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Best Cheap Tents for Short Budget Buyers in 2021

Last Updated on April 1, 2021 by Tent Reviewer

You do not always have to buy expensive high-end tents while going camping. There are some excellent cheap tents that one can get.

They will always do the job of providing good shelter to protect you from harmful insects and small animals. The review below will discuss some of the best cheap tents available in the market that you can get.

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Spacious tent with 3 rooms, for at most 12 people use, good ventilation and waterproof for camping, Core 12 Person Tent

Lightweight for backpacking, small size for 1-3 persons, 4 season design can resist most weather conditions, Bessport Ultralight Camping Tent


Are Cheap Tents Worth Buying?

Cheap tents do not always mean they are low-quality tents. Some tents are of high quality but are relatively cheap. Depending on the adventure you are going, you will need to decide the kind of tent to purchase.

Additionally, it all depends on your budget. You will always want to get a tent that can work very well even when you have a small budget.

These tents can have a lot of problems with water condensation and waterproofing. But you can also get a tent that is cheap and functions well it is up to you to choose the best among the cheap ones.

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Reviews of the 9 Best Cheap Tents

1. Best Selling – Cheap Coleman 6 Person Cabin Tent with Dark Room Technology

Coleman 6 man tent with dark technology room


Season: 4

Peak Height: 6′

Capacity: 4/6/10

Base Size: 10′ x 9′

With any camping trip, this tent can be the best option to have an excellent adventure. It is a simple small tent that you can set up in a minute and be ready to enjoy yourself.

It can accommodate six people. So when you are going out with some friends, this can be what you need. It can accommodate two queen-sized airbags, or each one can bring an airbag.

It is built of 150D high-quality polyester that ensures the durability and strength of the tent. The tent’s fabric is double thick to ensure it can withstand any weather condition while out there.

The seams are sealed using tapes that will prevent water from getting in. Also, the taped seams offer flexibility such that if the tape is worn out, then one can easily replace them to cover the seam.

Moreover, the seams are inverted to face on the ground. This ensures that water does not get in the tent to make you have a safe place when it is raining.

The corners are welded that offers corner support to stay in position and make it easy to set up the tent. The tent’s ventilation is highly considered with a rainfly that ensures airflow in the tent is good.

Additionally, this tent offers darkroom technology that you can rest well at day time. It comes with a storage pack that you can fit your tent whenever you are done. The bag is small and very convenient that you can easily carry when going out camping.

  • The tent can be set up very fast.
  • It is compact that can be carried around easily.
  • Its darkroom technology can allow you to rest even in the daytime.
  • Doesn’t have a divider for privacy.

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2. Runner up – Coleman 8 Person Tent for Camping

Coleman affordable 8 man tent


Capacity: 8

Base Size: 16′ x 7′

Peak Height: 6’2″

Material: Polyester

This is a good tent if you have a small budget and a big family to take camping. This tent can accommodate eight family members.

Three queens sized mattresses or airbag can fit in this tent to cover your family. There are no partitions hence no much privacy in this tent, especially if you have teenagers.

The tent is made of high-quality polyester. This will ensure that the tent is of high quality and can last long after purchasing. This tent can be set up in fifteen minutes and will require you to be careful since it is more complicated.

The designers did an excellent job of ensuring they are waterproof. Its seams are inverted to ensure the rainwater is directed to the ground always. The edges are fixed well and welded to hold each corner in position when setting up and make it easy to notice the corners.

Included in the tent-making is a rainfly that will offer protection against harsh weather. It also ensures that the tent is well ventilated to get fresh air in and exhaust the waste air.

The door of the tent has hinges that ensure it can easily swing while opening or closing the door. Additionally, there are small pockets on the side that can be used to keep some camping gear. It also contains an angled window that offers additional ventilation.

  • It is big enough for a large group.
  • It has angled windows that offer additional ventilation.
  • The storage pockets can be used to keep some items off the floor.
  • It doesn’t have dividers to create privacy in the tent.

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3. Best for Rain – OT QOMOTOP Cheap 4 Person Pop up Tent

cheap instant cabin tent


Base Size: 8′ x 8′

Peak Height: 4’11”

Capacity: 4/6/8/10

Material: Polyester & Steel

When you have four people you are planning on taking camping, this can be your tent. It can comfortably accommodate the four of you. The tent is of simple design and can be set up by an individual in sixty seconds. The set up is simple and fast because of the telescoping poles being pre-attached.

The tent is made of 68D polyester that makes it very durable. Both the inner seam and the rainfly seam are PU taped. This prevents water from getting in the tent.

The floor is made of the PE tube that ensures water flowing on the ground cannot get in. Apart from the rainfly providing protection to the tent, it also acts as a ventilator for good airflow inside the tent.

One queen-sized airbed can fit in this tent. There is an electrical port present that can be connected to the external power source for electricity.

The roof of the tent is of the mesh design, and a ground vent is fitted that give proper ventilation in this tent. The ground vent is to ensure water doesn’t condense inside the tent.

  • It can be set up quickly.
  • There are pockets for storage of other materials.
  • It is fitted with a ground vent for excellent ventilation.
  • One door for entrance.

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4. Great Ventilation – ALPS Mountaineering Cheap 2 Man Tent

ALPS Mountaineering 2 person tent


Capacity: 2

Peak Height: 38″

Base Size: 4’10” x 7’4″

Mimimum Weight: 4 lbs. 11 oz.

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This is a compact tent that can serve you in camping well. The setting up of this tent is simple and will take just two minutes to have it up. It is made of polyester that makes it durable. The tent can withstand harsh weather conditions and strong UV rays.

The design is made to have a vertical wall on one side and spread across reducing its size. You can comfortably sit near the vertical wall. The walls are made of a mesh material that ensures there is good ventilation inside the tent. You will also get some pockets that you can keep extra gear while out camping and two doors to access the tent.

  • They have storage pockets to store some gear.
  • It has two doors making it easy to access the tent.
  • The mesh walls and door ensure that ventilation inside is perfect.
  • Doesn’t fit for large families.

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5. Lightweight for Backpacking – Featherstone 3 Season Tent

Featherstone cheap lightweight tent


Capacity: 2

Peak Height: 43″

Base Size: 84″ x 51″

Ultra Setup: 3.8 lbs

Sometimes you can be out camping, but you are always on the move. You need something that can easily be set up, dissembled and moved quickly.

This Featherstone 2 Person Backpacking Tent can be what you are looking for. It can accommodate two people hence perfect for couples who are out on an adventure.

This is a high quality, durable tent. It has a single aluminum tube that when it is standing setting up the tent can take less than five minutes. There are two doors that ensure you can easily get in and out of the tent.

The tent is waterproof, and you will not need to worry if the is much rainfall water will not get in there.

Using the seam taped construction will prevent water from getting in the tent. This tent is very light, and you can move it from one place to another without disassembling it.

The mesh wall will always provide room for good airflow. With the excellent airflow in the tent, you will be very comfortable to enjoy your adventure. This tent has vestibules that provide good spaces where you can keep certain gear while camping.

  • It is easy to set up.
  • It is very affordable.
  • The tent is very light that you can move without disassembling.
  • Low Ceiling.

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6. 4 Season – Bessport Cheap 2 Person Lightweight Tent

cheap waterproof tent for backpacking


Doors: 2

Capacity: 1/2

Peak Height: 43.5″

Base Size: 86.6″ x 48.4″

This tent is made of 68D polyester. This makes this tent very light and very durable for your camping adventure. It can accommodate two people in any experience.

It is fitted with D shaped two doors that make it easy to access the tent always. There also are two vestibules that provide extra storage space for any camping gear that you are carrying.

The seams are taped that ensure water does not penetrate the tent. The floor is welded to elevate it from the ground that will protect one from the wet ground or flowing rainwater.

The design is also made to withstand strong winds as it is streamlined in shape. A rainfly is also provided, and this acts to shield the tent from heavy rains and wind.

The mesh walls are always good with ventilation; they ensure there is enough airflow. With the right airflow, you will create a comfortable environment inside the tent for relaxation.

Smooth zippers are also available to ensure you have an easy time getting in and out of the tent. Two pre-attached poles once set up you can set up the whole tent in just one minute. The light tent can be moved from one location to another without having to disassemble.

  • It is easy to set it up.
  • Two doors make it easy to access the tent.
  • Only fits for 2 campers.

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7. Commercial Use – ABCCANOPY Cheap Big Tents with Removable Sidewalls for Festivals

cheap large canopy tent


Sandbags: 4

Base Size: 10′ x 10′

UV Protection: 50+

Peak Height: 89.3″/93.7″/97.2″

This is a canopy tent. It is big that can accommodate six or eight people. It is a unique design tent large enough that you can even fix some tables and chairs. The tent has one door that is rolled up and zippers for ease of getting in and out of the tent.

There is a mesh wall on one side that ensures there is enough airflow in the tent. This ventilation will create a perfect room for you to relax.

Its stands are made of powder-coated steel. The stands cannot rust easily, and they offer the necessary support for the tent to stand always despite the weather.

The top cover is made of 500D fabric and PU lining to protect against the sun’s rays and heavy rains. All stitching lines are fixed with seams that will prevent water from leaking inside the tent.

This tent can be set up very easily. There is a convenient bag available for keeping everything after taking down the tent and for easy movement.

  • It can be set up quickly.
  • Has 3 height adjustments.
  • This is a big tent that offers enough space for adventurous camping.
  • A bit heavier so it is more suitable for car camping.

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8. Tent with Screen Room – Coleman Dome Tent for Family of 5

spacious 5 man tent


Season: 4

Capacity: 6

Base Size: 10′ x 14′

Peak Height: 5’8″

The tent is made of a high-quality, durable poly guard fabric that can withstand season after season. You will have the tent up and ready to use after just 7 minutes. The tent can accommodate six people. When you have plans with some friends to go camping this tent will sort you out.

It is made with mesh fabric material that allows you to see outside but will never let bugs or rainwater in. There are window awnings extended outside that you can keep open even when raining for good ventilation.

The rainfly is made of a durable and high-quality fabric that protects the tent. Besides, the material used in the making is waterproof; you will never have to worry about being rained on camping.

The tent is very light and compact that can be fixed in a little bag for easy movement. There is an electrical port that can be connected to a power source outside.

The power port is closed when not in use. When you have some additional gear that you wish to stack somewhere, you get some pockets to keep them always.

  • It is a big tent for good get out with friends.
  • There are awning windows that provide extra ventilation spaces.
  • Has a single door.

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9. Spacious with 3 Rooms – Cheap Core 12 Person Tent for Large Family

large family camping tent


Rooms: 3

Capacity: 12

Peak Height: 80″

Base Size: 18′ x 10′

This is a good tent for family outings. It is made of high-quality, durable polyester to ensure it can withstand harsh weather condition.

With this tent, you will have less than two minutes to have it standing and ready to work. The poles that provide support are pre-attached, making it very easy to set up.

The rainfly fixed at the top will provide protection against harsh weather conditions. It can be removed during the sunny day or at night when it is not raining.

This will enable you to see the clear sky well at night. There are sound venting systems on this tent-like the vents that can be adjusted for good ventilation inside the tent. This will keep the room very comfortable for all.

Two doors can be used to access the tent. The tent has dividers that can be used to create three rooms. This will create rooms for extra privacy of the people camping.

With this tent, you will get a convenient bag that can fit all the accessories and make it easy to transport the tent.

  • The tent is big enough for a big family.
  • The dividers can be used to create different rooms for sleeping and relaxing.
  • It does not have enough pockets for keeping gear for a large number of individuals.

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Who Makes the Best Cheap Tent?

Investing in a camping tent can be financially draining for an individual. You have to have a budget of the tent you would purchase without straining. One will always desire to purchase a high-quality tent that can last longer and provided the needed protection.

Coleman has been making high-quality tents that are relatively cheap. The high-quality products are always associated with high prices. In the recent past, Coleman has noticed this niche, and they are making high-quality tents that can be purchased at a lower price.

Are 5 People Fit in a 5 Person Tent?

No. it is not possible. When you are going camping, you are carrying some gear to use and other materials. After erecting the tent and fixing all the equipment in the tent, you may notice they occupy a big space, even the space of an individual.

When it comes to rest, you will be forced to sleep very close. A space of four people will be hosting five people. This may make you very uncomfortable while out there camping. This means whenever you are going camping, take a tent that can accommodate more people. Like if you are five individuals look for a tent that can accommodate seven or eight individuals.

Buy Coleman 8 Person Tent with Spacious Interior

Coleman affordable 8 man tent

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If you are planning for an adventurous camping or backpacking trip, there is one thing that is always essential. Having a good tent will ensure you have a successful experience. The tent will be a safe place to sleep at night. While out there enjoying camping, you can never predict what is always going to happen with the weather. Heavy rains may hit, and this will require a good waterproof tent.

Getting a nice tent will require you to consider a lot of things like the size, cost and waterproofing. The above review will give you some insights into what can be done to get a perfect cheap tent for your camping.

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