To store some little things, you can utilize the work pockets on the sides of the tent dividers. Likewise, you may even need to use that screened-in patio to get sloppy shoes far from different things.

  • Super light in weight
  • Fits effectively back inside conveying pack
  • The room inside to fit numerous sleeping pads
  • Porch does well in keeping earth and garbage out of the tent
  • The tent just has a D door on the front

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#6. Best for 3 Season – Core Instant Tent with a Tub Floor

Core 6 man camping tent with large wall organizer
Core 6 Man Camping Tent for Well Storage



Peak Height: 72″

Base Size: 11′ x 9′

Weight: 23.8 pounds

If you love the outside; however, you can’t stand the early mornings; the Core instant tent is a simple decision. While most tents have work framed dividers that let light in at the first trace of dawn, this Core tent highlights dull room innovation that keeps out 98.4% of daylight.

It enables you to stay in bed later or put the children to bed prior, guaranteeing you’ll make some extraordinary memories the following day. Notwithstanding getting the ideal night’s rest, this innovation additionally squares unsafe UV beams superior to different tents too.

At last, the principle draw of this tent is uninformed room innovation and a low retail cost. This is the ideal tent for night owls, those searching for a tent on a financial limit, and those hoping to adhere to their rest plan while outside.

The tent likewise includes H2O square innovation. This incorporates fixed creases, water-repellent textures, and downpour safe window seals and entryway. If it gets excessively warm, there are flexible air vents and a working roof to drive sight-seeing out.

  • Rainfly goes on effectively enough
  • Broad floor plan for different beds
  • Holds solid against substantial breezes and downpour
  • Setting the instant tent takes longer time to takedown compared to set it up

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#7. Best Lightweight – QOMOTOP 6 Person Tent for Family Camping

6 man lightweight tent for camping
6 Man Family Tent for Camping



Peak Height: 5’9″

Base Size: 10′ x 9′

Weight: 18.92 pounds

The QOMOTOP tent is an incredibly reasonable tent, which has a rainfly, yard, a passageway, and two rooms so that up to 3 people can stay in bed every one of them. The greatest stature of the tent is likewise very roomy.

At the cost, you are getting a lot of highlights, and there’s even a 10-year maker guarantee. There are mosquito nets in the entryways of each room and not in the passageway. The tent isn’t that overwhelming to heft around with a little aptitude; it won’t cost you an excess of exertion to gather and dismantle it.

There is a worked in electrical port for included extravagance and makes camping all the more fascinating. The work windows and rooftop implies you are getting a great deal of ventilation inside the tent. Likewise, it can stand the periodic sprinkle. However, the lower quality materials won’t keep a hard downpour out.

  • Comes in an entirely compact bundle
  • The arch tent can be isolated into two rooms
  • There are three closable work windows and rooftops
  • The included rainfly makes it useful for the nasty climate
  • It’s not as weatherproof as different tents on this rundown

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Factors to Consider on Buying the Best 6 Person Camping Tent

Are you looking to buy a 6 person tent? There are three simple things to consider before buying. It may mean the contrast between a great camping experience or the nightmare you forget entirely. If you haven’t bought a tent before, it can be so confusing and loving that you start thinking that camping is more of a problem than fun.

#1. How Many Sardines?

As a general rule to buy a 6 person camping tent, this number will be 6 or more people. Take, for example, in my family we have two adults and four children, so we need a large family tent. The average comfortable floor space required per person is approximately 30-35 square feet. So a family needs a 180 square foot tent it will be a 12 x 12 tent.

It also connects with the size of the camping tent, which is its interior height. The size is not only in the middle of the camping tent but throughout the tent area. With some large tents today, a 6-inch tall person can stand on every inch of the tent. The 15 x 12 tent that we mentioned has a center height of 7 ‘4’ since we are 6 ‘5’, it can stand up almost anywhere inside the tent, even in the corners.

Buy the Spacious 6 Person Tent with a 78″ Headroom

6 person instant cabin tent for camping

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#2. Privacy

The next thing to consider is if you want some privacy. Now, remember that you won’t get long after being in a tent, but you can buy tents with two rooms or three rooms. Some are simple screen breaks, while others are more private.

Depending on the camping tent you choose, you can get a room for mom and dad, a room for children, separate rooms for boys or girls, and a room for all your equipment many options available.

#3. The Weather Outside

Camping is not just a summer event; you can go whenever you want. Well, as long as you have the right camping tent. Check the weather rating of the camping tent.

Most have a score of 3, which means they are designed for fair to suitable weather conditions, and most climates can be in normal camping conditions that may include mild to moderate rainfall, moderate winds, etc. A tent with a rating of 4 is more for severe conditions such as heavy rain, strong winds, and snow.

Yes, the meteorologist said the weather would be sunny and warm, and the ideal conditions for camping. But all you have to remember is that Mother Nature has her mind and only complies with her laws. With this in mind, you should expect the unexpected.

What does it mean to what extent your camping tent will withstand rain, high conditions, and snow, perhaps? You don’t want to fall in a sudden downpour and run to take refuge inside your tent and get soaked as if you were outside. Or your camping tent collapses on you because of the fall. That can be an exaggeration, but the idea is understood. You want to be dry, warm, and, most importantly, safe.

Buy the Core Camping Tent for 3 Seasons

Core 6 man camping tent with large wall organizer

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Which Tent Is Better for 6 People, Dome Tent or Cabin Tent?

A close comparison of the features available on the two types of tents you will know. Here is a quick outline of the features available on the two types of tents:

#1. Dome Tent

The tent comes in the shape of a dome. It can accommodate up to 6 people but it is too short to stand and walk. A dome can allow you to comfortably stand inside.

It is ideal for camping adventures where you need to accommodate a lot of camping gear. The dome provides enough space to store all items you need in a camping ground with many people.

Buy the Coleman Dome Tent with Screen Room

Coleman Weathermaster 6 man tent for rainy day camping

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#2. Cabin Tent

Cabin tent is shaped like a cabin. Vertical walls allow more room for tall people. If you need a tent you can set up fast, then the instant cabin tent is better than the dome tent.

The only drawback is where it will not withstand strong winds. If you are in a camping ground with a lot of wind, then you better go for a dome tent instead of a cabin tent.

Buy the Coleman Instant Cabin Tent with Dark Rest Technology

Coleman 6 person camping tent with cabin style and dark rest technology

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Does Cheap 6 Person Camping Tent Mean Poor Quality?

No, there are cheaper camping tents out there which are built to meet the highest quality. You only have to check on the materials and other quality aspects before buying. The cheap tents may have few features but it does not mean low quality. Remember you may not need all features in an expensive tent.

Final Thoughts

There is nothing better than camping outdoors. If you live in the city or even in smaller cities and towns, it is likely that when you look at night, you will not see stars.

The 6 person camping tents come in various shapes and sizes, from the A-frame, the dome, the canopy, and the cabin. One size is not for everyone. There are only tents for one person along the way for up to 10 men or 12 people or more. Finding a 6 person camping tent is not difficult if you follow the guide above.